Reboot: Mechanic-Chapter 361 Environmental

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Chapter 361 Environmental

?Shi Tian chuckled softly when he could feel the pressure that Theobold was emitting.

It was clear that Theobold was trying to intimidate him, most likely to push him down a bit from his high horse.

His implication was clear that even if he had the support of Vanessa Ariston, it didn't mean he could act haughtily in front of him.

However, it was just a shame for Theobold, who believed Shi Tian must have definitely failed in figuring out the problem. After all, his best soldiers had already done some troubleshooting, only to end up in failure.

So how was it possible for Shi Tian to figure out the problem in 10 minutes?

'Theobold, I feel bad for you.' Shi Tian sneered inwardly. Obviously, he could tell from Theobold's current behavior alone to understand what his mind was thinking about.

Still keeping a calm and collected expression.

Shi Tian stood up and smiled, "I have figured out the problem and already know the solution to it, Commander Theobold."

"Hmph, I knew you were just fooling meβ€”" Theobold was about to finish his sentence until he had to double-check himself.

"Wait… you're saying that you have figured out the problem and found a solution already?" He asked in disbelief, his mouth twitching slightly. It was clear that he was not expecting such a response and was ready to scold the crap out of him.

Meanwhile, Vanessa suddenly clapped her hands and cheered from behind. freew(e)

"Haha, I just knew Nathan was never the impulsive type." She exclaimed, before turning her head to Theobold, seemingly confused. "And Commander Theobold, why did you suddenly say my Nathan was fooling you earlier?"

Vanessa made sure to emphasize the word "my", meaning that Shi Tian was under her protection, so Theobold better be careful of his next words.

Otherwise, things would get quite messy for him.

"Ahem, I was merely excited that Nathan here has found a solution and so I have lost my composure earlier. My soldiers are still engaged in combat, so they'll need Nathan to solve it fast." Theobold faked a cough and easily made a few excuses for his earlier speech.

Vanessa also didn't plan on pressing on the matter, given that it wouldn't matter much anyway. There was nothing she could truly do about it since Theobold merely misspoke a bit and could not warrant much of a retaliation.

Shi Tian also understood this part and was glad that Vanessa was clever enough to keep quiet.

Had she pressed on the matter, then things would become tense and awkward. There was no need to trigger such a thing for now.

"Anyway, the problem isn't with the Railgun Blaster itself." Shi Tian explained.

"Instead, the problem lies with the environment." He then said, pointing his finger at the battlefield in the front.

"The environment?" Both Theobold and Vanessa were dumbfounded by him.

"I'm guessing Nathan is saying that the Moles were indeed involved and caused a drastic change in the environment, which inevitably caused the Railgun Blaster to be faulty." Mary, who finally snapped out of her thoughts, stepped in and gave her input.

Shi Tian nodded his head in regard to that.

"Mhmm, we need to know that the world we're living in can no longer be defined with the common sense that we had in the old days. The Moles assisting the Gilaso variants have caused a magnetic distortion, making the Railgun Blaster's ammunition trajectory distorted and weakening the effect of the bullets."

He clarified, highlighting the issues were the environmental effect hindering the Railgun Blaster's power, and not because the Railgun Blaster was faulty.

In fact, the Railgun Blaster was functioning perfectly, and if possible, Shi Tian truly wanted to steal one for himself to use.

Meanwhile, Theobold took a few seconds before he could somewhat comprehend Shi Tian's meaning.

"So are you saying that the battlefield is like a magnetic field and is the cause of the disturbance and weakening of my supporting soldiers to the vanguard?" Theobold asked, seemingly startled by this revelation.

It wasn't that Theobold couldn't trust Shi Tian's explanation, but he found it unable to accept that kind of fact.

Being a commander for so long, yet he failed at doing the very basic prevention such as investigating the environment was like a stain to his honor and pride.

Truth be told, he can't be blamed for the negligence since he didn't encounter any Moles when arriving here compared to Shi Tian and Mary.

They were merely lucky enough to have the chance to encounter a few Moles that seemed to have deterred from their original pathing. Otherwise, they would have never thought about the underground part either, much less the environment being affected altogether.

"Wait, so we know it's the magnetic field disturbing the Railgun Blaster, then how do we solve it? Especially in this chaotic moment?" Vanessa asked him anxiously.

After all, Shi Tian had proposed to solve the problem, and not figure out what the problem was.

The meanings between these two were vastly different, and knowing Theobold, they were positive he would still reprimand and punish Shi Tian harshly.

Being stared at intensely by three people simultaneously, almost all the pressure was placed upon him. π’»π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘’π‘€π‘’π˜£π‘›β„΄π˜·π‘’π‘™.π’Έβ„΄π‘š

If it were others right now, then they might have been overwhelmed and turned timid already. However, that was for others, and not him.

Keeping a confident aura, Shi Tian stretched his arms and calmly said, "Relax yourself. I've said I will solve the problem, so naturally, I will solve it."

He then glanced at Theobold, who seemed eager as hell to punish him and requested. "Commander Theobold, can you please tell your vanguards to retreat from the front for approximately 10 meters?"

Although unsure of what Shi Tian was planning to do, Theobold saw both Mary and Vanessa nodding their heads, their meaning being crystal clear.

They were both vouching for whatever Shi Tian was planning to do.

"You know what Nathan is trying to do?" Mary whispered to Vanessa, seemingly amused that she was vouching heavily for Shi Tian.

Vanessa shook her head in response. "Nope, not a single clue, but I've learned my lesson to never doubt him after the previous bet."

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