Online Game: I Began By Enhancing Endlessly With My SSS Rank Talent-Chapter 723 - Godly Benefit Card

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723 Godly Benefit Card
“Yes? What are you doing?”

“Is it that difficult to deal with such a kid?”

Heaven Slaughter was a little impatient and mocked.

After all, the Broken Divine Fist was facing away from him.

Therefore, Heaven Slaughter did not see the fear and panic on the Broken Divine Fist’s face, so he said such words.

Otherwise, he would still be at the Divine Emperor-grade no matter what.

“Forget it! Let me do it myself!”

“Watch and learn!”

Heaven Slaughter smiled arrogantly. Killing intent condensed, and his aura was like a rainbow. The murderous aura surrounding his body immediately turned into a blood-colored dire beast.

It opened its bloody mouth and bit at Zhou Han.

“Hmph! Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Zhou Han frowned. He did not expect Heaven Slaughter to still dare to attack. His words were extremely cold.

The violent Chaos Sword Aura instantly bombarded out.

The sword aura was like a white flash, sweeping out with an invincible force.

“Hehe, kid, today you…”

Heaven Slaughter was about to brag and show his power.

However, before he could finish, sensing the extremely destructive power contained in the Chaos Sword Aura, they were immediately shocked.

“This sword aura… is this Chaotic Power?”

“What a powerful force. You hid your realm?”

Heaven Slaughter panicked and screamed.

The fierce power made it difficult for Heaven Slaughter to deal with. He did not expect Zhou Han to be able to unleash such power at his realm.

“Hidden realm?”

“To be honest, I haven’t advanced to the Sovereign-grade yet!” Zhou Han said indifferently.
“What, this… this is impossible!”

“He can defeat a Divine Emperor-grade expert before reaching the Sovereign-grade?” Heaven Slaughter was stunned. How powerful must he be to cross so many realms and complete a battle above his level?

This talent, this powerful strength, and future achievements were unimaginable.

“You talk too much. Die!”

Zhou Han did not waste any time and directly used his ultimate move, Chaos—Eternal Sword.

So what if he was a Divine Emperor-grade expert?

‘I only need one strike to kill you!’

Sword light flickered with monstrous power.

In the next microsecond, Heaven Slaughter’s head fell to the ground.

The energy surging from the sword aura was still trembling in the space, the aftershock lingering for a long time.

“Killed a Divine Emperor-grade expert with a single strike? Moreover, this is Heaven Slaughter. An old antique who has been famous for a long time was killed just like that?”

“Oh my God, this is unbelievable! It’s f*cking ridiculous. I didn’t expect him to be so strong!”

“Damn, it’s already so terrifying before advancing to the Sovereign-grade. If it advances to the Sovereign-grade, who will dare to fight it head-on?”

“Wow, strong, very strong! I didn’t expect such an expert to appear in the Chaotic Mystic World!”

As the sword light dissipated, the surrounding experts were dumbfounded and inexplicably shocked.

Previously, when he saw Zhou Han block the killing move of the Broken Divine Fist with a finger, the shock was very extraordinary.

After Heaven Slaughter was insta-killed, this shock had already reached its peak.

After all, it could only be seen that Zhou Han’s defense was very powerful previously.

However, they had not seen any attack methods.

Compared to damage, the stronger the damage, the more admiration one would receive.

Now, not only did Zhou Han have an indestructible super defense,

Even his attack methods were incomparably fierce and unstoppable.

Therefore, it was reasonable for everyone to be so shocked.

They were all powerful experts. Their understanding in all aspects was first-rate.

Then Zhou Han did not use all his strength. They also knew this.

“He’s dead…”

The Broken Divine Fist’s face was filled with fear. Clearly, it was also frightened by Heaven Breaking’s death, and its heart was filled with endless fear.

This was because if Zhou Han could instantly kill Heaven Slaughter, it would also be very easy to kill him with the Broken Divine Fist.

After all, his combat strength was very clear and was comparable to Heaven Slaughter.

“Senior, spare me!”

“I’ll give you all these Dharma treasures. Please leave a way out!” The Broken Divine Fist was not stupid. He instantly woke up from his shock.

He took out a few Dharma treasures, hoping to use them to buy his life.

“Ha! Is that all you’ve got?”

“Are you looking down on me?”

Zhou Han glanced around. These Dharma treasures were all Pseudo Sovereign-grade. The highest was only an Advanced Pseudo Sovereign.

It was useless to Zhou Han.

After all, he could fuse Dharma treasures, so these things were trash.


“Senior, these are all Dharma treasures I’ve treasured for many years. You must take a good look!”

The Broken Divine Fist was a little stunned. This was the quality of an Advanced Pseudo Sovereign. Even Divine Emperor experts attached great importance to this quality.

He did not expect Zhou Han to say that it was trash. He thought that it was the other party and did not check it seriously.

“That treasure, I’m trash!”

“Your understanding is still too shallow. Die!”

Zhou Han said disdainfully, unable to be bothered to take another look.

He could have as many Pseudo Sovereign-grade Dharma treasures as he wanted. They were no different from trash.

What was Zhou Han’s identity now?

At the very least, he had to use a Top Pseudo Sovereign-grade Dharma treasure to match his temperament.

An Advanced Pseudo Sovereign Dharma treasure? Even a dog wouldn’t use it!

Without another word, violent lightning wreaked havoc.

The Broken Divine Fist could not react at all at close range.

Of course, even if he reacted, he had no strength to resist.

It was directly devoured by the lightning.

[System prompt: Congratulations, you have successfully killed a Divine Emperor-grade expert—Broken Divine Fist. You have obtained 3 trillion experience points, 5.72 million Supreme enhancement points, and two Sovereign Golden Runes, an Advanced Pseudo Sovereign Dharma treasure…]

[Congratulations, you have successfully killed a Divine Emperor-grade expert—Broken Divine Fist. You have obtained 3 trillion experience points, 5,880,000 Supreme enhancement points, and a special item has dropped. Advanced Pseudo Sovereign Pill…]

Two kill notifications also appeared on the interface in time.

The gains from the two Sovereign Golden Runes were still very good.

Zhou Han smiled happily, more satisfied with this.

“Hmm? Is there another special item?”

“I wonder what kind of surprise it will bring!”

Through the notification, Zhou Han looked at Heaven Slaughter’s corpse.

There was a special card there that flickered with a purple-gold light. It was dense, gorgeous, and lustrous. The aura it emitted was pleasing to the eye.

“Good stuff!”

In an instant, Zhou Han activated the power of the wind and absorbed this special item card.

It was as gentle as water in his hand. Strange energy was slowly flowing, and the smile on Zhou Han’s face widened.

After all, the more mysterious it was, the stronger the effect.