Part Time Employee in Konoha-Chapter 218: [Sponsored]: Uchiha Sasuke: I knew that guy lost again!

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Chapter 218: [Sponsored]: Uchiha Sasuke: I knew that guy lost again!

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At times, one should not be overly confident.

This is a common issue among the Uchiha clan members. Uchiha Itachi was like this, and even Uchiha Sasuke sometimes displayed too much confidence.

Hatake Kakashi, hiding nearby, seriously calculated that if he wasn't mistaken, this was the fourth time Uchiha Itachi lost to Akihara Kagura.


This could be told to Uchiha Sasuke.

Should he ask Akihara Kagura to help train Uchiha Sasuke?

Hatake Kakashi had always believed he had much to teach Uchiha Sasuke, but Akihara Kagura undoubtedly had more to offer.

In the middle of the river,

Uchiha Itachi could not move.

Kisame Hoshigaki could only hastily act to find a way to escape.

"Water Release: Water Formation Wall!"

Kisame Hoshigaki quickly clasped his hands together to form seals and spewed out a wave of water from his mouth, turning it into a wall to block Akihara Kagura's view!

However, this water wall lasted less than a second!

Akihara Kagura raised his hand against this water wall, and a burst of magma emerged from his hand, boring a large hole through the water wall, quickly burning it clean!

"Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks!"

Kisame Hoshigaki once again formed seals with his hands, and four small sharks jumped out of the surrounding water into the air, transforming into thousands of tiny sharks rushing towards Akihara Kagura!

"Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique!"

Akihara Kagura raised his fingers, spitting out numerous fine flames from his mouth, instantly burning the thousands of small sharks clean!

"This level of Phoenix Sage Fire Technique…"

Uchiha Itachi realized just how ridiculously strong Akihara Kagura's fire technique was, and hurriedly spoke out to persuade, "Kisame, you are no match for him…"

"It won't be so easy for us to just leave…"

Kisame Hoshigaki grinned, showing his sharp shark teeth.

Despite it being just a moment…

Kisame Hoshigaki also sensed the terrifying amount of chakra within Akihara Kagura!

Kisame Hoshigaki quickly formed hand seals, continuing with a light chuckle, "His chakra is quite abundant… But the more abundant the chakra, the better for me, it just so happens I have a technique suited to counter him, Water Release: Water Shark Bullet Technique!"

A huge shark made of water emerged from the water!

Seizing the opportunity, Kisame Hoshigaki didn't even look at the result but instead helped Uchiha Itachi to quickly flee the scene, whispering for comfort.

"Hold on a bit, Itachi…"

Uchiha Itachi soothed Kisame Hoshigaki.

Akihara Kagura wouldn't easily make a move to kill before seeing the most tragic outcome of his own life, as killing was far less satisfying than crushing the spirit.

In the middle of the river, a giant shark made of water bit towards Akihara Kagura.

This shark had a very special ability, able to devour the target's chakra and become even larger; ninjutsu attacks would only allow it to devour the chakra from the ninjutsu!

To deal with such a shark made of water…

Those with abundant chakra were actually harder to handle!

"Is this the technique you left behind in an attempt to escape?"

Akihara Kagura calmly watched the two people flee into the distance, showing no intention of chasing them because Hatake Kakashi was hidden nearby, and it wasn't a good opportunity to act against Kisame Hoshigaki.

This is the downside of having friends.

Hatake Kakashi was worried that Uchiha Itachi might harm him, and hiding nearby also hindered him from doing something inhuman to Kisame Hoshigaki. f𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝐛n𝐨v𝚎𝗹.com

"Wood Release: Wood Dragon Technique."

Akihara Kagura raised his palm, and vines emerged from the water, turning into a huge wooden dragon that instantly enveloped the giant shark made of water, draining the chakra from the shark.

"Come out."

Akihara Kagura looked towards Hatake Kakashi.

Hatake Kakashi's figure leaped out from the woods, landing beside Akihara Kagura: "I thought you would catch them…"

"That guy, Kisame Hoshigaki, is very tricky."

Akihara Kagura glanced at Hatake Kakashi and continued, "The more chakra I have, the easier it is for him to fight, he's quite an interesting guy…"

"Now is not the time to kill Uchiha Itachi, letting him die now would be too easy for him, I want to watch the drama of brothers killing each other."


Hatake Kakashi sighed helplessly.

Considering how much enmity there was between his former subordinates Akihara Kagura and Uchiha Itachi, Hatake Kakashi was a complete bystander, fully aware of everything.

"Let's go."

Akihara Kagura called out to Hatake Kakashi.

"By the way, I have a favor…"

Hatake Kakashi suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

"Let's have a barbecue."

Akihara Kagura didn't ask what the guy actually needed help with.

If people have good relationships, they can directly offer to help each other without caring about so-called favors, using small kindnesses as an exchange to give someone an out, preventing them from feeling awkward to speak up.


Hatake Kakashi's heart relaxed, he unconsciously fumbled in his pocket, then turned his head to look at Akihara Kagura, squinting and smiling, "How about… ramen? We haven't had ramen together in a long time, huh…"


Akihara Kagura's eyes twitched.

"That would be perfect."

Hatake Kakashi nodded, then mentioned Uchiha Sasuke: "Lord Jiraiya asked me to properly train Uchiha Sasuke in his cultivation, but you know…"

"Want me to help train that kid properly?"

Akihara Kagura was very aware of the difficulty of asking for help, voluntarily speaking up, "I might be able to agree to that, I'll come over when I have time."

"Thank you very much."

"I'll make a trip back to the root base first."

Akihara Kagura sensed White Zetzu Awei's return, speaking softly, "I'll head to the training ground to find you after I handle some official business."

Root base.

As Akihara Kagura entered the base,

White Zetzu Awei's figure emerged from the ground.

White Zetzu Awei rushed back from the Land of Rain, reporting to Akihara Kagura the response given by Nagato, not revealing that there were survivors of the Uchiha clan, only mentioning that Akihara Kagura had learned of the Edo Tensei news.

Nagato was very satisfied with the results of Akihara Kagura playing with Shimura Danzo, especially since White Zetzu Awei slightly exaggerated the pain and regret Shimura Danzo experienced while being played.

"Nagato is very satisfied."

After reporting Nagato's matters to Akihara Kagura, White Zetzu Awei mentioned another matter: "The original and Black Zetzu learned that you have mastered the art of Edo Tensei, they are very interested in one thing… If a deceased is an old man, can Edo Tensei revive him at his strongest state?"


"It must be Uchiha Madara."

White Zetzu Awei casually revealed this to Akihara Kagura, continuing, "The old man they want to revive must only be Uchiha Madara…"

White Zetzu Awei spoke at this point, not minding explaining: "Young man, if you can revive Uchiha Madara, it would also be a great thing for us, Uchiha Madara's power is strong, no matter what we want to do, Uchiha Madara can help you achieve it…"

"Uchiha Madara?"

Akihara Kagura was very satisfied with White Zetzu Awei's frankness, planning to tell Awei something in the future, gradually deepening their trust.

"I'm not yet confident."

Akihara Kagura shook his head, not committing to a definitive answer.

Because at this time, he had not yet connected with Black Zetzu, once Uchiha Madara was revived, Madara would become his boss, and Black Zetzu would definitely be more secretive.

Uchiha Madara…

Was not the ideal boss in his mind.

"Tell them, there's no rush on this matter…"

Akihara Kagura's face showed a hint of a smile, softly speaking, "If they need it, I can properly study the art of Edo Tensei, if they have suitable experimental materials, I can also experiment more…"


White Zetzu Awei nodded.

Akihara Kagura bid farewell to White Zetzu Awei, checking the rewards he had received from Nagato, gradually mastering the true essence of mining.

[System Prompt]: [Let Shimura Danzo feel the pain of this world, task completed, reward Uzumaki Descendant.]

[Uzumaki Descendant (one of the bloodlines left behind by Ashura, the second son of the Sage of the Six Paths, possessing strong active chakra, greatly enhanced sensory abilities, can use powerful innate sealing techniques like the Adamantine Sealing Chains Technique!)]

[System Prompt]: [Uzumaki Descendant has been merged into the Ninja God trait!]

If a boss's mine was to be emptied, would it even award such strange powers?


He can now learn the Adamantine Sealing Chains Technique!

Within Konoha Village.

A training field.

"Raiton: Chidori!"

A large tree was instantly pierced by Chidori!

Hatake Kakashi sat beside, watching his disciple, seemingly having something to say but unsure how to start.

Haruno Sakura stood beside Hatake Kakashi, watching Uchiha Sasuke's actions, surprisedly covering her mouth!

"Sasuke is so amazing!"


Uchiha Sasuke ignored Haruno Sakura's praise, only looking down at his own palm, coldly speaking, "Is this power enough to kill that man?"

"What should I say?"

Hatake Kakashi scratched his own cheek, looking up at the sky: "Right now, I can't judge the difference in strength between you and Itachi, but you probably aren't his match yet, one technique cannot determine the outcome…"

Although Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi had never fought, the Susano'o displayed by Uchiha Itachi on the night of the clan's annihilation, and the nearly occurring Tailed Beast turmoil…

Uchiha Sasuke was still far behind.

To this day, the person who had fought the most with Uchiha Itachi was Akihara Kagura, who was also the most qualified to judge Uchiha Itachi's strength.

"It's still far from enough…"

Uchiha Sasuke sharply looked at Hatake Kakashi, continuing sternly, "Is there another way to make me stronger?"

"Before that, there's something I need to tell you."

Hatake Kakashi crossed his legs, speaking softly, "This noon, the village's S-ranked rogue ninja, Uchiha Itachi, sneaked into the village…"

"Where is he!"

Uchiha Sasuke's forehead bulged!

Uchiha Sasuke felt an immediate urge to go and kill the other party.

Even if Uchiha Sasuke knew his strength might not be sufficient, he was willing to risk his life to try, if his strength wasn't enough, risking his life should be enough!

After all, he wasn't afraid of death!

"Sasuke's brother…"

Haruno Sakura looked worriedly at Uchiha Sasuke, she knew his past well.

"He escaped."

Hatake Kakashi felt strange saying this, "Uchiha Itachi happened to encounter Kagura, you should also know the outcome of their confrontation…"

Uchiha Sasuke laughed heartily, almost maniacally, "I knew that guy would lose to Kagura again!"

Uchiha Sasuke said this, his face even showing some pride, as if the person who defeated Uchiha Itachi was himself!

"Hahahaha… I knew it would be like this…"

Uchiha Sasuke mocked his own brother with laughter, "That guy has always been a loser against Kagura, ever since he was ten years old and encountered Kagura during the Chunin Exams, he has never won a single time!"

Uchiha Sasuke laughed while remembering his past, the na?ve self who insisted on cheering for his elder brother Uchiha Itachi in the audience of the Chunin Exams.

"Hahahaha… that guy will never win…"

Uchiha Sasuke recalled his past, laughing even louder, eventually laughing until tears streamed down his face.

"Losing to Kagura is quite normal…"

Hatake Kakashi felt that Uchiha Sasuke's mocking was a bit loud.

When Akihara Kagura was still in the ANBU, Hatake Kakashi often sparred with Akihara Kagura, never winning a single serious match, no matter how hard he tried.

After a burst of laughter from Uchiha Sasuke, he then asked about what he cared about most, "Where did that guy escape to, I want to go kill him…"

"You'll encounter him sooner or later."

Hatake Kakashi remembered that Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Obito were both in the same organization, empathizing with Uchiha Sasuke and this pair of master and disciple, deeply connected in their plight, sighed, "What's important now is to practice well."

"Then teach me more powerful ninjutsu!"

Uchiha Sasuke clenched his fist, speaking sternly, "Only if I learn stronger ninjutsu, can I completely kill that guy!"

"Teaching you powerful ninjutsu is not meant for revenge…"

Hatake Kakashi sighed helplessly, but knew it was hard to change Uchiha Sasuke's mindset, proactively speaking, "However, I've found another teacher for you, maybe he can teach you something else…"

"Kakashi-sensei, who is it?"

Haruno Sakura curiously asked Kakashi.

"Sasuke would probably like him…"

Hatake Kakashi looked towards Uchiha Sasuke.

"Could it be…"

Uchiha Sasuke immediately froze, remembering the mysterious department he most wanted to enter, thinking of the person he most wanted to join.

"Yes, it's Kagura."

Hatake Kakashi nodded.

Having Akihara Kagura teach Uchiha Sasuke, at least letting Uchiha Sasuke remember that Uchiha Itachi wasn't that powerful.

Letting Uchiha Sasuke not be completely blinded by hatred, letting Uchiha Sasuke know that his life isn't just about Uchiha Itachi.

"Akihara Kagura!"

Haruno Sakura incredulously looked at Hatake Kakashi: "Kakashi-sensei actually managed to get that big figure from the village to help Sasuke?"


Hatake Kakashi rolled his eyes.

How bad do these students think their teacher is!

"It seems you don't know enough about your teacher…"

Akihara Kagura's figure appeared beside Hatake Kakashi, glancing at Uchiha Sasuke, seemingly unconcerned as he spoke, "I and Uchiha Itachi, were once his subordinates…"