Reincarnated as an Energy with a System-Chapter 1377 Adrian Orstar

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Chapter 1377 Adrian Orstar

Tim opened the door after a few knocks and was surprised to see Ning at the front door.

"Sir Ning!" he said in surprise. "Where have you been?"

"In the library, searching for something," Ning said. "Can I come in?"

"Ah yes, sure," Tim moved aside and let Ning walk in.

Ning walked past the small hallway with naked brick walls, arriving in a living room with an old, brown sofa in the middle with a small table at the center. A soft yellow filament bulb hung bright from the ceiling and a man sat below it, reading a newspaper.

There seemed to be no windows of any sort in the room which was covered with large shelves filled with books on all sides.

The man reading the newspaper looked up from it and gave a somewhat confused look.

"Father!" Tim spoke excitedly. "This is sir Ning, the man that healed you." freewebnov

"Ah!" the man closed his newspaper and quickly stood up. He walked up to Ning and shook his hands. "So you are sir Ning. Thank you so much for saving my life. I do not know what it was that happened to me, but even my doctors were unable to tell."

"That's alright," Ning said. "I only did what could."

"Thank you so very much," the man said again and gave a bright smile toward Ning. "Still, to think you would be so young. Because my son kept calling you sir, I expected to meet someone older."

"I'm indeed older than I look," Ning said. "How have you been after the hospital? Any issues?"

"None!" the man said. "I do not know what you used, but I'm as healthy as a young man they say. Ah, I'm Adrian by the way. May I get your full name?"

"Ning Ruogong," Ning answered.

"Ning… I do not think I can tell the country of origin for this name. What country are you from?" the man asked.

"I would rather not say, forgive me," Ning said.

"Oh no, no," the man said. "There is nothing to forgive." The man slapped himself. "What am I doing? Please sit. I can't keep you standing. Tim, go make us a cup of tea. The one on the top shelf, the expensive one." freeweb

"Yes, father," Tim said. "Sugar?"

"Sure," Ning said. "Make it sweet," Adrian said and turned toward Ning. "Sir Ning, I hear you healed me with a Zurin treasure. May I ask what it is?"

"That… will have to be a secret as well," Ning said. "Forgive me. If you are looking for answers of any kind, I will not be able to help you much."

"Oh," the man failed to hide a disappointed face. "That's alright. It's just some interest of an old history teacher, you do not need to worry about me. I like learning about the past, especially anything related to the Zurin treasures."

"Is that so?" Ning said. "Have you documented the one that your son has now?"

"Yes, the Horn of Domination. I hear you were the one to give it to him too. Thank you," the man said.

"I simply didn't need it is all," Ning said. "Say, since you know so much about history, I have a very weird question to ask."

"A weird question? If it is regarding history, then I will help however I can," the man said.

"Are you a believer of the God Zurinus?" Ning asked.

"Believer? Who isn't?" the man asked, almost laughing at the fact that Ning even dared question it. "Don't we have the Zurin monsters and the Zurin treasures as proof of his existence?"

"There is," Ning said, not bothering to correct him. "Imagine if God Zurinus wanted to play around a little, and wanted to become a human from time to time. Who in history would you say he was? Any influential figures, rich person, etc."

"God Zurinus as a human?"

"Yes, like an avatar of sorts," Ning clarified.

"Hmm, who would God Zurinus be…" the man rubbed his freshly shaven chin for a bit. "He could have been Roarsax the Conqueror, the man who used the Zurin treasure Spear of Divinity to carve his way through many wars to form the Empire of Zandria, the name that is now colloquially used for our planet."

"He killed people, didn't he?" Ning asked. "What about someone who didn't kill people?" "Honestly, there are way too many names to tell you simply. Most would have to be kings and queens, or philosophers whose names have lasted throughout the generations."

"There's King Harson the First, Queen Aleandra on Jyorongard, Bavel, Demardron, Brillword the Smart, the master artist Temmory Black, and many more."

Adrian continued through a few names and Tim arrived with the tea. He caught the tail end of the conversation, curious about their conversation.

Ning took the tea and started sipping it. As he did, he spoke. "I will be honest. There is a reason why I have come to your house today," he said. "I heard from the University that you were suspended."

Tim gave a look of shame. "Is that where you found out where I lived?" he asked.

Ning nodded.

"Yes, I was suspended," he said.

"For stealing a Zurin treasure?" Ning asked.

"That pendant I wore on the ship that helped me see things, that was a Zurin treasure that belongs to the University. It is put in a showcase most of the time. I stole it from there and ran off to Captain Dorian's ship because I needed to go find a treasure to heal my father."

"Did you tell the University that?" Ning asked.

"I did, that was why I was suspended instead of being sent to prison," Tim said.

"Well, that might be good luck on your part," Ning said. "I have a proposition for you, Tim."

Tim looked at Ning in surprise. "What sort of proposition?" he asked.

"Within the next two days, I will be heading toward the Country of Airan, and thereafter to many other places. Would you mind coming on the journey with me?"

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