Predatory Marriage-Chapter 364

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Chapter 364. Final (2)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Leah was sick for several days afterward. Ishakan, repentant for his many misdeeds, stayed by her side to look after her.

So instead of the weakened Leah, it was Mura that scolded Ishakan for three days. The other Kurkans were firmly on Leah’s side too, and made sure he was aware of their displeasure.

That made Leah feel a bit better.

When she finally came back to her senses, having rested in bed for several days, everything had already been settled.

The decapitated King and Queen of Balkat were hung high over the gates of their own palace. Mura had explained the details of their deaths to Leah, to make it clear they had been condemned based on the nature of their crimes. Judia’s death had been fairly clean, but Herod’s had taken a long time, and been very painful.

The Kurkans were angrier with the one who had endangered Leah than the one who tried–and failed–to endanger Ishakan.

Additionally, the coin counterfeiters that had worried her had been publicly executed in the capital square. Their heads were displayed for several days.

Thus, Leah’s life returned to normal.


She told Morga about Lesha’s dream, asking whether it was actual precognition or just a coincidence.

Morga was stunned when he heard her story. He was much more enthusiastic than Leah had expected.

“The prince has the talent to become a sorcerer…!”

According to his rather excited explanation, Kurkan sorcerers might be born with several talents. The ability to foresee the future was the most prized talent a sorcerer could have. Though Morga could glimpse the future with astrology, he could only do so with the aid of additional spells.

“To be born with the gift of prophecy…” He breathed. “It’s extraordinary.”

Morga studied Lesha in detail, explaining to the little boy that he was the first sorcerer Morga had met in his lifetime born with the gift of prophecy. Lesha only smiled. Momo was funny.

“We don’t know how strong your gift is yet,” Morga went on. “But it will surely be great. You are the son of Ishakan’s blood. Once you learn languages properly, I will begin teaching you sorcery.”

Leah, awed by her son’s unexpected talents, left in a state of confusion.


She had agreed to have tea with Ishakan in the garden, and as they walked to the place, Lesha waved his hand, frowning.

“Mama! Hand!”

“I’m sorry, Mama was thinking of other things.”

“Uh…” Lesha snorted, unimpressed. He only relented when Leah promised not to forget again. Continuing on, they walked hand-in-hand until the energetic little boy turned and shouted. Posted only on NovelUtopia

“Mama!” And then, very clearly, “I’m your big brother.”

Leah cocked her head at the strange comment. For a moment, she thought Lesha was just playing make-believe, but he pointed at her belly.

“I want to meet you soon,” he said innocently.

Leah’s lips parted silently. A wild thought had occurred to her, but then Ishakan’s voice distracted her.

“Lesha,” he said, appearing ahead.


Instantly, Lesha lunged toward him, and Leah followed slowly, pondering what Lesha had said. Ishakan might already know too, and would pretend he didn’t.

Before she realized it, Ishakan approached beside her, with Lesha in his arms still saying, I’m the big brother, I’m the big brother! Leah’s lips parted while she was still lost in thought.


“Tell me, Leah.”

“Are we going to Kurkan? To show Lesha the desert.”

Ishakan had often visited Kurkan during his military campaigns, but Leah had not been able to go. She had promised Lesha they would go to the desert when he was big enough, and now it seemed the time had come. Not only had Leah’s body recovered, but Lesha was old enough to travel.

“What do you think?” Ishakan asked Lesha, lifting him onto his shoulders. The boy answered Leah’s question instead of his father’s.

“An avventure! Let’s go on an avventure!”

Leah had read him a storybook about fishing in the sea. Lesha was still filled with the idea of adventure.

“There’s lots of fishes in the ocean,” he began, though he didn’t just want to fish. Lesha began listing off all the adventures he had learned about. Picking fruit in the mountains, picking flowers in the fields, fetching water from the river, then spending the night at an inn in a small town…

Ishakan smiled as his son chattered on endlessly.

“Lesha has always lived in a palace,” he noted. “I think he needs to see the world.”

“Yes.” Leah smiled back at him. And her eyes went to the sky behind them both, where the clouds had cleared, and the formally gray sky had turned as blue as the sea.

Her dazzling purple eyes went to her husband. Her son, sitting on his shoulders, the two of them so bright in the sunlight, it was as if they were shining themselves.

Not so long ago, she had wanted to die. She had decided to take her own life, and her heart was like a fortress of iron. But now that despair had vanished, and all the darkness that had shrouded her was gone.

“Where does my wife want to go?” Ishakan asked, joking.

But Leah answered seriously, thinking of the warm golden light that had driven away all the darkness.

“Anywhere,” she said quietly. “As long as it’s with you.”

It really didn’t matter. Deep into the mountains, to remote islands, on the other side of vast oceans, even through endless deserts. No matter where it was, she would love every moment, as long as she was at this man’s side.

No. Now it was the three of them.

Leah smiled slightly as she laid a hand on her belly.

Maybe even four.

The sunlight was soft, and felt so good.