Otherworldly-Cultivator-Chapter 612 Beaten Xue Feng

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Chapter 612 Beaten Xue Feng

"Did you really think that I would just let you go after you attacked me?" Chen Li inquired as he strangled Xue Feng's neck tightly, making it difficult for him to breathe.

'Ugh!' Xue Feng, who was still unable to move because of Chen Li's void element restraint, felt angry and humiliated by his actions. 'This bastard! With his low cultivation, how could he do such a thing to me and Jingtian?'

Seeing this, Xue Aotian and the others wanted to move to rescue Xue Feng from Chen Li's clutches. However, Xiao Shijian once again restricted their movements and rendered them immobile, causing them to panic as a result.

"Xueyan, you have to stop your husband, or he will kill our father."

Instead, Xue Xueyan rejected her big sister's request. "Don't worry, Big Sis. He won't kill him, but our father deserves to be taught a harsh lesson, or else he will never change and continue to impose his will on us."


"Trust me, Big Sis." Xue Xueyan interrupted Xue Qingyan directly. "We just need to wait, and I will make a move if he wants to kill our father."

Suddenly, they felt two auras heading towards them, and two women landed in front of them. Xue Lan purposely rushed back after sensing Chen Li's aura and anger, and she realized that something had happened. On the other hand, Xue Mei, who was previously chatting with her, decided to follow her.

However, Xue Mei's expression turned to shock after she saw the frozen blood on the snow, coupled with her big brother's situation. "Big Sis, is he that Long Wang? Why did he attack our brother?"

"Our idiot brother must have attacked my father before; otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten angry like that." Xue Lan casually replied as she walked beside Chen Li, but her words made Xue Aotian and Xue Qingyan dumbfounded by the way she addressed him, especially since they didn't know about the relationship between them. "Father, I know you are angry with this idiot, but you can hand him over to me, and I will give him a harsh lesson on your behalf, so it won't affect your relationship with my family."

Chen Li immediately handed Xue Feng to Xue Lan, canceling all his techniques, as he had been using them for too long, which could be detrimental to his body. He then casually sat on a boulder, waiting for her to teach him a lesson.

"Guah!" As soon as Xue Lan slammed him so hard on the ground, Xue Feng screamed in pain, causing blood to flow out of his mouth. However, he still couldn't move, even though Chen Li had withdrawn his restraint, mainly because his sister immediately took over to restrain him and seal his cultivation. 'Damn it! What is the actual relationship between the two of them? Why does she refer to him as her father? I'm his brother, but he's siding with that bastard!'

"I forbid all of you to move from there, or I will attack you guys as well." Xue Lan shouted to her family members before stepping on Xue Feng's chest. "I warned you to stop forcing your will on Xueyan, but you were unwilling to listen to my warning, and you even dared to attack my father."

"Guah!" Once again, Xue Feng groaned in pain after Xue Lan kicked him into the sky. 'Fuck! His kick was too painful without my qi's protection, and several of my bones felt broken!'

However, Xue Lan didn't stop there; she moved in front of him before showering him with a barrage of fists, and her strange smile showed that she really enjoyed beating up him.

*Bam... Bam... Bam...*

"Argh! Stop it, Lan'er!"

"Argh!" Xue Feng shouted as his body glided quickly towards the ground after Xue Lan kicked his chest so hard.

However, Xue Lan ignored his words and moved to the ground, a blue light aura enveloping her body. "Don't worry, I won't kill you because you're my brother, but you won't be able to get out of bed for a few days."

Soon, two other Xue Lans appeared around her before scattering to several sides, and they immediately beat Xue Feng repeatedly after they prevented him from hitting the ground. Since his cultivation was sealed, he immediately curled up to protect himself, especially his face, which was starting to bruise from their attacks.

*Bam... Bam... Bam...*

"Argh! I'll really die in your hands if you keep beating me like this!"

Xue Aotian and Yi Qingcheng let out a heavy sigh while watching their daughter beat up her brother. Bing Luo and Xue Qingyan also felt uncomfortable seeing her treat their husband and father like that, but neither of them could move to stop Xue Lan.

Even Xue Mei smiled bitterly at her big sister's actions, especially since Xue Lan never joked about her warnings, and their brother blatantly ignored them. 'Big brother is such an idiot! He already knows our sister's character, but he still acts without using his brain.'

Unlike them, Xue Xueyan appeared content as she watched her aunt brutally beat her father. She even struggled to suppress her laughter at Xue Feng's disheveled appearance, particularly because she still harbored resentment towards him for forcing her to marry such an old man. 'Ha ha ha! This way, I'm sure he will regret it, and he won't dare to force me again like before! Moreover, I am sure that Hua Gaoyun will not live much longer, and I will be completely free after he dies at the hands of my husband.'

Di Chen, who noticed this, could only shake her head to herself. 'Somehow, I feel that Xueyan and Chen Li are quite similar, and both of them are quite crazy.'

After some time, Xue Lan stopped beating Xue Feng and withdrew her technique, especially since he was already so weak and looked almost dead. "You better remember my lessons well today, and I will kill you directly if you still dare to think anything bad about my father and nephew."

Xue Feng, who was lying helplessly on the ground, looked at his sister with blurry eyes, and his body seemed to tremble while listening to her threat. 'Fuck! Why do I have to have a little sister as vicious as her?'

As soon as Xiao Shijian let go of them, Bing Luo and Xue Qingyan immediately ran over to Xue Feng and helped him up. They stared at Xue Lan for a moment before bringing him back into their clan for treatment, especially since his injuries looked so serious.

Yi Qingcheng suddenly turned to her second granddaughter and asked, "Are you satisfied seeing your father beat like that?"

"Ha ha ha ha!" Xue Xueyan laughed heartily and nodded to her grandmother. "Grandma, you yourself know that my father is too petty, short-minded, and stubborn. That's why I am completely satisfied seeing Aunt Lan beat him up like that, and I hope that he will change after today's events."

Yi Qingcheng couldn't help but sigh in her heart after hearing her response, but she didn't say anything and went to check on Xue Feng's condition. Xue Mei immediately followed, paying no attention to Chen Li and the others.

On the other hand, Xue Aotian approached Chen Li, especially since he had so many questions for him, including his relationship with Xue Lan. "Can we talk together somewhere else?"

"Hey, I-"

"It's all right; you don't need to come with us, Lan'er." Chen Li stopped Xue Lan and stood up; he then answered Xue Aotian. "Let's go to another area."

Immediately, the two vanished from the place, but Xiao Shijian quickly caught up with them. The situation had become somewhat chaotic due to Xuanyuan Jingtian's death, and she was concerned that they might attack Chen Li.

"Aunt Lan!" Xue Xueyan called out and immediately hugged her arm. "Hehe! In fact, I had no idea you would beat my father to that degree, and I'm certain you did so not only because of me but also because of my husband, right? After all, I've heard about your relationship with him in your past life, so I'm sure of it. That."

"You are right." Xue Lan responded with a nod. "My father is everything to me, so I will not allow anyone to hurt him, and I will beat anyone who dares to do that to him."

"Hehe." Xue Xueyan chuckled and teased her. "Since you always address him as your father, you should address me as your aunt, right? I-Ouch!"

"You're just an immature little girl, so you're not fit to be an aunt yet." Xue Xueyan puffed up her cheeks after hearing her remark, but she did not deny Xue Lan's words that she was still immature. "Since you are his wife now, you have to try hard to serve him well, or you won't be able to compete with his other wives."

"Haha." Instead, Xue Xueyan laughed at that. "You are wrong about that, Aunt Lan. We don't need to compete with each other, especially since he always treats us fairly and equally, and they are all very nice to me too."

"That's good." Xue Lan then led her niece and Di Chen into the clan, but she continued to spread her senses to the location where her father and Chen Li were chatting.