Permanent Martial Arts-Chapter 978 - Spirit Flame Hallowed Body

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978 Spirit Flame Hallowed Body

“Chaotic flames!”

First was the Chaotic flames. Actually, Chaotic flames were the most ordinary and common flames among Chaotic spirit flames. Normally, when speaking of Chaotic spirit flames, Chaotic flames would be mentioned.

Chaotic flames could burn everything. Actually, Chaotic flames were not the only type of Chaotic spirit flames. There were also many other Chaotic spirit flames that had attained the reputation of “Chaotic flames”.

Lin Feng was very familiar with Chaotic flames. Hence, the first type of Chaotic spirit flames he used to cultivate the Spirit Flame Divine Ability was Chaotic flames.


The Quadruple Spirit Lamp emitted a beam of flames, and scorching Chaotic flames quickly enveloped Lin Feng. These flames naturally could not injure Lin Feng, because he had comprehended the Chaotic Rule of Fire.

With the Chaotic Rule of Fire, he could control these Chaotic flames at will.

The first step of the Spirit Flame Divine Ability, which was also the most basic and critical step, was to use the spirit flames to reconstruct the Chaotic body. This step could be said to be critical.

Perfected Lords often focused on cultivating the Chaotic Rules, and focused on comprehending all kinds of Chaotic Rules with their perfected spirits. Some had even gradually stopped paying much attention to the body. However, body tempering divine abilities were different. Body tempering divine abilities often did not pay much attention to the Chaotic Rules. One only needed to comprehend one or two Chaotic Rules to cultivate some kind of body tempering divine ability.

This kind of divine abilities were terrifyingly powerful, and focused on the body. Its main goal was to cultivate a “hallowed body”. This kind of “hallowed body” mainly imitated those Chaotic hallowed beasts.

Those Chaotic hallowed beasts actually had true hallowed bodies. Body tempering divine abilities aimed to cultivate “hallowed bodies” that were actually comparable to Chaotic hallowed beasts and true hallowed bodies.

However, up until now, no Perfected Deity was ever known to have cultivated a hallowed body comparable to a Chaotic hallowed beast through body tempering divine abilities.

However, this did not deny the power of the body tempering divine abilities. As the body tempering divine abilities imitated Chaotic hallowed beasts, it was very difficult to cultivate a hallowed body that was truly comparable to a Chaotic hallowed beast. On the other hand, it was very difficult to give rise to a hallowed spirit comparable to a Chaotic hallowed beast with Rule tempering divine abilities.

There was actually not much difference between the two.

Lin Feng cultivated the body tempering divine ability only to make up for his shortcomings and increase his combat power. It was not that he did not want to become a Perfected Deity. After he cultivated the body tempering divine ability, he could still comprehend the Chaotic Rules through his perfected spirit and become a Perfected Deity.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Lin Feng’s Chaotic body was actually originally a Primeval body, but now that he cultivated the Spirit Flame Sacred Body, his body began to be modified. A large amount of Chaotic flames entered Lin Feng’s body and reconstructed it in a special way.

Lin Feng seemed to be filled with surging flames from the inside out, which burned fiercely.


Reconstructing the body, and with spirit flames as the foundation, was not that easy. At least, it was not that comfortable, and was even very painful. This was the foundation of changing the body. Otherwise, it would be difficult to call it “reconstruction”.

Even with Lin Feng’s will, he could not help but cry out. It was enough to show how much pain he was in. It was as if flames were searing his flesh inch by inch, burning and tormenting him at every moment.

However, this was part of the cultivation of the Spirit Flame Divine Ability. It was the first step, and also the most critical step. One had to build a good foundation, or their efforts to cultivate this divine ability would be in vain.

Time passed slowly. One day, two days, three days…

An entire month passed. Lin Feng endured the burning of the Chaotic flames for an entire month. Even Lin Feng could not bear to recall the pain, and did not want to endure such pain again.

Fortunately, he only needed to go through this kind of pain once. It would only be so painful the first time he reconstructed his body with the spirit flames.


Lin Feng heaved a long sigh of relief. He finally opened his eyes. After a month of reconstruction, he had finally attained the spirit flame body. Of course, in the current situation, Lin Feng’s body was far from what could be considered a hallowed body.

According to the standard of the Spirit Flame Divine Ability, only by cultivating 33 types of Chaotic spirit flames could a body be considered a hallowed body. However, such a hallowed body would not even be considered adept, let alone mastery.

Hence, Lin Feng even had a vague feeling that the complete Spirit Flame Hallowed Body was more than just a lesser divine ability. As for whether it was a greater divine ability, Lin Feng did not know either. Since he had never seen a greater divine ability before, he did not dare to jump to conclusions.

However, the Spirit Flame Divine Ability was indeed not simple. Even though he was only at the “foundation establishment” level now, and Lin Feng had only used a kind of Chaotic spirit flames during “foundation establishment” to reconstruct his body, he felt that there seemed to be infinite power in his body. Compared to before, his strength had increased by at least ten times.

This was only one kind of Chaotic spirit flames, and had only established the foundation.

Next, Lin Feng used the Quadruple Spirit Lamp to control the Chaotic yin flames, Chaotic yang flames, and Chaotic wind flames. These three Chaotic spirit flames fused into Lin Feng’s body in term.

After Lin Feng reconstructed his body, in just three months, his “hallowed body” was already beginning to take effect. The skin on his entire body was incomparably lustrous, and there was a faint glow. However, it was not as scorching as flames. Instead, it felt tough.

Not all Chaotic spirit flames were scorching. There were even flames like ice, and like violent winds. There were also some poisonous flames, and so on. In short, Lin Feng’s “hallowed body” had only accommodated four types of Chaotic spirit flames, but it was already different from before. His divine ability was already rather powerful.

Now, a casual strike from Lin Feng was already comparable to the power of the first level of the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability. Moreover, his defense was even stronger. Even the Ennead Wind Flame Divine Ability might not be able to tear through the defense of Lin Feng’s Spirit Flame Hallowed Body.

This was enough to show how powerful this body tempering divine ability was.

Now, Lin Feng could be considered to have made up for one of his shortcomings. Just as he felt that he could leave the secret chamber and prepare to leave the Hallowed Beast Continent, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. He remembered that there was still the Chaotic Lotus in his internal universe, which seemed to be devouring the divine stone. It had been three months. He wondered what had changed.

Hence, Lin Feng immersed his consciousness in the internal universe and saw the Chaotic Lotus.

The Chaotic Lotus seemed to have stopped growing. However, what puzzled Lin Feng was that the divine stone had disappeared.

“The divine stone has disappeared?”

The void was empty, and only the Chaotic Lotus stretched across it. Lin Feng was the god of creation of the universe, the ruler of everything. He rewound time and instantly understood.

It turned out that in three months, the Chaotic Lotus had completely devoured the divine stone. However, had the Chaotic Lotus undergone any changes?

Lin Feng took a closer look. There were really some changes.

A huge lotus seed was being nurtured in the Chaotic Lotus. This lotus seed was unique. Its entire body was misty, and there were some strange patterns on the surface. However, these patterns were natural, and there were infinite mysteries within. Please visit 𝗳𝚛𝐞𝘦wℯ𝚋𝓷o𝚟el. 𝐜𝘰𝒎

The Chaotic Lotus nurtured many lotus seeds, all of which had their own miraculous properties. However, Lin Feng had never seen such a strange lotus seed before. That divine stone should be a divine stone that was very useful to the Chaotic Lotus. After the Chaotic Lotus devoured it, it nurtured only one such lotus seed. This was enough to show how extraordinary this lotus seed was.

Curious, Lin Feng used his mental power to investigate this miraculous-looking lotus seed.