Reborn into Naruto World with Tenseigan-Chapter 571 - Homusubi Meets Hokage

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Bypassing the rebuilding blocks and avoiding the gazes of the ordinary Konoha Villagers, Homusubi quietly followed the two Konoha Anbu and arrived at the Hokage’s camp.

Since the Hokage Building is still under construction, a temporary camp of make-shift tents has been created where different departments that were located within the Hokage Building are functioning.

As Homusubi followed the two Anbu towards the main tent, the shinobi who were guarding the Hokage Camp saw her, and upon realizing her identity as a member of Amatsukami, all of them were taken aback, then immediately nodded towards her respectfully, showing signs of respect and appreciation as if Amatsukami was never once declared to be a terrorist organization.

Homusubi maintained her cold and arrogant persona, and silently followed the two Konoha Anbu all the way.

While passing through one of the tents, she was able to hear noisy discussion…

“No, your analysis is wrong, right Nara-san, what is your opinion on this?”

“I wouldn’t exactly it is wrong, rather incomplete…”

“… But, this level of Doton Jutsu is simply unstoppable…!”

“You are being too pessimistic Shimura-san, and Sarutobi-sama, please do not underestimate the Destruction Bugs of the Aburame Clan…”

Such discussions reached Homusubi’s ears as she made her way towards the main tent in the camp.

Upon listening to their discussion and arguments, Tsukihi under her Homusubi mask smiled slightly and shook her head. She is no stranger to such argument, as she too has participated in such sessions quite a few times, albeit as Hyuga Kuroto, not as Uchiha Tsukihi.

These discussions are carried out in almost all the departments of the Konoha Military force, including the Anbu, Police Force, Sealing Class, Intelligence Class, Medical Class, Sensor Class as well as various clans of Konoha Village.

As for the content of the discussion?

The content of the discussions is generally the intelligence analysis of the friend and foe alike, including their Jutsu, appearance, individuality, specialization, intrigues et cetera, and deployment of corresponding countermeasures.

Since the current friend and foe Konoha Village is dealing with is the Amatsukami Organization and Akatsuki Organization respectively, so, the members of these two organizations, as well as the various abilities and Jutsu they used in the battle a few nights ago, have become the centre of the discussion.

When Kuroto attended a similar meeting organized by the Anbu department a few days ago, he vaguely disclosed Nagato and Obito’s various Rinnegan and Mangekyou Sharingan abilities from the perspective of an onlooker, and because he is a member of the Hyuga Clan with the Byakugan, his input was given extreme importance, and immediately a team consisting of various experienced Shinobi was also established for analyzing those abilities one by one in order to create countermeasures accordingly.

At the same time, a Tsukihi also knows that a similar discussion is also taking place at the Medical Camp.

Because Nagato didn’t bother to retrieve the Shurado after its defeat in the Konoha Refugee shelter, so, Konoha was able to keep it to carry out an analysis and for the past few days, a team headed by Tsunade-hime has been carrying out a thorough autopsy of the corpse of Shurado.

Although the corpse of Shurado was damaged brutally because of the effect of Shinra Tensei, it was the only corpse Pain Rikudo Konoha managed to capture, therefore, its value is obviously very high.

The Black Chakra Receivers about which Kuroto had already given his input has now become the focus of research of Konoha’s scientific and medical department, with everyone trying to figure out what exactly that thing is and how to counter or replicate its power…

And doing such an intelligence analysis, autopsy, and experiments is nothing strange for Konoha Village, this is a Great Shinobi Village, and intelligence gathering, analysis, and developing respective countermeasures is akin to an instinct for the great shinobi villages, after all, in a battle between shinobi, as long as the difference in strength and skills is not too large, then the difference in intelligence plays the most important role and becomes the deciding factor of HOW the battle plays out and, in WHOSE favour, does it play out.

After putting aside these thoughts, Tsukihi looked at the biggest tent in front of her and followed the two Hokage to enter inside.

Inside the make-shift Hokage’s Tent

As Homusubi entered the tent, the first person she saw was none other than the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, Sarutobi Hiruzen, who was quietly sitting on the sofa, with the tobacco pipe in his mouth and a pensive expression on his face, standing beside the Sandaime Hokage was the Captain of the Anbu Department, and Utatane Koharu too was present in the tent, sitting on the sofa on the side with a serious expression.

After the two Anbu who escorted Homusubi to the Hokage’s Tent withdrew, Sandaime looked at the person standing in front of him disguised as Homusubi of the Amatsukami, and asked, “Can you please take off that mask of yours?”

Sandaime Hokage’s meaning was very clear, just because the person standing before him was dressed as Homusubi of the Amatsukami doesn’t mean he was going to accept the other party as the Homusubi of the Amatsukami, there has to be a certain identification that confirms other party’s identity as the Homusubi of the Amatsukami.

Homusubi who of course understood Sandaime Hokage’s meaning chuckled lightly, but instead of taking off her mask, she used her chakra to produce the signature flames of one of the two Homusubi.

Instantly, intense chakra fluctuations appeared in the Hokage’s tent, and the entire tent was filled with bright light and extreme heat as Homusubi’s body was covered with the golden flames of Oshihomimi. Covered in charring golden flames and yet being completely unaffected, Homusubi, who looked as if the very incarnation of the goddess of fire questioned, “Is this enough, or should I display my Susano’o in order to confirm my identity?”

Looking at the golden flames covering Homusubi’s body, and feeling the intense heat as it burned charka in the surroundings, Sandaime Hokage and Utatane Koharu no longer doubted the identity of the other party, and said, “No… no… this much is already more than enough, we have confirmed that you are indeed Homusubi of the Amatsukami, there is no need to use the Susano’o…”

As far as the intelligence says, there is only one Shinobi, or perhaps they should say Kunoichi(?) in existence in the Shinobi World who uses these unique golden flames that burn the very chakra itself… so the fact that the person standing before them was able to use these golden flames that burned their chakra too implies that the other party is indeed Homusubi.

At the same time, they also understood that no matter what they say, or try to reason with, the other party is not going to remove her mask, so they did not insist on it either because it might leave a foul taste in the mouth of the other party, and that would be bad for Konoha if they want to work with Amatsukami in the future.

And as for the question of using Susano’o?

Are you kidding?! Who wants to see such a thing here? Sandaime Hokage was already more than satisfied with just witnessing the Golden Flames of Oshihomimi in person, there was no need to see Susano’o too.

With the matter of identification out of the way, Sandaime beckoned Homusubi to sit on the sofa, “Please have a seat.”

Homusubi nodded, and after extinguishing the golden flames of Oshihomimi, then she took the seat on the sofa offered to her by the Sandaime Hokage, and stated in a flat tone, “Konohagakure’s Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen-dono… let’s directly get down to the business… I am here to collect the payment that was promised to the Amatsukami a few nights ago.”