Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks-Chapter 2739: No Blood Hunter Could Have Any Dealings With Vampires

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There was no attack capable of causing fatal harm to the vampires. They also had immortality—something many humans would die to have.

Some people even wished that a vampire would embrace them, so they could become a low-level vampire and live forever.

Due to all these temptations, it was a rule that no blood hunter could have any dealings with vampires.

If a blood hunter violated the rules, they would be judged of polluted mind and thus were no longer suited to be a blood hunter.

Then, they would be dealt with.

The blood hunters received high salaries, with various generous benefits to boot. However, blood hunters also put their necks on the line on a regular basis for their job; they could be killed either by vampires, or other people in the blood hunter order.

In a case like Mina’s, the blood hunter would have to stand on trial, and could even get the death penalty.

Mina’s status as Molly’s partner made Molly worry about this to no end. If Mina was put on trial, she might also be dragged there by association.

Molly thus asked Mina to stop fraternizing with Perry, lest both of them receive a punishment.

However, Mina firmly believed that Perry was different from other vampires.

No matter how much Molly tried to persuade Mina, Mina still persisted in continuing her relationship with Perry.

No matter what Molly said, whether she tried to persuade with earnest advice or cold hard logic, Mina refused to change her mind.

Being a partner to someone like Mina was seriously tough. Molly then began considering whether or not to just save herself and report Mina’s fraternization with the vampires to the blood hunter order.

However, the blood hunter order had already found out about it and immediately arrested Mina.

Mina was put on trial, and the punishment meted out to her was the death penalty.

Mina was just about to be put to death when Perry broke into the blood hunter order with a large pack of other vampires.

He immediately destroyed the blood hunter order and saved Mina.

Before Perry left, he personally killed Molly, because he thought Molly had spilled the news about them.

Before Mina could stop him, Molly had been cut in half by Perry’s sharp nails.

She was ripped apart alive!

Perry was a vampire aristocrat so he naturally considered the interests of the vampire clans in everything that he did.

The existence of the blood hunter order had always been a thorn in the vampires’ side and now the woman he loved was about to be killed, so he was infuriated and massacred the blood hunter order.

Mina didn’t care much about what happened to the blood hunter order. From the moment she was sentenced to death, she already regarded the blood hunter order as a coldhearted and ruthless organization.

She had grown up in the blood hunter order, but to be treated that way herself made her realize how cruel the blood hunter order truly was. f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

She was disappointed and shocked, but soon, she put things behind her…

Mina naturally left with Perry. Perry then embraced her and turned her into a vampire; Mina got eternal life and kept her young appearance forever.

It was an eternal happy ever after.

Molly’s wish was to live. This time, she wanted to properly snitch on them. She refused to let that b*stard and w*nch live a good life.

Ning Shu: …

Molly had quite a temper, didn’t she? Perry had murdered her because he thought she had snitched, so she wanted to successfully do it this time around.

What gave him the right to have a shady affair but not let anyone talk about it?

Ning Shu finished receiving the storyline and took a look at the sleeping Mina.

After receiving the storyline, Ning Shu formed a preliminary impression of Mina.

She had kindness and nothing else. No competence, no skill, no confidence—nothing.

Moreover, her kindness was only extended to the vampires. Had she ever thought of being kind to all the people of the blood hunter order that had been killed by the vampires? Nope.

She completely ignored the victims who had gotten all their blood drained by the vampires too. Why didn’t she show her kindness to them?

She was a blood hunter, yet she held pity for the vampires, before eventually falling in love with one of them and betraying her own kind for them.

Her kindness was seriously discriminating.

If Perry, that vampire, was ugly, would she act the same way? Probably not.

Everything was, once again, just an excuse to justify ‘love’.

Mina was only characterized as having a kind heart to give a reason as to why she was lovable.

Ning Shu just wanted to say, kind-hearted her foot!

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