Reincarnated As a Fox With System-Chapter 819 : Corpse Or Living Person?!

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Chapter 819 Chapter 819: Corpse Or Living Person?!

Little Loki licked greedily its lips with a satisfied expression, but it immediately snorted unhappily at the perfect copy.

"Nyaa Meow~! Mew Nyaaooww!" (They are my snacks~! So, don't ruin my meal!)

Little Loki smugly scolded the perfect copy.

The perfect copy pouted in displeasure after she heard Little Loki's reply, but before she could say anything to Little Loki, the rest of the golden armored puppets already rushed toward her and Little Loki to attack the two of them.

"Tsk~! What a bunch of annoying dolls?! Hey, Little Kitten! I will use my divine ability to immobilize them for a few moments. You can just take that chance to swallow them all, okay?!" The perfect copy clicked her tongue in annoyance and told Little Loki about her next plan.

Little Loki glared at the perfect copy angrily when it heard she called it 'Little Kitten'.

Just when the blades and spears in the golden armored puppets almost reached Tang Li Xue's perfect copy...

"All of you, stop moving right now~!" The perfect copy activated her [Mystic Whisper].

Little Loki already used its [Instant Teleportation] to appear instantly right behind those golden armored puppets!

[Heaven's Devour]~!

Little Loki opened its tiny mouth widely, and several golden armored puppets immediately got sucked into its mouth!

The other golden armored puppets quickly struggled before Little Loki could devour them, but the perfect copy would obviously never let them have their way.

She hastily condensed dozens of rings to bind all of the golden armored puppets with her [Energy Manipulation]!

She even incorporated the array engraving knowledge when she created those rings.

This time, the [Sturdy] rune, [Energy Sealing] rune, and [Immobilize] rune formed one complete array to create those rings.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were clearly not that proficient yet in that field since they were only learning and practicing it for a few days thus the array failed to engrave on those rings.


The golden armored puppets forcefully broke free from the binding of those rings, but unfortunately for them, it was a bit too late since Little Loki already moved closer toward them while using its [Heaven's Devour]!

Just like a vacuum cleaner sucking all the dust, Little Loki managed to swallow all of the golden armored puppets in only a few breaths of time thanks to the perfect copy's assist.

Little Loki lazily sat on the floor and licked its lips again in satisfaction.

It secretly thought that the taste of those golden armored puppets was a lot richer than beast cores, and the energy contained inside them was also much more filling than beast cores.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy sighed in relief after they managed to defeat all of the golden armored puppets.

The strength of those golden armored puppets was actually far from weak, but their biggest reliance was their battle formation.

Little Loki's [Instant Teleportation] which allowed it to appear anywhere nearby in an instant was clearly the nemesis of almost all battle formation.

Once Little Loki appeared in the center or the rear of the battle formation and used its [Heaven's Devour] to sweep all nearby enemies cleanly, any battle formation would definitely be doomed to fall apart sooner or later.

Just like Meng Yue had said before: 'Space is the king of all elementals, but Time is supreme among all'.

It was not wrong at all.

Even Little Loki's [Instant Teleportation] which was the simplest application of Space elemental displacement could give great headache to most of its foes.

"Let's go, Little Kitten~! We have to explore this place first to see if the precious treasures with star energies are really stored here." The perfect copy said nonchalantly to Little Loki.

Who knew that Little Loki suddenly used its [Instant Teleportation] to suddenly appear right above the perfect copy's head and slapped her head with its paw while angrily meowing: "Nyaaaw Meeww~! (Don't call me Little Kitten~!)

"Ouch~! You Little Kitten, how dare you slap my head?!" The perfect copy angrily shouted as she waved her hands to catch Little Loki.

But Little Loki had used its [Instant Teleportation] again to keep its distance from the perfect copy and quickly ran away from her.


When the perfect copy and Little Loki were deepening their relationship by playing hide and seek, Tang Li Xue and Yaya finally reached the location of the treasure on the first floor.

Tang Li Xue swiped her black [Sword of Disaster] downward as dozens of dried corpses she cut with her [Sword of Disaster] littered on the ground.

Tang Li Xue took a few more steps forward and stood in front of the wooden door with Yaya sitting leisurely on her left shoulder like always.

She read the signboard above the wooden door while frowning deeply: "Garden of Eternal Harmony? This also does not seem to be the place to store the treasures..."

"Sigh... So, the place to store treasures is on the second floor? Let's quickly check this place for a moment. Who knew that the treasures with star energies are really stored here." Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment, but she still held a little bit of hope as she pushed open the wooden door.

When she stepped into the room behind the wooden door, she actually entered a gorgeous room filled with beautiful and luxurious decorations.

With one glance, Tang Li Xue could easily guess that the one who lived in this gorgeous room should hold a very important position in this Medicine Garden Palace.

Tang Li Xue's expectation to find precious treasures with star energies in this room arose once again.

However, just when Tang Li Xue looked around the gorgeous room carefully with Yaya, she immediately saw a beautiful lady wearing a fancy red dress sitting cross-legged on the jade bed.

Somehow, Tang Li Xue's heart was throbbing violently when she saw the figure of this beautiful lady as she suddenly had a really bad hunch about this one.

"Is she still alive?! No way, right?" Tang Li Xue muttered in a doubtful tone.

But the beautiful lady wearing a fancy red dress suddenly opened her eyes as if she were glaring at Tang Li Xue!

The eyes of this beautiful lady were actually hollow, but it only made her even look more scary!

"Holy cow~!" Tang Li Xue jumped back in shock, and even Yaya hastily hugged Tang Li Xue's neck in fright.


The beautiful lady in a fancy red dress let out an earth-

shattering scream all of a sudden as a terrifyingly powerful aura burst from her body!

Even Tang Li Xue and Yaya held their heads as they instantly felt unbearable headaches and dizziness because of the beautiful lady's earth-shattering scream!

Tang Li Xue and Yaya even felt as if their souls were almost flying out from their bodies because of it.

The beautiful lady swiftly flashed forward toward Tang Li Xue and forcefully grabbed Tang Li Xue's neck!

The unprepared Tang Li Xue felt very suffocated, and the beautiful lady's powerful grip on her neck became tighter and tighter!

Surprisingly, the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress was a Nascent Soul Stage Expert!

Moreover, it was an ordinary low-level Nascent Soul Stage Expert, but she was already at the great perfection of Nascent Soul Stage and only one step away from the next cultivation realm!



[(Sun And Moon Aegis) resisted a deadly blow for you! (2/3)]

Tang Li Xue's neck was almost crushed by the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress, and she even planned to tear off Tang Li Xue's head from her neck!

Tang Li Xue hastily bit her tongue in order to force herself to wake up from the unbearable headaches and dizziness.


[(Sun And Moon Aegis) resisted a deadly blow for you! (1/3)]

In only one breath of time, the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress could already killed Tang Li Xue twice if not for her [Sun And Moon Aegis]'s deadly blow protections!

Yaya planned to attack the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress in anger, but Tang Li Xue that already become sober hastily put Yaya into her System's pet space and activated her [Swap] skill to exchange location with her perfect copy!

Before the beautiful lady in the fancy red dress could kill her perfect copy too, Tang Li Xue quickly used her [Twin Moons] divine ability to re-summon her perfect copy to her side.

"Damn it~! What the hell is that monstrous thing?! Is that also a corpse or a genuine living person?!" The perfect copy muttered in a lingering fear.

"Cough, cough, cough..." Tang Li Xue was still panting and coughing heavily while sitting weakly on the floor because she was strangled so tightly by that beautiful lady in the fancy red dress just now.

Little Loki stopped running around playfully and approached Tang Li Xue with a worried expression.

Tang Li Xue took a water bag and drank a few gulps to calm down herself.

She also patted Little Loki's tiny furry head gently while saying to comfort it: "Thank you, Little Loki, but I am fine."

Tang Li Xue also released Yaya again from her System's pet space and checked Yaya's condition worriedly.

She only sighed in relief after making sure that Yaya was all right.

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