Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint (Web Novel KR)-Chapter 549: Epilogue 5 The Eternity and Epilogue (4)

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Yu Jung-Hyeok dreamed a particular dream. It was about the time he participated in the ‘Journey to the West scenario’ with the rest of the <Kim Dok-Ja Company> members. In the dream, he was running on top of the Tongtian River’s surface. He could see the figures of Jeong Hui-Won, Yu Sang-Ah, Yi Hyeon-Seong and Shin Yu-Seung running next to him.


Yogoes were screaming out their death throes repeatedly.

His memories grew clearer and clearer. Right, they were participating in the Journey to the West in order to rescue Kim Dok-Ja.

But then… where was Kim Dok-Ja?


[[….What a pathetic sight this is. With only this much, you actually dared to come out to the ‘outside of the story’?]]

A voice could be heard coming from somewhere.

[[I was wondering why dangerous Fable ripples could be detected in the vicinity, but… He was the cause, then.]]

[[What are we going to do, captain?]]

[[We decided not to interfere anymore, right? Are you really going to help him?]]

Voices that were familiar, yet also quite foreign to him.

Was this a part of his memories? Who could have said those words?

Suddenly, the front of his eyes seemed to get darker, only to reveal a pitch-black shadow standing there and blocking the light. An Outer God stood in the middle of the dim shadows. Even without consciously realising it, Yu Jung-Hyeok began emitting fighting intent.

Right. He did fight against this bastard back then, too. The other him who had witnessed the world’s end after living through 1863 regressions – the ‘Secretive Plotter’.

Even before Yu Jung-Hyeok could use a skill, though – the ‘Secretive Plotter’ spoke up first.

[[Did you really think the end of a regressor will be that easy?]]

The Tongtian River was upturned. Yogoes rising up from every corner of the river’s surface pounced on Yu Jung-Hyeok. The discarded stories clung onto his body all at the same time. The forgotten Fables were being sucked into his mouth and nose. He gradually sank beneath the water as the head-wrecking pain swallowed him up.

[[Do not forget. We aren’t even permitted the luxury of death.]]

With that true voice as the signal, his view was flipped around. Yu Jung-Hyeok woke up heavily panting as if he was vomiting out the river’s water. Yogoes that clung onto him in the dream were nowhere to be seen now, having disappeared to somewhere unknown. However, someone else’s presence could be felt, instead.

[Whew. You really shocked me there, making me think you were dead and all.]

A clear, gentle voice greeted him. Yu Jung-Hyeok shook his still-dizzy head. A blurry figure was before his eyes. A warm, caring aura emitted from this silhouette gently wrapped around his entire body.

….Was he still dreaming?

His vision recovered gradually, and the face of the blurry figure could finally be seen. Yu Jung-Hyeok hurriedly rubbed his eyes without even realising it. Was he hallucinating, instead? This young girl’s external appearance resembled Kim Dok-Ja’s, somehow. Her eyes sparkling like stars were quietly observing him.

[I didn’t expect to see you here, captain. You probably can understand now how I felt while wandering around the world-lines. Right?]

This child, she…

[You don’t have to worry. I’ve already repaired most of your scattered Fable, you see. And just in case, I’ve even started a sub scenario so you should be fine for the time being.]

Could she be…

[That’s so disappointing. Do I have to speak like this for you to recognise me?]

As the girl smiled mischievously, a small horn suddenly grew out of her head. Her lips parted a little, and a familiar cry he’d been missing for so long jumped out.



“Has master got in touch yet?”

“Nope. I’m sure he’s taking good care of things,” replied Han Su-Yeong.

It had already been three months since Yu Jung-Hyeok left on his voyage. The work on the manuscript continued on without a hitch, and the updates were continuously being sent through the Cloud System.

[Number of file downloads: 0]

However, Yu Jung-Hyeok had not logged in once to the Cloud System using the Stigma during the past three months.

‘Yu Jung-Hyeok, that idiot. Just what is he doing?’

The ominous foreboding slowly mushroomed in Han Su-Yeong’s heart. She even began thinking that maybe she should’ve been the one to head out.

Yu Mi-Ah was next to her, sweating profusely while performing a series of press-ups.

“I’ll become strong enough to break both of my oppa’s legs.”

Han Su-Yeong looked at Yu Mi-Ah and the girl’s blazing eyes, and could only nod her head as a sign of encouragement.

And how long did she tap on the keyboard afterwards? Suddenly, a message entered her head.

[Your Incarnation has logged into the ‘Cloud System’.]


After Biyu heard about the general gist of the situation, she responded in the following manner.

[….Okay, so. You’ll spread the story you receive via Han Su-Yeong’s Stigma to other world-lines. That’s the core of the plan, right?]


[And you’re hoping that the reincarnated versions of Dok-Ja ahjussi will read that story.]

“Also correct.”

[Not bad. To think that you’d come up with a plan to take advantage of the ‘Most Ancient Dream’s nature like this….]

“I also thought it’s not a bad-sounding p….”

[….Did you really think I’d be impressed by that plan? How did you even cook up such a hair-brained scheme, seriously?!]

….Was Biyu’s personality originally like this?

[But then again, captain, you’re completely capable of doing something this crazy without batting an eyelid.]

Yu Jung-Hyeok frowned deeply at that somewhat mocking tone of voice. The more he heard her talk, the more she began sounding like Kim Dok-Ja for some reason.

[The odds of success are not very good, you know.]

“I know.”

[The ‘Most Ancient Dream’ of that world-line might not even read the story. And the more advanced a civilisation is, the less important the contents made up purely of letters becomes. So you may not even get a chance to approach such a world, too.]

“Before that, crossing the world-lines is the biggest problem.”

Yu Jung-Hyeok stared at the half-destroyed ark. Although he got lucky with Biyu’s help and managed to survive, it was impossible to visit other world-lines without the vessel.

Biyu thought about something for a while then spoke what’s in her mind. [Why can’t you go? What are the coordinates? Give to me.]

With a slightly unconvinced face, Yu Jung-Hyeok handed over the list of coordinates Yu Sang-Ah gave him earlier. Biyu confirmed all the world-lines on it and smiled refreshingly.

[You do know who I am, right? I’m none other than the ‘Dokkaebi King’, you know.]

It was right then, Yu Jung-Hyeok recalled an obvious fact.

The [Final Ark] was an item belonging to the Bureau. And the top representative of the Bureau was precisely the ‘Dokkaebi King’.

[Can you guess what I had been doing in the ‘Dark Stratum’? While you and other companions went to the 1865th turn, I too had been working my butt off somewhere, that’s what.]

The deep, boundless wisdom could be sensed behind Biyu’s eyes drawing a smiling arc.

The Dark Stratum. A place where the time’s density was far greater than any other spacetime.

Just how long had Biyu been staying in such a space?

She pulled out a Wenny pouch from her inner pocket and continued on.

[I’ve got my hands on the dead Wenny King’s dimensional doorway so jumping to the nearest world-line isn’t going to be a problem at all. As for those in the far-flung distance… Well, it should be doable after repairing the ark a bit, I think. The problem is with the energy to be used as the fuel….]

Yu Jung-Hyeok looked down at his own Incarnation body. Thanks to Biyu saving his life, most of his injuries had been healed, but the majority of his Fables were left badly mangled after they protected him for over 300 days of adrift at space, as well as during the battle against the hounds.

[I guess that’s also been sorted out now, too.]


He wasn’t sure how it happened, but his inside was overflowing with Fables. A truly extraordinary amount of Fables were writhing around within him, getting ready to be unleashed.

[Just where did you acquire the Fables of the ‘Nameless Ones’? Not only that, such a humongous amount, too….]

Fables that had been discarded by the scenario was now trying to speak to him.

[Fables with unknown names from ‘Outer Gods’ wish to accompany you.]

Fables from the ‘Nameless Ones’ he had run across in the final scenario once upon a time. Existences born in a place no stars paid attention to, and who had to die in a place no one was looking at.

They were currently talking to Yu Jung-Hyeok.

[Fables with unknown names are picking up the scent of an ancient dream from you.]

[Now that I think about it, something felt a bit off when I was picking you up. The ‘Nameless Ones’ that didn’t possess any ego were busy protecting you, you know?]

Yu Jung-Hyeok recalled the dream he had not too long ago – the Journey to the West scenario, the voices of the ‘Secretive Plotter’ as well as the 999th turn’s individuals.

….But, it couldn’t be.

He hurriedly enhanced his perception, but couldn’t detect anything. While listening to Biyu’s voice, Yu Jung-Hyeok quietly observed the view of the space spreading out like an endless ocean.

[By using those Fables as our fuel, we shouldn’t have any problems travelling long distances. Okay, let’s get a move on, then. The hounds’ territory is nearby, so if we take our time lounging around here, things might get dicey again.]

Since Yu Jung-Hyeok had no thoughts of encountering those hounds again, he quickly nodded his head as well.

[It’s a bit cramped inside for two people, so… Ba-aht!]

Pure-white and abundant fur sprouted from Biyu’s body, then she suddenly shrunk down to the size of a single fist.

[Dokkaebi King ‘Biyu’ has started the ark’s voyage!]

Along with that message, the ark’s main engine came to life. The vessel left behind the blue-hued Fable traces and disappeared from there in the blink of an eye.



A short while later, five shadows appeared near where the ark used to be.

[[Do you think he’ll succeed?]]

[[That’s uncertain. However, this is as far as we can help him.]]

[[Let’s hurry up and return, shall we? Today’s the parent’s day at school, after all. By the way, who agreed to go with Dok-Ja?]]

[[Me, me, me, me!!]]

[[You idiot obviously aren’t qualified.]]

The ‘Secretive Plotter’ watched the ark disappearing beyond the distant galaxy and murmured out.

[[I pray that we don’t have to run into each other again, Yu Jung-Hyeok.]]


Jang Ha-Yeong working on the revision of the second act yawned grandly in boredom and asked a question. “By the way, Han Su-Yeong? Can I ask you something?”


“What did you tell Yu Jung-Hyeok regarding the method of delivering the manuscript?” Jang Ha-Yeong spoke in a tone of voice indicating her distrust of the man in question. “I took a look, and well, besides him knowing how to play games, he didn’t seem to know his way around a computer, you know? Would he even know how to upload novels to a website?”

“He can’t personally serialise the novel. That would mean he’d be stuck in a world-line for too long.”

“What then?”

Han Su-Yeong thought about it for a second, then muttered out. “The most ideal way would be to find someone who can serialise it for us….”


⸢The planetary system Z865123. In the year 2020 of the imperial calender….⸥

On that day, a novelkiss writer named Lee Hak-Hyeon was busy writing up his manuscript inside a one-room flat for students, only to get into a verbal tussle with his editor over the phone.

– Author-nim, just what are you planning to write this time? What’s the title of the novel?

“….It’s the Me-sword Master.”

– The Me-sword Master? What is it about?

“Okay, so… The protagonist is a method actor in a fantasy world, and he eventually masters his acting skills and also becomes a swordmaster….”

– Ah, I see. That’s enough. By the way, didn’t I tell you many times before to never start with the line ‘imperial calender’ this and that?

Lee Hak-Hyeon listened to the editor’s voice continuing on for a long while afterwards, and his expression became gloomier and gloomier.

– Have you forgotten what happened with your previous novel? Author-nim, please think about this carefully. I beg of you…

Lee Hak-Hyeon recalled his previous outputs.

His debut work, ⸢⸢Orc Philosopher⸥⸥, completely tanked with a pathetically embarrassing score – this novel’s paywalled chapters were bought only by his best friend and no one else besides – and the follow-up he wrote with much fanfare, ⸢⸢How to Become a Famous Author⸥⸥ also tanked pretty hard because, well, he was not a famous author, to begin with. And just like that, this was his third try.

“Those who will succeed, will succeed. While those who won’t, won’t. I’m the latter, I guess.”

He was three months behind on his rent, and with what little money he had on him, it’d be difficult to even buy tonight’s dinner.

Lee Hak-Hyeon stared at the empty Korean word processor page, before rushing up to the rooftop of the building. The ground as seen from the fifth floor looked pretty far enough.

“…..Nah. Even then, this is… Hah-ah….. Ng?”

Lee Hak-Hyeon rubbed his eyes. Was he hallucinating? Something was wavering before his eyes.

“What’s going on? My tears?”

A man was standing there. Not just any man, but an incredibly handsome dude wearing a black coat, no less. And a figurine with fluffy fur was sitting on this man’s shoulder. Even a blind could see that this guy was someone extraordinary.

He’d be pretty much perfect as a protagonist from a novel, in a way…

“You over there. You seem to be a novelkiss author.”

The black coat-wearing man’s powerful aura caused Lee Hak-Hyeon’s legs to tremble even unbeknownst to himself. The latter managed to eke out a reply. “Y-yes, I am.”

“In that case, you should know how to serialise a novel, then.”

“Well, that….”

It was at that moment that a realisation dawned on Lee Hak-Hyeon. He’d heard about this weird rumour from someone, somewhere – a legendary tale of those authors who mysteriously vanished from the world, only to triumphantly return with stunning epics in tow. The tale of incredible luck that only a select handful of writers are blessed with.

Lee Hak-Hyeon realised what kind of a situation this was, and his shoulders began trembling.

‘I-i-is this the chosen author cliché??’

If all the novelkisss he had read so far had some dose of reality in them, then that black coat-wearing man should take Lee Hak-Hyeon into the world of a novel. And then, he’d ask the latter to fix the conclusion written by another writer. The latter would utilise his brain honed by clichés to its fullest extent and go on to perform truly fantastical feats.

“Yes, yes! I know how to do it! I shall change your world’s future!”


“Please, hurry and take me with you! I may look like this, but I’m a pro novelkiss author with prior experience in paid serialisation….”

A dull thud rang out as something hit the back of Lee Hak-Hyeon’s head. He blacked out immediately.


[Wait a minute, captain!! What are you doing, knocking the guy out!!]

Biyu cried out sharply.

They were currently in the planetary system Z865123. They had to go through no less than 17 layers of [Dark Stratum] from Earth they had been living in to barely reach this world-line.

“It couldn’t be helped. He was too talkative.”

[….Now what are we going to do?]

Yu Jung-Hyeok began pulling out several instruments from his inner pocket. “From now on, we need to forcibly insert the novel Han Su-Yeong has written into this man’s brain.”

[What are you talking about?! Do you even know how long that will take?! Are you going to brainwash people like this every time you enter a new world-line??]

“That is….”

When he thought about it, he realised that this method could only take them so far. They couldn’t stick around and keep their eyes on this man forever, and the brainwashing could stop working after Yu Jung-Hyeok had left this world-line.

[You said that Han Su-Yeong hadn’t finished writing the novel yet, right? We don’t have the time to visit this world again later. At this rate, even if we hand over the novel, the serialisation might stop in the middle, you know!]

“Han Su-Yeong, that fool….”

[Stop blaming someone else, and activate that thing called Cloud System or something. Hurry.]

Since she sounded as if she had a plan here, Yu Jung-Hyeok didn’t argue and did as he was told.

[Sync your display with mine.]

Biyu then began browsing and poking at the [Cloud System]’s files floating up before her eyes. Soon, her hands stopped moving before a specific file.

[Dokkaebi King ‘Biyu’ is trying to approach the Cloud System using the authority of the Bureau.]

[Will you allow the access to the portion of the files?]

Yu Jung-Hyeok clicked on the confirmation icon. When he did, a transparent thread extended out from the file and got connected to the head of the unconscious novelkiss writer.

[Dokkaebi King ‘Biyu’ has exercised her authority and altered the ‘Cloud System’.]

[The system’s influence is minimal in this worldview. Additional Probability will be consumed!]

[The set-up, ‘Inspiration Sharing’, has been created!]

Biyu wiped away the strands of sweat from her forehead and spoke. [I’ve synchronised the cloud’s files with this guy’s subconsciousness. From now on, the stories Han Su-Yeong writes in the future will be updated automatically to this guy’s subconscious mind.]

Now that was a truly stunning Fable manipulation ability. Even Han Su-Yeong needed quite a lot of time to create a single Stigma, so this…

Yu Jung-Hyeok asked her. “Is this method safe? What if this fool unnecessarily starts suspecting something….?”

[Suspect? Not very likely. No, he’s gonna love the change, actually. I mean, he’s being showered by inspirations, so which writer wouldn’t welcome that with open arms? He’ll definitely believe that he’s the one writing this story.]

Biyu smirked and looked down at the still-unconscious man. Yu Jung-Hyeok alternated his gaze between such Biyu and the unmoving novelkiss writer as a strange little thought crept into his mind. Could it be that a ‘novel’, any novel, was written like this, to begin with?

Biyu lightly knocked on the head of the unconscious writer and spoke.

[He will probably think that a muse came to bless him or something.]


When Lee Hak-Hyeon opened his eyes again, he found himself slumped over his own desk.

“….Was I dreaming? Urgh….”

He slowly got up and wiped his mouth, then began massaging his temples.

That was one strangely vivid dream. A dream where he was being threatened by a man wearing a black coat. And then, there was a figuring floating in the air, seemingly made out of a lump of wool… It seemed rather likely that, him secluding himself in this small room for too long while attempting to write something, had finally pushed him over the edge.

Lee Hak-Hyeon spat out a long, long groan and switched on the once-empty notebook screen. But on it was…

⸢There are three ways to survive in a ruined world.⸥

….A sentence he didn’t remember typing was there.

On top of this, his hands were actually moving on their own to continue typing away.

⸢My ancient smartphone displaying the novelkiss platform struggled to move through the screen. I scrolled down, then up. How many times did I do that, I wondered.

“Really? Is that really the end??”⸥


Lee Hak-Hyeon looked at his hands typing away at a frightening turn of speed and began wondering if he had finally lost his mind. Hell, he thought that he could even hear some sort of a voice coming from within his mind, too.

….You tanked badly the last time by making the author the protagonist. How about making the reader the protagonist this time around?

⸢Kim Dok-Ja(金獨子). My father wanted me to become a tough man even if I was left alone so he gave me such a name.⸥

When he typed one sentence, another one would pop up in his head, and when he finished typing that one, yet another would appear in his mind. Inspirations surged in him like a powerful waterfall.

By the time he regained his wits, he had already completed the prologue as well as the first chapter.

⸢This was the moment when my life’s genre had changed.⸥

Lee Hak-Hyeon dazedly stared at the screen for a long time, before calling the editor on the phone.

“Uhm, editor-nim? It looks like I might become successful, after all….”

<Epilogue 5. The Eternity and Epilogue (4)> Fin.