Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks-Chapter 2722: Living Such a Comfortable Life!

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Chapter 2722: Living Such a Comfortable Life!

The ward was narrow. It had a small window, placed very high on the wall, so no patient could climb out of it.

There were no desks or chairs in the ward. Excluding the narrow bed, the ward was practically empty.

Things that could potentially be dangerous couldn’t be kept in the ward.

It was a precaution, as a patient could hurt themself or others if they were in an episode and in proximity to something dangerous.

The incandescent light lit up the room. It flickered on and off occasionally, which was a bit scary.

Cheng Fei was the only one in the ward. He was sitting on the bed and reading a book with his head down.

Ning Shu approached him with the thermos. He raised his head and smiled when he saw Ning Shu. He put down the book in his hand and said, “You’re here.”

Cheng Fei shifted over to make space for Ning Shu to sit.

The hell? Cheng Fei was still living such a comfortable life! He didn’t look insane at all.

Ning Shu released her spiritual energy and scanned the entire ward. She found out that there were cameras at all corners of the room.

It was clear that everyone who entered this place was being watched.

Ning Shu opened the thermos and gave Cheng Fei a spoon. “Mom made this. Have some.”

Cheng Fei took the thermos and smelled it. He shook his head and said, “Mom didn’t make this. Mom likes to add tangerine peel, but there’s no smell of tangerine peel in this soup, only a smell of traditional Chinese medicine.”

Ning Shu spread her hands. “Fine. You caught me, I made the soup.”

Cheng Fei picked up the spoon. He scooped up the soup and tasted it. He couldn’t help shaking his head. “You just put everything in the pot and cooked all of them together. There is no depth to the flavor at all. This doesn’t taste good.”

Ning Shu: …

If he was a true madman, even if she gave him a pile of shit, he should still happily eat it. Did those experts who examined him know how he actually behaved?

Cheng Fei put down the thermos and stopped eating.

Ning Shu: …

Was her cooking that bad?

Ning Shu took a spoonful and tasted the soup. “I think it’s fine.”

It was not bad at all! Any food was better than no food.

Cheng Fei smiled. “Doesn’t it taste bad?”

“I think it tastes good. Are you being picky because the food here is way better? You get exquisite dishes for every meal?”

What a joke. How could the food be delicious, when they were cooking for so many people?

They probably cooked like they were feeding pigs.

“The food here isn’t good,” Cheng Fei said. “I just eat it to fulfill my body’s need for energy. However, that still doesn’t prevent me from commenting on your soup.”

“Eat more then. This might be the last time you ever get to eat a soup that I made.” Ning Shu put the thermos bucket in Cheng Fei’s hand.

Cheng Fei smiled. “You shouldn’t be making soup with bare hands in the first place. Oily smoke can cause more damage to your skin than time.”

Ning Shu: …

Cheng Fei picked up the spoon and continued to eat in small bites. However, he only drank the soup and didn’t eat the chicken meat.

Ning Shu looked at Cheng Fei’s head and said, “Cheng Fei, you have white hair.

“You’re only in your thirties. Why are you already getting white hair? It must be because you scheme and calculate too much.” Ning Shu stretched out her hand to pluck Cheng Fei’s hair. “It’s not just a couple of white hairs, either.”

“Then please help me pull them out.” Cheng Fei tilted his head closer to Ning Shu.

“This is the trace of time, Ai Yun. I hope that you’ll always maintain the beautiful appearance that you have now, instead of getting white hair and letting time rob you of your beauty,” Cheng Fei said.

Ning Shu ignored Cheng Fei’s words and stretched out her hand to pluck Cheng Fei’s hair. “It’ll hurt a bit. Bear with it.”

Ning Shu pulled out a white hair and showed it to Cheng Fei.

Cheng Fei looked at the white hair and said, “I hope you don’t have this kind of hair on your head.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu then pulled out more of Cheng Fei’s hair.

An invisible silver needle was resting between Ning Shu’s fingers. She pierced it into Cheng Fei’s head.

Cheng Fei frowned. He immediately grabbed Ning Shu’s hand. She loosened her fingers and let the silver needle fall to the ground. It was barely visible at all. This made it look like the only thing she’d been touching this whole time was the white hair she pinched with her thumb and index finger.

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