No Way! The Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Character Is Actually a Genius Big Shot-Chapter 42 - Not Like a Good Person

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42 Not Like a Good Person

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, Yuan Xiao continued to say to Shen Hai, “Dad, you should interact less with Aunt’s family in the future. Who knows, there might be other troubles.”

Shen Hai nodded. He agreed with Yuan Xiao’s thoughts. In the future, he would definitely keep a distance from Shen Ling’s family.

“Xiao Xiao, the Yuan Family called just now.” Feng Mei looked a little nervous, and her tone was a little unnatural.

“They asked how you were doing. I couldn’t lie, so I told them you were in the hospital.”

Yuan Xiao could see Feng Mei’s embarrassment. If Yuan Ming and Sun Li knew that she was in the hospital, they might think that the Shen couple had not taken good care of her.

“Mom, I know. It’s okay.”

Seeing Yuan Xiao’s smile, Feng Mei suddenly felt much more relaxed. This child always had a maturity that did not match her age, making her feel at ease.

“Sigh, it’s all Dad’s fault for not taking good care of you.”

Shen Hai’s expression was also a little solemn. When Yuan Xiao was in the Yuan Family in the past, she must have never suffered such grievances. When he thought about meeting the Yuan Family couple later, Shen Hai felt a little upset.

“Why are the both of you taking the responsibility upon yourself?”

Yuan Xiao looked at the Shen couple and comforted them softly. “Dad, Mom, we can’t leave the shop unattended. You guys can go back first. Li Chang and Fang Yao will accompany me at the hospital. I’ll be fine.”

“That’s right. Uncle and Auntie, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of Yuan Xiao.”

Fang Yao’s tone was very serious. His young face looked inexplicably reliable.

Shen Hai and Feng Mei looked at the young man beside the bed at the same time and could not help but doubt his identity.

Could he really be Xiao Xiao’s boyfriend?

Shen Hai did not want his daughter to fall in love at a young age, but this boy had indeed helped their family just now. Moreover, this child could not find any flaws in his appearance. His family background should be good.

Yuan Xiao noticed her father’s scrutinizing gaze on Fang Yao. She coughed and reminded, “Dad, Mom, go back quickly. My classmates will take care of me.”

Yuan Xiao deliberately emphasized the word ‘classmates’. She felt that Shen Hai and Feng Mei might have misunderstood her relationship with Fang Yao.

At Yuan Xiao’s insistence, Shen Hai and Feng Mei left the hospital.

Looking at Fang Yao and Li Chang by the bed, Yuan Xiao said, “The two of you can go back first. I’m fine. I’ll rest in the hospital for the night.”

“I’ll stay with you.” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiao who was lying on the bed. He had no intention of leaving.

Li Chang looked at Fang Yao, then turned to look at Yuan Xiao. A smile appeared on his face. “Then you shall stay in the hospital to accompany Xiao Xiao. I’ll go back first.”

Li Chang winked at Yuan Xiao and left the ward.

Yuan Xiao’s body was fine. Li Chang did not want to stay and be a third wheel. She had to think of a way to create opportunities for the couple she supported.

Fang Yao and Yuan Xiao were alone in the ward. The atmosphere between the two of them was a little awkward. Previously, when the two of them parted on bad terms in the amusement park, Fang Yao had always had a knot in his heart. He did not know Yuan Xiao’s attitude towards him, so he did not dare to easily show his feelings.

“Tomorrow is the weekend. Do you still want to come to my house to practice?”

Fang Yao lowered his head. He was afraid that Yuan Xiao would reject him. Please visit 𝑓r𝙚ew𝚎𝚋𝐧૦ѵ𝗲𝘭. c𝘰m

“Go. Didn’t we agree before?” Yuan Xiao looked at the somewhat awkward young man and a smile appeared on his face. “You have to teach me well. My learning ability is very strong.”

Yuan Xiao did not want to waste the learning opportunity provided by the system. There was still some time before the provincial mathematics competition. Yuan Xiao wanted to completely master all the piano skills before the competition.

When Fang Yao heard Yuan Xiao’s answer, he felt much more relaxed. Thinking of the way Yuan Xiao’s parents looked at him just now, Fang Yao’s expression was a little unnatural. He scratched his head and asked Yuan Xiao, “Will Uncle and Auntie misunderstand me and think that I’m not a good person?”

“Do you feel like a good person?”

Yuan Xiao could not help but smile. He asked Fang Yao, who did not look too good, “Since when did our Young Master Fang care about what others think?”

Fang Yao was a little angry. He whispered to Yuan Xiao, “Aren’t they your parents? Otherwise, why would I care…”

After Fang Yao finished speaking, he realized that his words were a little subtle. Yuan Xiao’s expression was also a little unnatural. He asked faintly, “Fang Yao, do you care what my parents think of you?”

“Of course.” Fang Yao did not hesitate and explained to Yuan Xiao, “I hope that Uncle and Auntie will have a good impression of me. Maybe in the future, I…”

Fang Yao’s ears were a little hot. Thinking about his future with Yuan Xiao, Fang Yao was actually a little nervous.