Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress-Chapter 2108 [ Side Story: Xu Zhenyu's Past And Present Life (13) ]

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Chapter 2108 [ Side Story: Xu Zhenyu's Past And Present Life (13) ]

The video of Wen Xinya on the internet also confirmed Xu Zhenyu's guess that Wen Xinya did not die of a drug overdose, but was instead killed by ning shuqian, her mother, and Xia Ruya.

Wen Xinya's heart was guarded by an unknown principle, which was to never sell her body, not to mention having those disgusting and dirty relationships with those men.

His heart was boiling with hatred.

She did not expect that ning shuqian, her mother, and Xia Ruya would actually destroy her to such an extent, causing her to bear the burden of being despised and criticized by everyone, to die without any dignity and reputation.

He began to investigate the cause of Wen Xinya's death. He used to have a lot of bad friends on the streets, and after he was released from prison, these people were willing to give him some face. There must be some unknown methods and channels for such people to get along.

Ning shuqian, Xia Ruya, and her mother were actually so deranged, which was beyond his expectations.

As soon as Wen Xinya returned to the Wen family, she set her up at the bar and took nude photos, causing the Wen family to hate her completely. He had sent people to kidnap her, injected her with a high-purity liquid drug, made her addicted to drugs, and completely embarked on a road of no return ... Drugged her, arranged for a few men to sleep with her, took videos of her, and ruined her reputation ...

Xu Zhenyu was completely driven mad.

His entire heart was like a ball of paper that was being kneaded inch by inch into a ball. That kind of emptiness and bone-biting pain almost made him turn into a demon.

After that, the Wen family went through a huge change. Old Mr. Wen was hospitalized due to a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, old Mrs. Wen was sent to the sanatorium, and Wen Haowen fell into a vegetative state due to a car accident. At that time, Xia Ruya held 25% of the Wen corporation's shares and became the major shareholder. Ning shuqian held 10% of the Wen corporation's shares and became the major shareholder.

Very soon, the media released the news of Xia Ruya and Xiao Jingnan's wedding.

Xia Ruya was going to marry Xiao Jingnan with the ten-billion Yuan that should have belonged to Wen Xinya and more than half of the Wen Corporation as her dowry.

Wen Xinya's death seemed to have given her too much glory, wealth, and glory.

One of them was the murderer who caused Wen Xinya's death, while the other was a scumbag who had once let Wen Xinya down. What right did they have to trample on Wen Xinya's miserable life and her body, which had yet to turn cold, to be so dazzling?

The hatred in Xu Zhenyu's heart had long devoured his rationality.

He disguised himself as a service staff and sneaked into the wedding venue, hoping to take the opportunity to kill Xia Ruya and Xiao Jingnan, the adulterous couple, to be buried with Wen Xinya.

However, before he could do anything, he was subdued by a mysterious force, and then he was brought to a man.

He stepped on the dagger and said, " "What do you want to do? Did he stab Xia Ruya or Xiao Jingnan with a dagger?"

Xu Zhenyu clenched his fists tightly and said with a twisted expression of hatred, " "Who the hell are you? what do you want?"

"It's Xiao Jingnan and Xia Ruya's wedding today. Do you know how strict the arrangements are in the new era's Manor? "There are hundreds of bodyguards and security personnel alone. One knife can only stab one person at a time. After the first stab, you will never have a second chance. Moreover, you may not be able to kill the person with one stab. Similarly, after the first stab, you will not have a second chance."


His cold voice was so calm that it seemed like he was merely stating a fact.

Xu Zhenyu was completely dumbfounded. Clearly, he had not thought about this from the start. The hatred in his heart was like a demon, making him unable to remain indifferent about Wen Xinya's death. Hence, he sneaked into the wedding venue.

&Quot; have you ever thought about the Xu family? if you stab them, what awaits you will be your destruction and the Xu family's implications. If a man wants to establish himself in the world, the basic responsibility he has to bear is the gratitude of his parents for raising him, the love of his loved ones for teaching him, and the inheritance of his bloodline and human ethics. If you can't do all these, then you're worse than a beast. &Quot;

I don't want this to happen. I just want to avenge Wen Xinya. &Quot; The resentment on Xu Zhenyu's face finally turned into a helpless and dejected look. Such painful words had completely destroyed Xu Zhenyu's pride. He had already implicated the Xu family to this extent. If he were to make another big mistake today ...

He shivered and felt cold all over!

The man bent down to pick up the dagger and used it to lift his jaw. &Quot; Do you love Wen Xinya? "

Xu Zhenyu remained silent. Not only did he like Wen Xinya, but he also loved her deeply. However, there was no need for him to tell this man whom he did not know.

&Quot; you don't love her at all. You'll only love yourself forever. &Quot;

"You're talking nonsense!" Xu Zhenyu retorted agitatedly. He loved Wen Xinya, and no one loved her more than he did.

&Quot; what kind of love is love? power, status, and wealth are all within your reach as the second young master of the Xu family. As long as you can get them, you can protect this woman under your wings. Who can hurt her then? "

Xu Zhenyu's agitated emotions instantly turned into a broken ball of rubber. His body went limp and he fell to the ground, feeling extremely lost.

He was thrown outside the new century manor.

At this moment, he finally realized how useless he was. He couldn't even avenge Wen Xinya and could only watch as the murderer who caused Wen Xinya's death got away scot-free and lived in luxury.

The feeling of pain made him feel hopeless.

Very soon, Xia Ruya would be sentenced to death by shooting with a three-year delay due to attempted murder and suspicion of the Korean Alliance for various criminal activities.

As ning shuqian was involved in the murder, planned all sorts of crimes, and was suspected of organizing all sorts of criminal activities by the Korean Alliance, she would be executed with a gun and her execution would be suspended for two years.

Wen Yuya was sentenced to seven years in prison for participating in murder and various criminal activities. Xiao Jingnan was suspected of organizing various criminal activities by the Korean Alliance for intentional murder and would be executed with a gun, with a year's delay in execution.

He knew that this was all the work of that mysterious man.

That man's power shook his soul.

He kept thinking that if he was as strong as that man, he would be able to protect Wen Xinya and the Xu family would not be implicated. Wen Xinya would not die and he would be able to avenge her.

That night, he bought a ticket to the Northwest.

With han mofeng's help, he entered the military and began his cruel and hot-blooded military life.

Ten years later, when he was dressed in a straight military uniform and became the famous Major General Xu, he came to Wen Xinya's grave again. Looking at her pure and innocent face, he finally understood how foolish, naive, and ignorant he had been back then.

Wen Xinya, I'll entrust my love to you and give all my responsibilities and missions to the country. &Quot;

On March 15th, general Xu Zhenyu, the vice-director of the Central Military Commission of Z Country and the commander of the military Region, passed away at the age of 57!