Reborn In Space: Pampering The Genius Doctor And Businesswoman-Chapter 570 - : Don’t make a fuss

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Chapter 570: Don’t make a fuss

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“Ah!” Jiang Rong didn’t expect Xiao Haiqing to be so fierce even though he was drunk. Her arm hurt and she immediately screamed.

Xiao Daoan was shocked, and the direction of the car also changed.

Jiang Rong fiercely pulled her hand out of Xiao Haiqing’s mouth.”Hubby! Look at Hai Qing, she bit…lt’s bleeding…

It was as if the flesh on her hand had been bitten off. Jiang Rong broke out in a cold sweat. Even a light touch on the spot where she had been bitten would cause a heart-wrenching pain. She felt so sullen that she died.

Under the forceful push, Xiao Haiqing’s entire body smashed towards the car window. He rubbed his head in a daze and said with his big tongue,””Jiang, Jiang Rong, you vixen, return my father to me…

“Hai Qing, stop fooling around.” Xiao Daoan was slightly displeased.

“Hmm?” Xiao Haiqing tilted his head and looked at the person in front of him.”Who are you? He looks, looks just like my dad…”

“But you’re not him. My dad is very young…You, you look like a bad person… Xiao Haiqing chuckled.

Xiao Daoan immediately felt bad.

A sense of guilt welled up in his heart. From the rearview mirror, he saw his daughter’s eyes. They seemed to be able to speak and were extremely bright. They did not change much from when she was young. Her eyes were proud and a little dazed. She was like a lost child, so fragile that she could not withstand a single blow.

He hesitated for a moment.

“Hubby, why don’t we not send her over? How about this? I’ll ask her. Maybe she knows about the wine recipe?”Jiang Rong said in a timely manner.

Xiao Daoan was touched when he heard this.” Alright, don’t force her. Let’s see how she answers.”

Jiang Rong nodded.

“Hai Qing? Haiqing, I’m your Aunt Jiang. Do you know what Jing Yunzhao’s recipe is?””Jiang Rong said.

The words “Auntie Jiang” ignited the explosives in Xiao Haiqing’s mind. His eyes widened.”You old witch! What do you want to do to Yun Zhao? I’ll beat you to death!”

As he spoke, he grabbed at Jiang Rong without a word as if he had gone crazy.

Xiao Haiqing tugged at Jiang Rong’s hair and kept pulling at it. Jiang Rong had long guessed that this would be the result and was mentally prepared. She was beaten up by Xiao Haiqing pitifully, but she no longer screamed. She even held her head and advised, “Hai Qing…You don’t want this look ah we are for you good ah, as long as you tell us the wine party is what, your dad won’t take you to see that foreigner.”

However, Xiao Haiqing’s brain was already out of control. He was still playing happily. When Xiao Daoan saw his daughter being so fierce, his guilt instantly disappeared.

She quickly stopped the car and went to the back seat to help Jiang Rong break free from Xiao Haiqing’s hands and put her in the passenger seat.

Xiao Haiqing’s eyes were filled with confusion as he looked at his tall father.””You, you’re really a good-for-nothing. My father is dead. You’re not him. Let me out of the car. I want to get out of the car…”

Xiao Daoan was also annoyed. He hated it when others thought he was useless!

He, Xiao Daoan, had started from scratch and suffered so many looks of disdain. It was not easy for them to reach this step. If it was not for this daughter of theirs dragging them down, the Xiao family would not be in such a situation now. They would have brought glory to their ancestors!

Seeing Xiao Haiqing struggling to get out of the car, Xiao Daoan was furious and slapped him.

Xiao Haiqing was instantly stunned.

The alcohol did not make her feel much pain, but she felt a sour feeling in her heart..