Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 1039 Where Do You Want To Start?

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Chapter 1039 Where Do You Want To Start?

1039 Where do you want to start?

When Liam walked outside, an unexpected scene was playing out in front of him. The red haired devil was about to throw down the golden haired dragon.

The two women were at their throats and his sister and Shen Yue were standing next to them, looking as if they were unable to decide whether to stop the fight or let it happen.

"Hmmm... What is going on here? You guys are way too noisy. Can't a man sleep in peace?" Liam grumbled.

He had not yet completely recovered and his head was close to exploding, so he had no plans of letting this situation, no matter how entertaining, escalate further.


"Brother! How are you doing?"

Immediately, Shen Yue and Mei Mei rushed toward him.

"I am fine." Liam gave them a warm smile though it was difficult to do so.

"He should be fine. The nether in the air is making me itch all over." Alex complained but her anxious eyes surveying Liam from top to bottom for signs of injuries and weakness betrayed her.

"Nether, huh?" Liam sighed and gave another smile. It was true that nether was his strength but...

"Brother, is something wrong?" Mei Mei asked again.

Not just Alex, but it was common knowledge in Crimson Abyss that Liam had a high affinity with nether. So everyone had a small hope that this time the enemy wouldn't be too difficult or at least out of their hands like the isons situation.

"Nothing. Nothing. I am still a little tired." Liam patted his sister's head.

After that, he called Alex over for a brief report on what was happening outside, which she was more than happy to provide, especially the part about the guild upgrades and the ownership terms.

"Oh?" Liam raised his brow. This came as a surprise to him as well. When he had set this whole thing in motion, he had done it in a state of emergency. He did not discuss any details with the fairy and he did not expect her to act in his favor as well.

Standing next to him, the draconian princess heard the whole thing too, a golden glimmer flashing in her crimson eyes. She heard everything patiently and then gave a nod as if she had learned something extremely deep and profoud.

"This is very interesting... If I am correct, that fairy is almost in your corner. You should stick it in her to seal the deal. Having one of those money bags on your side will do you good."

Her unexpected words in the middle of a serious report shocked everyone. Alex was the first one to react. "What?" She swung her head around with her eyes wide.

Shen Yue also had the same reaction as she shifted her gaze to the woman with her brows furrowed.

Even the two guys who were staring at the ground for so long couldn't keep a straight face after hearing this.

Liam was also speechless.

"Seriously, who the hell is this woman?" Alex never wanted to slap someone so much in her entire life.

Liam looked at everyone staring at him and shook his head helplessly. He did not have the energy for this. "Ignore her. Let's meet back again later. I will explain everything." He dismissively waved his hand.

"What about these three then?" Alex bit her lips. For some reason, she did not like leaving Liam alone with them, especially the woman. She was a... bad influence.

Hmmm. Liam paused. Her comment made him glance at the two guys who immediately shivered in response.

He knew that Alex's intuition to not trust these two was on point, but there was no longer any need to worry about that. At least for now.

The necessary contracts were already signed and the specifics were taken care of. Otherwise, he would have never allowed them in the guild base to begin with.

And as for the woman, Liam still did not trust her, but right now he just had to go with the flow.

A more trusting individual might say that the woman had already helped him, that too had helped him with something so impossibly difficult but Liam knew better than to trust an opportunist and this draconian princess was nothing if not an opportunist.

She might be helping him while their interests aligned, tomorrow if they did not walk on the same path, everything could be different.

"Don't worry about these three. They are with me and I have some work for them."

Alex nodded with a frown. She wanted more details but she also did not want to stand here and demand for everything.

In the end, she gave another menacing glance to the strange woman and left the villa. For now, it was good that Liam had somewhat recovered. It was what mattered the most.

Following her example, Mei Mei and Shen Yue also did not linger. The two gave Liam a hug and left the villa as well, leaving him along with the three new addition to the guild.

Liam let out a sigh as peace and quiet once again returned. He then first addressed the duo sitting dejectedly in the corner.

"You both have time to sit simply?"

Ah... the two lifted their heads in unison and stared at Liam with dumb looks.

"I don't want useless baggage in the guild. If you don't "divine" anything soon, then your services will no longer be needed."

Liam's words sent a chill down the duo's spines. The monk started mumbling something while the Oracle looked at Liam with a pensive gaze.

His personality did not change even after resting? He wondered.

"What are you looking at?"

The Oracle quickly shook his head. "I will have something ready for you soon."

"Hmmm." Liam then turned around to pay attention to the last party, the most problematic one of all, the draconian princess silently standing near him with a mischievous smirk on her lips.

"Is it my turn now?" She flashed a big smile.

Liam felt a headache coming just looking at her. "Yes, it would be nice to know that you are good for something other than stirring up shit."

He still did not know what she said to make Alex so mad, not that the fiery redhead needed much ammunition to go off in the first place.

"He He... your words are hurting me, my liege." The draconian princess laughed at Liam's accusation.

"Of course, my only purpose here is to guide you to greatness. Even a few minutes ago, I was merely doing this job." She shrugged.

"Sure, you did."

"Bah! Alright. Where do you want to start then?"


"Let me see. You have a soul with potential but your body is far too weak to keep up with it. You have a mysterious sword but as far as I can see you are merely using it as a decoration."

"Oh and how could I forget this." The draconian princess pointed at the little fox cutely sleep walking next to Liam.

"You have a freaking celestial beast who you are using as a mount? Brat! Is your brain filled with stones?"

Liam's face twitched. He opened his mouth to say something but unfortunately, he had no excuses for any of the things that the dragon woman had pointed out.

The thing was... he was also currently not in a position to address any of the three points. He neither knew how to strengthen his body further nor knew how to help Luna achieve her natural potential.

pαndα,noνɐ1,сoМ As for the sword, his soul was currently not in the best shape for him to unleash the last seal and once again deal with the imprisoned black dragons. Also, he did not have the gems that were required to do this.

On top of all of this, there was also another trouble that was slowly but steadily brewing. This third wave of apocalypse...

Liam could already feel the nether in the air slowly becoming denser and denser by the minute. It felt good. It made him feel fresh and rejuvenated after he had pushed himself to the limits.

However, this was just the start.

Surely, this wave did not happen to help him or give him a break.

Even though it might look like it was tailormade just for him, and there was no way he could lose in this fight with this absolute perfect affinity to nether, he alone knew the real truth behind this wave.

And that was to...