Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 924 Void Space Of The Tomb (Part 3)

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Chapter 924 Void Space Of The Tomb (Part 3)

Eldrakar watched as the life force of the beginner-level rank five Eldritch Creature slowly faded away, its lifeless body floating beside him in the empty void space.

"As expected from an Eldritch Creature. If it were a normal Rank Five monster, its body would have turned into a mass of flesh under the void pressure of your Collapse technique, but this thing..." Baphomet said in a slightly surprised voice as he looked at the body of the Eldritch Creature, which was still completely intact from the outside.

"The Eldritch Energy is very mysterious. It not only affects the mind and body of people who come into contact with it, but it can also resist the attacks of other energies and protect its wielder to some extent," Eldrakar said while shaking his head as his sharp dragon-like hands returned to their normal state.

"Do you want this body?" Eldrakar asked Baphomet, who shook his head and said in a plain voice.

"Processing the body of a Rank Five Eldritch Creature that is filled with Eldritch Energy is a pain in the ass. How about this, you can keep the body, just give me one fifth of it once you process it."

The body of a Rank Five Core Evolver can be used in many ways, and even though both Eldrakar and Baphomet were Rank Six Core Evolvers, it was not easy for them to get their hands on a body of this level.

But the body of an Eldritch Creature, filled with high level Eldritch Energy is very difficult to process, which is why Baphomet didn't want to bother himself with it.

Eldrakar thought about Baphomet's proposal for a moment and nodded his head.

"Sure," He said and slashed towards the Eldritch Creature's body using one of his hands. The moment he slashed towards the body, a void rift opened beside it and swallowed it inside.

"This void rift ability of yours is truly enviable..." Baphomet said in a low voice as he looked at the Eldritch Creature's body that disappeared inside the void rift opened by Eldrakar.

Hearing Baphomet, Eldrakar didn't say anything and just smiled a little.

Due to the concentrated amount of Eldritch Energy inside a high-level Eldritch Creature, it is impossible to store their bodies inside a storage ring.

If someone stores the body of a high level Eldritch Creature inside a storage ring, the space of the storage ring will collapse in just a few seconds due to their powerful Eldritch Energy, and the body will be lost inside the void.

This thing applies to the bodies of other high-level Core Evolvers as well. Once someone becomes a Rank Four Core Evolver and creates their law seal, their body will possess the power of laws, and it is impossible to store the body of someone who possesses the power of laws inside a storage ring.

But the reason Baphomet was envious of Eldrakar's Void Rift ability was not because of its storage capability.

There are many high-level storage artefacts in Utopia that can be used to store the bodies of high-level creatures.

The reason he was envious of this skill was because of its ability to put even living beings inside it. Other than using it to store non-living things, Eldrakar's Void Rift ability can be used to store living beings or even as a trapping skill to trap someone inside the void space.

Although living beings can't stay alive for long inside the void rift, it is still an amazing skill that can be used in many ways.

'With his current mastery of void energy, I am afraid even Rank Five Core Evolvers would have a hard time breaking free from the void rift if he trapped them inside and anyone below Rank Five would die inside the rift even before they could break free,' Baphomet thought to himself as he looked at Eldrakar, who was inspecting the Eldritch Energy around them.

"Baphomet, when was the last time you saw or heard about an Eldritch Creature in Utopia?" Eldrakar suddenly asked, bringing Baphomet out of his thoughts.

Baphomet frowned upon hearing Eldrakar's question and after thinking about it for a moment, he replied in a flat voice.

"I think it was about five hundred years ago. If I remember correctly, it was a Rank Three Eldritch Creature who attacked one of the outer countries under the control of my Gehenna Empire."

Eldrakar nodded his head hearing Baphomet and asked another question.

"When was the last time you fought against a high level Eldritch Creature?"

"Why are you asking these questions?" Baphomet asked with a confused look on his face as he couldn't understand why Eldrakar was asking him these questions.

"Just answer me," Eldrakar didn't explain and said in a serious voice.

Hearing Eldrakar's serious tone, Baphomet fell into deep thought and after a moment, said in an uncertain voice.

"I think it was about three thousand years ago. It was a mid level Rank Five Eldritch Creature who attacked the outer area of the Gehenna Empire along with many low level Eldritch Creatures."

"Three thousand years, huh..." Eldrakar nodded his head hearing Baphomet and looked at the Eldritch Energy that filled the void with a pondering look on his face.

"Did you find something?" Baphomet asked after a moment as he knew there must be a reason Eldrakar asked him those questions earlier.

"Do you remember the situation of Eldritch Creatures in Utopia three thousand years ago?" Eldrakar stopped looking at the Eldritch Energy around him and asked Baphomet.

"Three thousand years ago..." Baphomet frowned a little and after recalling the situation at that time, he nodded his head.

"There used to be many Eldritch Creatures in Utopia in the past, but around three thousand years ago, the situation started to change, and for an unknown reason, most of the high-level Eldritch Creatures suddenly disappeared from Uto—" Baphomet suddenly stopped speaking midway, and his eyes opened wide as he finally realized what Eldrakar was trying to tell him.

"Don't tell me..." He said and looked at the Eldritch Energy around him with a stunned look on his face.

"Seems like you also realized it. The situation of the Eldritch Creatures changed in Utopia around three thousand years ago, and it was also the time the Tomb Of The Ancient was first discovered," Eldrakar said in a low voice as he tried to think about the relationship between the Tomb and the Eldritch Creatures.

"You think the disappearance of the high-level Eldritch Creatures in Utopia has something to do with the Tomb?" Baphomet asked after a moment.

"I am not sure, but we can try to look for it inside the Tomb," Eldrakar said as the void energy burst forth from his body, creating a portal in the void space of the Tomb.

Once the portal was formed, both Eldrakar and Baphomet receded all of their auras inside their bodies, completely erasing their presence.

"Let's go, I think this Tomb is more mysterious than we initially thought..." Eldrakar said and took a step forward, entering the portal.

Baphomet followed after Eldrakar, and with that, both of the Rank Six core evolvers finally entered the Tomb of The Ancient.

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