Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 1178 Fight! Fight! Fight!

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Chapter 1178 Fight! Fight! Fight!



Blood splattered everywhere and bodies were tossed left and right. The lush green forest was painted red as several elves lay dead, scattered around.

War was brutal. Elira gasped inwardly as the real intensity of what she was in for was slowly sinking in.

The metallic scent of blood mingled with the earthy aroma of the forest floor, creating a visceral reminder of the day's horrors. Her senses, already heightened by the adrenaline coursing through her veins, picked up every minute detail with excruciating clarity.

The sounds of clashing steel, the fiery sparks of magic, the shouts of commanders, the cries of the wounded—it was a cacophony that drowned out any thoughts of doubt she might have harbored.

While Eldrin's methods were unconventional, they sure did bring about the desired results. Right now five different groups were clashing against each other but the three of them were relaxedly sitting on a war steed in a corner and watching the show.

There was even a strong general guarding them.

In the beginning, his plan was a little shaky because Prince Aranthor seemed more interested in handing them over to the elders of the family rather than staking his claim for the guardian's blessing. But eventually what Eldrin foretold came to pass.

Greed won and Prince Aranthor's battalion also decided to participate in the race for the blessing.

"The elders will be coming in here anyways. I will hand over these wretched things when that happens. Besides, I might even find that fourth bitch." The prince had loudly declared, still not understanding that Elira was the same person who had met with him.

Elira smirked slightly as she watched the disgusting elf fight with numerous injuries lining his body. It served him right!

"Looks like even you know how to enjoy yourself?" Eldrin commented from her side. Elira's smirk immediately disappeared as she continued watching the fight in silence.

He He. Eldrin laughed a little at her reaction. He too then continued watching the intense fight. "Now we have done our part. The rest depends on your master. Where the hell is he?" He sighed.

Days continued passing by like this one after the other.

And every single day there was one conflict or the other. Some days there were even multiple conflicts where the battalion barely won. The prince, baited by the prospect of a powerful blessing, had been drawn completely into the fray,

However, the three sat astride the war steed, a small island of calm in the raging storm of battle. Well, technically this was only going to last until their side kept winning. But Eldrin had a plan for that as well.

The only thing that actually concerned him at the moment was that they still hadn't run into Liam or even any of his soul minions for that matter. The day for the blessing was getting closer and closer and he hoped that the human being wouldn't end up becoming a disappointment.

"What are you conniving now you little shit? Don't think I don't know what you are up to. You are somehow trying to snake your way to the guardian through me, aren't you?"

Prince Aranthor eyed Eldrin as he rested along with a few elves, the small group who still remained from the big battalion they had started with. Their numbers had dwindled so much over the last few days.

Eldrin remained quiet. He did not say anything. He was not stupid enough to taunt a wounded snake even if his ego was hurt.

The only people who cared about egos were those who were born to lose and Eldrin considered himself a winner. Words would never hurt him. He painted a look of weakness and dejection on his face as he remained still and silent.

However, this only made Prince Aranthor even more furious. "Wait, you little shit. It is now only a matter of days. When the elders arrive, you will be slaughtered on sight. Your brain will then be melted to get everything that we need to know."

"You are not familiar with the torture techniques of the royal family, right?"

Eldrin still did not show any reaction.

"Of course, you won't be. You are a nobody. A filth from a rotten kingdom that is going to be culled when I get back. Congratulations. Now your status is higher. You can die with pride knowing you are important enough to be personally dealt with by the royal high council."

Eldrin continued to hear the tirade in silence. Most of the elf's threats were nonsense and he couldn't care less about them. However, there was something that still bugged him. Liam was still out of sight!

In all honesty, by now he had hoped that he would catch up with the human being and get out of his chained and imprisoned status but that hasn't happened yet.

Prince Aranthor was not wrong. It was only a matter of days before the elders arrived. Eldrin had a plan for that too but the very crucial part of that plan was for Liam to have first rejoined their group.

What was going to happen if the elders arrived first?

That was something even Eldrin did not want to think about. A few minutes later he let out a sigh wondering if it was time for him to start plotting their escape. He looked around and everyone was casually resting and recovering.

Perhaps now was a good time.

Eldrin's mind spun as he thought about how he should proceed when suddenly a sound snapped him out of his scheming.

Whoosh! KA BOOM!

Out of nowhere, a huge rock fell in the middle of the encampment. An explosion followed this and dust and debris flew everywhere. It was starting again!

Eldrin's eyes widened. Was this his chance?

Everything happened in an instant. A group of verdant elves charged in, the group first targeting Aranthor. "How dare you place the blame on our pious clan when it is your men who caused so much bloodshed and killing?" The commander of the verdant elves bellowed.

Eldrin couldn't help but smirk. In the last attempt to cover the bodies he let slip a few lightning scars in hopes that this exact situation would happen and now it had come to pass.

Meanwhile, Aranthor was confused. "Place the blame?" He did not know what was going on.

"Don't spout random nonsense. We did not attack anyone. You are attacking us first. Biriol! It's best you don't make enemies with the Stormshroud Empire!" He sent an empty threat because currently, they were in no position to fight again.

Unfortunately, the other party did not seem to care. "Hmph! Who do you think would still be afraid of you, you idiot? Stormshroud Empire is already done for. Men! Attack! Don't leave anyone alive!"

Not many words were exchanged as the opposite party could clearly see the condition of the group. Mana in the air began to churn as violence took hold. The chaos that erupted was instantaneous and intense.

Eldrin's heart pounded with anticipation as he watched the scene unfold. The opportunity he had been waiting for had arrived.

The protective general who had been their guard was now fully engaged in the sudden melee as he was unable to neglect the attacks any longer.

There were simply not enough forces left to be able to afford such luxury. His attention diverted from his charges to the pressing threat of the verdant elves.

This was their moment. Eldrin gave Elira a significant look and subtly nodded towards the dense forest that ringed the clearing. He then tossed the three a pill.

When they had been taken as hostages, Eldrin had clearly handed over his spatial ring but now he was bringing out one item after another from thin air.

Lunaria did not understand but Elira did. This was the Subspace skill, one of the skill books that the fairy had given to her master.

The pill seemed to be extremely quick acting as the three of them immediately recovered their strengths. "Go. Now." Eldrin urged the two. Of course, he himself was not planning on leaving just yet. He wanted his things.

Waiting for an opportune moment in the fight, he slashed down at the Prince, stabbing him from the back side while he was fighting a verdant elf in the front. The two of them were already severely wounded and it was perfect for Eldrin to take advantage of.

Naturally, he never had any useful things in his spatial ring. He had already transferred anything remotely useful to his inventory space.

Rather what he wanted was that lightning whip weapon!

But how could the verdant elf let it go so easily? He also had his eye on the exact same item. The fight instantly became a chaotic rumble with the three elves clashing against each other.

At first glance, Eldrin had the upper hand. The verdant elf then made a comeback. At some point, even the prince seemed as if he had regained his edge. It looked like anything could happen at any moment.

But all of a sudden, throwing all three elves out of balance, something completely unexpected happened.

A powerful beam of aura shot up in the distance making every single being currently in the forbidden territory turn their heads and look.