Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4900 Switching Methods

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Chapter 4900 Switching Methods

The violet world started shaking, and the glass-like ground was starting to crack. It seemed that this world would shatter.

“Senior, send me out. I’ll think of a way to get rid of them,” remarked Long Chen as he gritted his teeth. He was ready to swallow the Dragon Blood Extreme Yang Pill to fight these ancient corpses.

“There’s no rush. I still have some questions for you,” said the middle-aged man.

“Please ask, Senior.”

“Have you seen members of my Heavenly Eye race before? How is the Heavenly Eye race now?” asked the middle-aged man with a hint of hope and nervousness.

Long Chen hesitated but still forced himself to say, “I’ve encountered another senior of the Heavenly Eye race, but that senior’s situation was about the same as yours.”

The middle-aged man shook, and he nervously asked, “Has my Heavenly Eye race been destroyed?”

Long Chen replied, “I don’t think so. At the very least, according to what I know, the violet blood race still exists. I have violet blood in me. You should be able to tell. While I’ve never seen the Jiuli race, I believe that if the violet blood race still exists, they should too. If that’s the case, the Heavenly Eye race shouldn’t have been wiped out either.”

That was the only way Long Chen could comfort him. The Jiuli, violet blood, and Heavenly Eye races were the leaders of the human race, and they had managed to eke out a peaceful world within lawless chaos. After obtaining the recognition of the ten thousand races, they walked to the very peak of the world.

Even though other powerful branches existed within the human race, they were unable to compare to the three of them.

“What? You’ve never seen the Jiuli race?” asked the middle-aged man, staring at Long Chen in shock.

“Yes. I’ve never seen anyone from the Jiuli race. What about it? Is there a problem, senior?” replied Long Chen, a bit puzzled.

The middle-aged man stared at Long Chen, looking as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t in the end. This baffled Long Chen. He didn’t know what he had said wrong.

At this moment, a flash of pain streaked across the middle-aged man’s face. He sighed, “My life has come to an end. What power I have left can only be used on them. Otherwise, I would use my pupil arts to see what happened to the Heavenly Eye race.”

“Senior, you can let me try. If I can’t...” said Long Chen hastily. He knew that this senior wouldn’t be able to rest in peace if he didn’t know the situation of the Heavenly Eye race.

Shaking his head, the middle-aged man remarked, “As a warrior of the Heavenly Eye race, I cannot retreat. Even after I’ve lost everything. At this moment, I cannot throw away the pride of the Heavenly Eye race, but I do need your help. I need to borrow the power of your violet blood to use my pupil arts and destroy these corpses.”

“Senior, can we switch methods?” asked Long Chen suddenly.


“I want those corpses. Do you have a way to help me gather them?”

“You want to take them? Do you know that they are pre-Emperors? Even if I have the power to help you take them, as soon as they enter your innate space, they will blast it apart. It’s no different from suicide.”

“In other words, you can move them into a separate space?” Long Chen was delighted.

The middle-aged man had no idea what Long Chen was thinking, but he nodded. “However, as soon as one of them is moved, my seal formation will come undone. Once the seal is broken, the others will be freed and will quickly awaken. Without the power of this formation, I won’t be able to deal with them.”

With haste, Long Chen said, “My space is limitless and unbreakable. We can send them into it.”

“However, those two Heavenly Chosens have merged with two corpses. With the Heavenly Fate Disks supporting them, I can’t move them. At most, I can help you take those six corpses. At that moment, my power will be exhausted, and the remaining two...”

“Senior, can you trust me? As long as you help me gather those six corpses, leave the rest to me. I swear on my life I won’t let the two of them leave Heaven Screen Mountain alive,” promised Long Chen.

If these corpses were simply destroyed, Long Chen would feel endless regret. After all, if they went into the primal chaos space, the primal chaos space would grow to an unimaginable level.

However, Long Chen knew that this senior hesitated because he was afraid Long Chen wouldn’t be able to deal with the remaining two corpses. Once their blood soul merged with the Heavenly Chosens, their power would rise to a shocking level.

Even so, seeing Long Chen promise so solemnly, the middle-aged man nodded.

The next moment, space quivered, and Long Chen came flying out of the violet world. The Blood expert and devil expert were being boosted by the corpses, their auras growing rapidly as the corpses merged with them.

“Long Chen, just give up. I’ll consider letting you die quickly if you do!” shouted the Blood expert. His voice had changed, resembling the low growl of an ancient and bloodthirsty demon. Every word was like a needle stabbing into Long Chen’s soul, invading his will.

“I think you should give up. If you do, I’ll consider only ripping you into seven pieces. Your corpse will be more intact,” responded Long Chen. Ignoring him, he ran over to one of the devil corpses.


Long Chen grabbed the violet chain, and a berserk devil pressure crashed into him, blowing back his hair. He instantly felt a terrifying pressure try to crush him.

In truth, this pressure was an attack on the will. If it was an ordinary person, their will would instantly crumble.

However, Long Chen’s will was unaffected even under this pressure. Without any fear, he pulled the violet chain along with the giant corpse. The Blood expert and devil expert were both baffled, not knowing what Long Chen was doing, yet they didn’t like it.

Suddenly, the chain in Long Chen’s hand lit up. The Heavenly Eye senior was helping him.

“Get in here!”

Long Chen roared and pulled with all his power, causing the giant devil corpse to fly into the air. Long Chen quickly formed hand seals. As the space behind him quivered, a giant spatial vortex emerged like a gaping maw.

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