Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God-Chapter 2241 Law

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Chapter 2241 Law

?Many of them really were the devils of this world. Vicious creatures with the horns of dragons and covered from head to toe in sturdy scales of various colors. Others among them were part humanoid and part beast, having the torsos of beautiful women with undulating breasts but the legs and heads of spiders, or the lower bodies of men but the heads of wolves or lions, some even forewent organic body parts entirely and replaced their limbs with blades and other weapons.

Rather than living beings, they looked more like science experiments gone wrong.

However, not all of them were devils. Some of them were normal humans with eyes bloodied with rage. If one looked closely, many of them were famous figures of the past who had fallen into obscurity and then were imprisoned for one reason or another. It wasn't until today that the common people came to understand that their city lord might have had some responsibility in what happened all those years ago.

Within the city lord's mansion, City Lord Woo's countenance was unsightly. Even if he had confidence in crushing this rebellion, quelling the masses would be a problem. There was a reason he was only a City Lord and not a King or Emperor like he wanted to be. Obviously, he had other worries that he had to deal with.

That said, not all of the escapees rushed toward the City Lord mansion, in fact, it could be said that the majority of them didn't. The others rushed into the city with ghastly killing intent. Whether their goal was to run away during all the commotion, or if it was to start a bloody slaughter amidst the citizens of Yin City, either one likely wouldn't be any good.

It was at that moment that the situation changed. It was simply impossible for the other factions to sit idly by while the government faction was leveled to the ground. The city had a delicate balance that needed to be maintained, or else everything would come crashing down.

Powerful auras surged out from the religious, underground, and military factions, causing Law's path toward the city lord mansion to be cut off.

Many of them looked toward Law with complicated gazes, especially seeing how dull his eyes were with the heads of his wife and father-in-law in his arms.

"Law, turn back now and maybe this can still be remedied." A general of the military faction took a step forward. While the underground faction had 108 butlers, the military faction had 108 generals. This general was ranked 3rd. It proved just how seriously the other factions were taking this.

At the same time, Butler 3 and Bishop 2 both took steps forward as well, clearly making their stances to protect the government faction obvious. At the same time, the other powerful figures who came with them surged downward to protect the city from the escapees.

"Will you move out of my way? Or will you die?" Law said plainly.

Law had no intention to talk with these people.

If they really cared about keeping the peace, why is it that they decided to look the other way so many times? Wasn't it because they believed the city lord's fist was too large? In that case, he would destroy the city lord's fist. What would they say then?

If they insisted on getting in the way, he didn't mind destroying their fist first.

"I know what that is! It's a vajra body!"

At that moment, a member of the Well Clan cried out and their eyes almost rolled back into their sockets. They slumped to the ground, losing their consciousness, and not long later, their life. They had found the answer they were looking for, but they foolishly observed something they shouldn't have for too long.

In the same instant of time, the three big shots of the military, religious and underground factions were feeling a pressure they hadn't felt before in their entire lives.

"Law…" General 3 frowned when he heard these words. "… No matter how enraged you are, you must look at the bigger picture."

Law nodded, causing the three to sigh a breath of relief. But the next words they heard put them right back to the edge of their seats.

"The bigger picture I see is a world without the city lord. So you either move aside, or you can join him."

The truth was that even if all of this was part of Dyon's plans, he was still pissed off. He had done his best to interact with Mimi and her father for as little time as possible, knowing that something like this might happen. Even if they were puppets, they were simply too realistic. He didn't want something like this affecting his heart and disrupting his martial path.

But, after seeing her head. He realized that he felt nothing in that moment. He really hadn't felt a thing seeing their bodiless corpses.

It was then that something suddenly clicked in his mind. He had felt himself growing more and more distant from the matters of the world in recent years. He felt as though he wouldn't blink an eye even if the entire world was massacred as long as his friends and family were alright.

It had been a vague emotion before, but after seeing Mimi's head and realizing how terrible her death had been, he realized just how far he'd fallen.

His first thought upon seeing her wasn't hurt, pain, or even the guilt he should have felt having known that things would end like this yet doing nothing to stop it. No… Instead, he had felt a bit content, as though it was good another ant had fallen for the sake of his benefit.

The moment those thoughts entered his mind, he froze.

Yes, she and her father had been nothing but puppets. Yes, it was true that their deaths made the next steps of his plan even easier. Yes, after clearing this legacy world, they would be gone anyway.

But… At the same time, he felt that he had lost a bit of his humanity. It was a reality that left him feeling a bit lost and this was ironically what led to his true bout of anger.