Power and Wealth-Chapter 1537: Chief Dong, What’s your background?

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Chapter 1537: Chief Dong, What’s your background?


In his own office.

Dong Xuebing didn't go out all morning or take a step out the door. He brewed tea inside, flipping through several files of personnel in the Eighth Office and Second Department, and played a lively music piece. Although he didn't intend to do anything, he needed to know the names. Otherwise, it would be a joke. Sitting with his legs crossed, smoking, drinking tea, and listening to songs, Dong Xuebing felt quite content. In so many years of being an official, he enjoyed such relaxation for the first time. Dong Xuebing felt he had wasted his previous days striving for what? Fighting for what? Wasn't it all for a better future? Dong Xuebing now realized belatedly that he had far surpassed his peers, already possessing many rights and status that many people could not obtain. He could completely enjoy this rare leisure time. After working so hard for so many years, it was time to relax for a few months. It's great.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

Lunch break time arrived.

Dong Xuebing yawned, stretched lazily, cracked two melon seeds, spat out the shells, then stretched lazily and stood up, pushing the door open.


Everyone was also resting, preparing to eat.

In their department, including all the leaders, there were only seven or eight people in total. Although not many, without exception, everyone was a cadre. Apart from the director of the Second Department, Yin Cheng'an, and the deputy director of the Second Department, Chen Dayou, the highest rank was Dong Xuebing, a supervisor at the Division Chief level. The other subordinates included even deputy supervisors; the lowest rank was a Deputy Section Chief-level cadre.

Dong Xuebing had already sorted out everyone's names in a short time.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man with a kind and gentle appearance came in from outside, and with a smile on his face, he said, "Lunch break, everyone has worked hard. Oh, Director Dong, you're here. I had someone apply for sick leave for you this morning, thinking you weren't feeling well." This was the director of the Second Department, their department head, Yin Cheng'an. Dong Xuebing had met him yesterday when he reported. He smiled and said, "It's alright. I'll have the sick leave canceled later. It's good that you're here. I thought you were sick."

Dong Xuebing was also sincere, "I overslept and made you worry. I'm sorry, Director Yin."

Yin Cheng'an smiled kindly. "It's okay. Today is your first official day at work, and you haven't had a meal in the unit yet. Let me show you around."

Dong Xuebing smiled, "Thank you, Director Yin."

A girl in her twenties, about the same age as Dong Xuebing, suddenly giggled, "Director Yin, I also don't know my way around. Could you show me too?"

Yin Cheng'an pointed at her and laughed, "You little girl, you've been here for two years, and I still don't know my way around as well as you do. You want a free meal, don't you? I know you."

Dong Xuebing knew her. This girl was called Han Fei.

Han Fei giggled, "Caught red-handed by you. I'm broke. I don't even have money on my meal card. I've been so poor lately." free novelkiss.com

"I'm scared of you." Yin Cheng'an wasn't angry either and called out to the others. "Alright, today I'll treat. Xiao He, Xiao Sun, Xiao Zhang, let's go together. Old Chen is on a business trip. It looks like he won't have the luck today, haha. Let's go, but I'll make it clear to you all first. Twenty RMB per person, I won't treat anyone who goes over."

Han Fei immediately exclaimed, "Just twenty? You're so stingy!"

Yin Cheng'an laughed heartily, "We should promote the spirit of austerity. Twenty RMB is already a lot. Do you want to bankrupt me?"

Sun Zhaobang and Zhang Dongliang behind him smiled slightly.

Sun Zhaobang, a chubby man in his early thirties, said, "Then I'll have three chicken legs."

Yin Cheng'an glanced at him, "Look at how fat you are. You should eat less."

He Zhou, also in his early thirties, chuckled, "Three chicken legs and a bowl of rice, we're all sticking to the twenty RMB limit. No need to be polite with Director Yin."

Yin Cheng'an laughed and pointed at them, "You guys."

Seeing this scene, Dong Xuebing was a bit surprised. Based on his experience, he always thought the Discipline Inspection Commission was a very conservative department. For example, it was like that when he was in the Discipline Inspection Commission in Fenzhou City. Everyone was serious, making the atmosphere in the office especially cold. This was the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Dong Xuebing thought it would be even more so. Who would have thought it was not the case at all? The atmosphere within the Second Department was unexpectedly like this, with an easy-going leader. This female cadre dared to say anything, and even several inspectors dared to joke with their superiors. It was indeed an exciting department. Dong Xuebing observed them for a moment.

After gathering, everyone went downstairs together.

They chatted and laughed along the way, but Dong Xuebing didn't say much, just listened to their conversation. He had decided to keep a low profile and spoke very little.

Ahead was the third canteen.

There were quite a few people; almost a hundred had arrived.

Dong Xuebing and the others went in to order their food. No one offered to help Yin Cheng'an and Dong Xuebing get their food, not even a single question. Everyone just got their food. Dong Xuebing didn't feel anything strange about it. He used to get his food when he worked before. He went to the counter and ordered some simple dishes with meat and vegetables. Initially, he wanted to treat everyone, but he hadn't gotten a meal card yet, so he used Yin Cheng'an's meal card.

Ten minutes later.

The people from the Second Department found a small table and sat down.

"I can't wait to eat." Yin Cheng'an chuckled and took the first bite. He also told Dong Xuebing, "Try the dishes here. The stir-fry at the third canteen is quite good."

Dong Xuebing took a bite and nodded slightly, "It's delicious."

Since Dong Xuebing didn't speak much, everyone didn't chat with him much either. They weren't very familiar with each other.

Only Han Fei, with her small eyes, kept staring at him. Suddenly, she asked, "Director Dong, what's your background?"

Dong Xuebing almost choked on his food, "Ah."

Yin Cheng'an was amused, "Little Han, can't you keep quiet while eating?"

Sun Zhaobang, Zhang Dongliang, and He Zhou remained silent. This girl dared to say anything.

"I'm just curious." Han Fei looked at Dong Xuebing with big eyes, "Director Dong and I are the same age, but I'm only a regular Section Chief cadre now. The gap is too big, and it undermines my confidence."

He Zhou, Sun Zhaobang, and the others were also curious. They still remembered the shock when they heard that a supervisor at the Division Chief level, who was only twenty-six years old, was coming to take office. This age, this rank, was speechless. But curiosity aside, it wasn't something they would ask about directly.

Dong Xuebing smiled faintly, "I don't have any background."

Sun Zhaobang immediately said, "Feifei, just eat your food."

Han Fei muttered, "If you don't want to say, then don't."

Dong Xuebing wasn't angry. He was a laid-back person and quite liked Han Fei's lively personality.

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