Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4888 Three Feathers

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Chapter 4888 Three Feathers


“He still has energy?!”

“They’re both monsters!”

The two of them had just fought a world-shaking battle. According to normal sense, even Heaven Saints would be completely exhausted by such exertion of energy.

“You are just acting tough after using up all your energy. Are you trying to scare me? How naive,” sneered Long Chen.

In truth, Huo Qianwu was already exhausted, but she was unwilling to admit defeat. Her powerful appearance was just an act to scare Long Chen away. As long as he fled, she would be the victor. In other words, she was gambling on whether or not Long Chen would continue to fight her.

Regrettably, Long Chen was more aware than Huo Qianwu of just how little energy she had left. Against her in this state, he didn’t even need to summon his Seven Star Battle armor. With just a bit of his astral energy covering his hand, he could grab the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip.

Long Chen then pulled the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip and swung Evilmoon down. It was the same move as before, with even the exact angle. However, this time, Long Chen directly swung it at her neck instead of her shoulder.

By the time Huo Qianwu reacted, Long Chen’s saber was already right next to her, shocking her. She wondered how Long Chen still had so much power. Now, it was already too late for her to dodge, but she also couldn’t just let go of the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip.

Gritting her teeth, she raised her arm to block Long Chen’s attack. She was betting on the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress’s defenses to block it.



The Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress was fine, but Huo Qianwu’s arm was cut off. As for Evilmoon, it went flying.

By igniting his blood, Long Chen managed to push the Scarlet Dragon Battle Armor to its peak state, but he had reached his limit. His physical body was no longer able to endure it.

Meanwhile, Huo Qianwu endured the pain as she fled, channeling all her energy into the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip to get Long Chen away from her.

“Big Brother Long Chen, grab her hair[1]!” cried out Huo Linger.

Just as Huo Qianwu turned around to run, her hair swung through the air. Without even thinking, Long Chen grabbed it.

“No, I want the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress’s feathers!” prompted Huo Linger.

Just then, Huo Qianwu’s Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress lit up, and Long Chen felt her hair become like molten metal, burning and slipping out of his grasp.

Clenching his teeth, Long Chen’s other hand swung out. Focusing his astral energy on his hand, he reached for Huo Qianwu’s back and yanked.

Three feathers were forcibly ripped off of the beautiful dress. Huo Qianwu was completely enraged, but she no longer dared to fight Long Chen in her state and rushed off.

As she left, her furious roar echoed, “Damn you! Just you wait, I, Huo Qianwu, will tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces sooner or later!”

“Wait, your feathers!” Long Chen raised the feathers in his hand, but she was already gone.

Suddenly, those three feathers grew from around three inches long to three feet and started to burn, trying to escape his hold.

“They are three original true feathers.”

Only now did Long Chen get a clear look at the feathers. Every single one of them gave off the might of a Heaven Saint. However, they seemed to be restrained by some strange energy, causing them to be unable to unleash their full potential. If they could unleash their full power, in Long Chen’s state, he wouldn’t be able to hold them.

“Big Brother Long Chen, toss them in here. I’ll subdue them!” urged Huo Linger excitedly.

Long Chen had no choice but to toss them into the primal chaos space. After all, he was already out of energy. If he didn’t do this, they’d fly away.

After sending them into the primal chaos space, he looked outside the barrier. He then gave Xing Wujiang a signal of victory and shrugged at the Flame Divine Hall’s people. His expression seemed to be saying, “So Heavenly Chosens are only at this level.”

After that arrogant display, Long Chen delved deeper into Heaven Screen Mountain. The moment he escaped their sight, he almost collapsed. With haste, he took out a medicinal pill and looked for a place to rest.

“Fuck, Heavenly Chosen really are monsters,” cursed Long Chen as he sat down.

“That girl had yet to fully awaken. Once Heavenly Chosens fully awaken, they will truly be terrifying,” said the Earth Cauldron.

“Senior, you shouldn’t have stopped me. If I went all-out, she definitely wouldn’t have managed to get away,” grumbled Long Chen.

In truth, the moment Long Chen decided to kill her, he was willing to pay any price to eliminate her. However, the Earth Cauldron did not let him do so. As a result, she managed to get away.

“I was going to get her Blaze Dragon Bone Whip, the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress, and her life. But now I didn’t get anything,” grumbled Long Chen again.

“I was going to get her Blaze Dragon Bone Whip, the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress, and her life. But now I didn’t get anything,” grumbled Long Chen again. He got angry just thinking about all this effort ended up with him getting just three feathers.

“You wouldn’t be able to kill her,” said the Earth Cauldron.

“I don’t believe it,” retorted Long Chen, shaking his head. He was clearly stronger than her: he had far more combat experience, and their intelligence was not on the same level, so why wouldn’t he be able to kill her?

“She’s not an idiot. If she couldn’t beat you, wouldn’t she run? If she wanted to run, you wouldn’t be able to stop her. Let’s disregard the Heavenly Fate Treasure Robe that can help her escape three calamities. If you really force her, she can detonate the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip or Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress, and you’ll end up dead or close to it,” replied the Earth Cauldron.

“How could she possess the power to detonate a Heaven Saint divine weapon?” asked Long Chen, jumping in shock.

“Divine Venerates don’t normally have that power, but she is a Heavenly Chosen, and those two divine weapons have also been refined into her weapons. How else could she draw out such power from them? She only fled just now because her remaining energy was not enough to detonate one of them. Otherwise, with her temper, she’d definitely sacrifice a Heaven Saint divine weapon for your life,” answered the Earth Cauldron.

Hearing that, Long Chen couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. If a Heaven Saint divine weapon were to self-detonate, it could genuinely take his life, especially while he was holding the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip.

The Earth Cauldron added, “If that were to happen, even if you did survive, you’d be severely wounded. Then you’d be the one fleeing. Most importantly, if she were to really go crazy and detonate both divine weapons, what could you do? Even if I were to appear and help you block it, she would have lost both divine weapons. What would you get out of it?”

Long Chen nodded. Knowing he was wrong, he immediately started sucking up. “Senior really is wise. I should learn more from you.”


Just then, a loud sound came from the primal chaos space, making him jump. He hastily checked on it.

1. This word can mean both hair and feather. ☜

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