Please, I Really Didn’t Want To Fall in Love With My Master!-Chapter 326: Silver Dragon Sword God Li Tiezhu!

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Chapter 326: Silver Dragon Sword God Li Tiezhu!

Yue Jianli looked puzzled.

Sword Qi silver dragon in the Sword Purification Pool just now made her feel very familiar.

Thinking back carefully, back in the battle of the Beast Tide, Li Ran had used similar ‘astral qi' to slaughter demon beasts with a silver spear.

They were also bright silver, the same pure energy.

"Junior sister Li, please use that silver ‘astral qi' again," she asked.

"Silver ‘astral qi'?"

Li Ran's heart trembled.

He knew that Yue Jianli had sensed something. After all, two of them were close, so they knew each other too well.

"Alright," he nodded.

He raised his right hand, Sword Qi circulating within his body.


A dragon's roar rang out, and his entire right arm was wrapped in silver Sword Qi. Translucent scales appeared on it, and sharp eagle claws flickered with cold light.

His right arm seemed to have thickened several times as if it had become a dragon arm.

This was the ability that Li Ran had just comprehended.

As long as he circulated his ‘astral qi', he would be able to transform into a dragon. He did not need to fully summon his Sword Qi, the silver dragon, and he would be able to unleash part of the power of his Dharma Idol.

Surrounding disciples cried out in alarm.

Clearly, they were all shocked by this scene.

Yue Jianli carefully examined the dragon's arm, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

This was indeed very similar to Li Ran's spear intent, but it was not exactly the same.

In comparison, the aura of the dragon arm was even purer, and there was a faint trace of immeasurable pressure.

She was puzzled. "Junior sister Li, you haven't trained yet. How did you absorb the sword intent in the pool just now?"

Even if she was an in-born Sword God body, it still required a martial cultivation technique to operate.

It was impossible for mortals to control this Sword Qi freely.

Li Ran scratched his head, "I'm not too sure. When I fell into the water just now, Sword Qi automatically surged into my body. Perhaps it was because master had used Sword Qi to help me purify?"

"It seems like this is the case."

Yue Jianli rubbed her chin and pondered for a moment. "Could it be that she really has nothing to do with that bad guy?"

Li Ran felt a little helpless.

He didn't mean to hide it from her, but now was indeed not a good time to show his identity.

If Chu Lingchuan knew that he was Yue Jianli's dao companion.

He couldn't help but shiver.

Seeing that Yue Jianli was still pondering, Li Ran hastily interrupted, "Chief Yue, stop standing here. Let's go somewhere else."

"Alright." Yue Jianli nodded in agreement.

He carried Shen Ning and left the Sword Purification Pool.

Disciples watched them leave in awe.

In their hearts, Yue Jianli was still the badge of the Myriad Sword Pavilion, the spiritual faith of all the disciples.

Li Tiezhu looked more like hope.

It was the ray of sunlight that could contend with Heavenly Devil Li Ran and pierce through the dark clouds.

Although Li Tiezhu had not practiced Qi yet, with the shocking Sword Qi of the silver dragon, everyone firmly believed that she would defeat Li Ran one day!

The Righteous Path's younger generation finally had a peerless genius!


A peerless genius appeared in the Myriad Sword Pavilion.

This news quickly engulfed the entire vast land.

Because of Li Ran, the Sheng Zi of the Devil Dao, the various sects paid special attention to the younger generation, especially the Righteous sects.

This time, it was said that it had a Sword God body that was comparable to a Saint Tier talent. It immediately attracted the attention of the Righteous sects.

Flying Cloud Mountain.

Supreme Dao Palace.

Chen Yundao wore a black Daoist robe and sat upright on the high platform.

Hearing the report from the deacons below the stage, he frowned slightly. "Sword God body? Is it that legendary top-grade martial cultivator's physique?"

"That's right." Deacon nodded and said, "According to the reliable information, that person had just been accepted as a personal disciple and was still a mortal who had yet to train her Qi. She had absorbed all of the Emperor-level Sword Qi in the Sword Purification Pool and even transformed into a dragon-shaped phenomenon!"

"Mortals absorbing Emperor-level Sword Qi?"

Chen Yundao's expression had a trace of seriousness.

He knew what this meant.

If the other party was really just a mortal, then this talent could no longer be described as terrifying!

Other than Li Ran, he could be considered invincible in this world!

"Other than that, there's another piece of news."

Deacon Hui reported, "Li Tiezhu injured Chen Zhutian with his mortal body. In order to avenge his son, First Elder Chen Beihe secretly controlled the array formation, causing her to fall into the Sword Purification Pool."

"After Sect Master Chu found out about this, she crippled him of a hundred years of cultivation and sent him into the depths of the Dead Sea for fifty years!"

"What?" Chen Yundao was shocked. "Chen Beihe was crippled?"

Deacon nodded. "That's right. His cultivation has dropped and he's running out of life. The sect's affairs have already been left to the second Elder."

Hall became quiet for a moment.

Chen Yundao was stunned.

Who was Chen Beihe?

That was known as the Eastern Sea Sword, a great being at the peak of Heavenly Tribulation. His status in the Myriad Sword Pavilion was lofty, yet he was crippled just like that?

Just for the sake of obtaining justice for the disciple?

"Li Tiezhu… Just what kind of background is it that Chu Lingchuan thinks so highly of!"

Chen Yundao recovered from his shock, and his thoughts rose and fell in his heart. Could it be that it really is the legendary Sword God's body?

If that was the case, it would be possible for her to contend against Li Ran!

He pondered for a moment, then said, "Go contact the monastery. Perhaps the opportunity to turn things around has arrived!"

"Yes." The deacon retreated.


White Cloud Peak.

Within the main hall.

A white-robed disciple was reporting what he was looking at.

On the other hand, Yi Qinglan sat on a chair with her right hand supporting her chin, and there was a dim Red Line on her fair wrist.

Her eyes were blank and unfocused, as if she was in a daze, not listening to a single word.

That thief has not connected to the Red Line for five days. Who knows what he's doing?

We agreed that we would come to White Cloud Mountain to find this poor Daoist after the Immortal Ascension Assembly was over, but now, there's no movement at all.

Could it be that he's hooking up with another girl? Truly hateful.

Her mind was in a mess. She couldn't control her wild thoughts.

"Sect Master, Sect Master?"

A call jolted her awake.

When he came back to his senses, he saw that everyone was looking at her with strange gazes.

Cough! Cough!

Yi Qinglan cleared her throat. "What's wrong?"

First Elder asked, "What is the Chief's opinion on the appearance of the Sword God's body in the Myriad Sword Pavilion?"

Yi Qinglan said indifferently, "What does the matter of the Myriad Sword Pavilion have to do with our Tianshu Institute?"

Tianshu Institute transcended the mortal world and had no dealings with other sects, let alone that crazy woman Chu Lingchuan.

It was better not to meddle in other people's business.

The grand elder thought about it and said, "It's said that Chu Lingchuan is cultivating her Sword God body with all her strength so that she can fight against Sheng Zi Li in the future. The other two sects are also paying close attention to this matter…"

"To deal with Li Ran?" Yi Qinglan was stunned.

Recalling Chu Lingchuan's intense hostility towards Li Ran during the Immortal Ascension Assembly, she couldn't help but frown.

"What is she paying attention to?"