Praise the Orc!-PTO Extra Story (8) (End)

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In that short moment, Ian saw a lot. A lot of information flowed into his head. It was a dimension that Bagamadra was deeply rooted in. Bagamadra didn’t suffer any damage. He just stared when curious eyes as he wondered when the toy that was called Earth fell into his hands. Bagamadra was making his last weapon to get rid of the resistance. No one could stop the weapon when it was launched. No matter what, Earth would be turned into a smoldering pile of ashes.

The worst existence of destruction. There was no way to avoid it. That’s why Garuda, the presence in front of Ian had come. The warrior Garuda who didn’t yield even in the face of despair. The images he conveyed pointed to a path.

“Shall we go together?”

Garuda nodded. The only way given to them. Go directly to Bagamadra’s dwelling and kill him.

"I came here to risk everything.”

Garuda blinked once.

It was a big gamble. Garuda, who continued the hopeless fight, leaned about terrible warrior who was killing Bagamadra’s weapons one by one. He tried to descend directly to the dimension where Bagamadra was making the weapon. Garuda entered Parthenon to find a warrior on Earth. It was a beautiful world. His world was like this before Bagamadra showed up.

"This world is weak. You are strong. You can’t win alone. We must join forces.

It was Garuda who raised Azi Dahaka, which had been in a suspended state. It was to return to his own dimension.

“The gate will soon open.”

The world of Earth was weak. This human was strong. He was stronger than everybody else. Garuda saw hope. He appealed to Ian’s emotions.

"You and I. Save our worlds. Human. There is no time.”

Ian closed his eyes. It was a sudden situation. He didn’t have time to think about it. However, he understood that Garuda’s proposal was the only possibility. Garuda’s information destroyed all his predictions. The power of Bagamadra was becoming stronger.

Go before it was too late. But why in this way? This morning, he had believed that he would soon return to South Korea. He would get rid of Azi Dahaka and return to South Korea, meeting friends, drinking coffee together, enjoying his free time...

He thought he would be laughing. It was a pipe dream. He was a saviour. Ian whispered toward God.

‘You are too harsh.’

There was no answer. The universe that he showed to the grey god and the warriors whose fists he bumped. They seemed to collapse somehow.


“Let’s go.”

Ian made his decision.

“Let’s go.”

The gate was opening. Ian tried not to think anymore. This was the only way. There was no time. Even if no one knew or the hell he was going to, it had to be done. It was just a bit lonely. The forgotten god. Was she watching him? Ian missed Elder Road, where gods and magic were alive and warriors lined up with him.

“Human. Thank you.”

Garuda spoke. Ian nodded. They moved together. The darkness beyond the gate welcomed them.


The moment they were about to enter another dimension. There was an extraordinary event. Garuda looked back. Ian raised his greatsword. The curtain was torn.

“What is going on?"


Garuda revealed emotions for the first time.

“It shouldn’t be opened. It is dangerous. Is it Bagamadra? How did you know?"

The translucent curtain sealing off Uluru opened. It started to fall to pieces. Demonic energy was coming from the gate behind them. A new situation was created. The enemy appeared. And. Ian doubted his eyes.



The curtain surrounding the whole area was shattered and a off-road car appeared in the whirl of sand. There they were.

"We have comeeeee-!”

The man shouting in the passenger seat was someone Ian would never forget.

"No way."

Ian was shocked.


Ridiculous things happened in succession. The car driving along the ground floated in the air and flew to the top of Uluru. The source of the power was the hooded man sitting in the back seat. Every time he waved his hand, a terrifying force stirred the atmosphere. He could know the identity just by the big size and silhouette, without needing to see the face.


As soon as the car stopped, two swords flashed. Garuda stepped forward and wielded its claws. It bounced off two swords.

"Why swing your swords?”

“Isn’t it an enemy?”

"They are standing together!”

“That’s right. It didn’t die.”

A harsh voice. The other shouting voice was gentle.

“Driden and Anor?”

The car collapsed.


Finally, the man holding the steering wheel.



The car collapsed due to the impact of the crash. Dirt rose up.

“Whoa! It was pretty good this time Tashaquil!”

"I will say it again. I am the shaman teacher Tashquil...”

"Quickly apologize to that friend.”

“I don’t want to.”


The dust cleared and they walked out. Garuda spoke in a confused manner.

“Strong. They are strong. They aren’t humans. Do you know each other? Companions?”

Ian didn’t answer. Tiyo was approaching. Ian’s appearance had changed but Tiyo knew. Tiyo stood in front of Ian.

"Hey. Crockta.”

The two people looked at each other. They thought they wouldn’t be able to see each other again. It was years later.

"This face is better than before. Kahahat.”

Tiyo laughed. At the time, Ian had been an orc and was now a human. But nothing was changed. The soul was intact.

"Your appearance has changed but your spirit is still as splendid as ever. You are alive. Kulkul.”

Tashaquil took off his hood and laughed.

"Wah. This is Crockta? You look handsome. No way!”

“What is this? You look weak. How disappointing.”

Anor and Driden, the two dark elves reacted differently. Ian still couldn't believe the sight in front of him. They had come. At this moment, when he needed them most. They came to him.


He didn’t know how it happened. There wasn’t a lot of time to talk. It was too short to say anything. A landscape unfolded in Ian’s head. Numerous scenes crossed his mind.

Ian smiled at them.

A road stretching out and a wide open car. The background was Europe, the Middle East, Africa. It was Asia and then the United States again. The images of the various cities passed by. Earth would be safe. Bagamadra would fall by their hands. It wasn’t an easy path. The fight was more dangerous than ever. He would get the job done, just like when he defeated the grey god.

Bagamadra was nothing. Save Garuda’s world. Remove the threat to Earth and then come back. Then he could travel the Earth with no worries. He imagined it. Everything was right. He smiled happily as he thought of the future.

Ian blinked. He didn’t stop smiling. He barely managed to open his mouth to ask a question. They were short words.

“Would you like to come with me?”

The gate was wide open. The darkness beyond was calling them. The demonic energy was growing. They didn’t know what the situation was. They didn’t know what was happening or what enemies were waiting for them. Ian couldn’t explain anything in this short moment. He just asked them to join him on the perilous road to hell.

Then they answered.

“How interesting.” Tiyo nodded.

“It is a great honor to be with a great warrior. Bul’tar.”

"I am willing to go because it is Crockta’s request.”

“I welcome a new fight.”

Ian’s lips curved. He wanted to laugh but laughter didn’t emerge. Now he wasn’t alone.

Ian said to Garuda, "Garuda. These are my friends.”


Garuda waved its antenna.


Ian seemed to be smiling.

“Your friend. Small human. There is a resemblance.”

“Resemblance to who?”

"After Bagamadra began the invasion. A small human from Earth. He came to my dimension. He helped us. He told me about you...”

"Who is he?”

“That little human. Hedor.”

Tiyo was running towards his goal. The rest sighed and shook their heads. Ian finally laughed out loud. He thought he had fallen into the worst situation. All his hopes for the future had scattered to pieces in front of him. But at this moment, the pieces started to fit back together.

“Human. There is no time left. The door is closing.”

“Wait a minute.”

Ian raised his head.

“Tashaquil. Could you stop it from closing?”

“It won’t last long.”

"I only need a short moment.”

The orc shaman teacher, the strongest shaman in Elder Road, Tashaquil. He used his strength. The gate, which seemed to be slowly disappearing, stopped. Magic power gripped the gate. Ian went up to Choi Hansung.


“Hey, what’s going on?”

“There’s no time to explain. Can you lend me your phone?”

Choi Hansung handed over his phone. Ian took a deep breath and entered a number. It was Yeori’s number. The world wouldn’t return to what it was. He understood this from the beginning. He didn’t cry when he heard of his parent’s death. He was an adult.

Adults also sometimes dreamt that everything would turn out perfectly. He had child-like hopes. His dream had come back again. His friends, who he thought he would never see again, came to find him. He wasn’t afraid of Bagamadra. They will save the world with Garuda. Finally, Ian would meet her. Yes, he would return to Earth with a smile. He would fulfil the promise he hadn’t kept. He would introduce the beautiful nature of Earth to his friends, travel the world together and then...

Once again, the scenery in his heart. A place where Yeori was.


“Oppa?” As always, she replied in a loud voice.

The conversation wasn’t long. There was no conclusion. But this was enough. Ian returned the phone to Choi Hansung.

“Do you have to go?”


"I don’t know what it is... but I am always sorry and thankful to you. Be sure to come back.”

Ian laughed. The new fight was decided. Ian stood in front of the gate with his friends and Garuda.

Ian reflected on the past.

His life was an arduous journey. The things he wished for always slipped out of his hands. The things he thought he had obtained eventually left his grip. But it couldn’t be helped. It was up to a child to complain. On the battlefield, in Elder Road and on Earth where the monsters had appeared, he carried all the burden.

However, this time was different. Somehow, a vague foresight told him.

Just before entering the gate. Ian looked back. It was a world where he had unfinished business. He wanted to say something.

Ian opened his mouth. It was with a grin and was casual.

“I will be back. See you then.”

He went forward. The answer was that it wasn’t his share to bear alone.