Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son-Chapter 552: Attack

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6 figures gathered around a round table. They were the rulers of the six main cities and the territory under it.

Seated on the seat of honor was the ruler of Ber: Muzen Mode.

"My lord, the Kingdom of Withokere is planning to attack us. It's so obvious," Ehlem Puma said as his Grand Bow made rattling noises on his back.

"I agree." Kasha put her slender hand on the table. Her beautiful complexion did not disappear despite it was filled with anger. "We should attack before they attack."

A small blade appeared in front of her and then it multiplied dozens of times, circling around her with sharp aura.

A dark-purple energy then appeared around the blades and then consumed it.

From the shadow, Tanvul Slateorb walked out with dark-purple body armor covering him and a demon-like mask on his face. "You are in front of the Lord, Kasha Behla. Show your manners," He said.

Kasha clicked her tongue. "Shural you agree with me right?"

A woman with a long staff was leaning on the table. She had a thick mascara on her eyes, slightly trailing down to her cheeks. She wore a robe with a large collar that went higher than her own head. The robe also failed to hide her curvy figure which was only covered by a piece of cloth to cover her breast. Below, she wore a short skirt that end above the knee.

Shural smiled and hugged her long staff. "I am always on your side, Kasha."

"See. Even Shural is on my side."

Ehlem shook his head. "Shural is always on your side, but that isn't the point. You need to stop your childish act in front of the lord. Shen, are you not going to say something?"

A man stepped forward. He wore a metallic mask with a pair of glowing holes as eyes. He wore some sort of traditional baggy clothes with some part of his body covered by metal armor.

He also had a particularly long blade tightly stuck on his back. "I will agree with whatever the Lord has to say."

Ehlem sighed. "So, what will it be, my lord?"

Muzen Mode didn't mind their attitude. "There is a high chance Withokere will send Adamantite Ranks to attack us. You six will not stand a chance if that moment appear."

"Will the Guardians helped us?"

"The Guardians will help if any Adamantite Ranks appeared. Even though we are much smaller than them, our numbers of Adamantite Rank should not be that far from them. Therefore, you can fight with ease."

The six of them nodded.

"So are we allowed to attack first?" Kasha asked, still wanting to bring the battle to the enemy.

"No. We are at an advantage when we defend our position. We know the landscape, and we are near the supply chain. The enemies traveled far and beyond before they arrive here. They will get tired. Now, all of you return to your territory and prepare yourself for an attack."

"Yes, my Lord."

They all glowed brightly before vanishing out of the room.

"There are six rulers that I need to defeat?"

"Yes, Master," Corduul replied. "Although there are many high Diamond Ranks within Ber, there are six that might be hard for you to defeat."

"Why are you so sure?"

"These six individuals are one step away from reaching Adamantite Ranks. They are far stronger than the average high Diamond Ranks. According to our calculation, it's possible that they can fight ten high Diamond Ranks alone and win."

"Wow… that's very interesting. Can the robots kill them?"

"It will cost tremendous resources to eliminate them."

Aldred sighed. "I haven't even reach high Diamond Rank yet. I wonder if I can defeat them?"

"It might be possible with your legendary skill, master."

"That thing is not that easy to use. Every time, I use it, my soul shakes and trembled. I still need to learn it properly."

"In that case, we must throw this plan away. The air force and the ground force will work together to defeat them once they appear."

"Nope. I will still help. I am just a clone anyway. It's okay if I die. Besides, I want to see if I can defeat someone that is about to reach Adamantite Rank."

Aldred looked at Corduul. "What city will we attack first?"


A week later. Within Ber's territory.

Aldred stood atop a hill. "So this is the first city I will attack. The city of Nordence."

The city of Nordence was average in this continent, but for Aldred it was still a gigantic metropolitan. If this city was placed in the Ceraisian Empire, it would be one of the most biggest city in the entire Empire.

Corduul had sent numerous micro drones to scan the city, and had a deep understanding of its forces and defenses.

"Corduul," Aldred called. "Begin the attack."

"Yes, Master."

The archers standing above the city gate was looking around, keeping their eyes peeled as if they were expecting an attack.

Suddenly, they saw a bunch of black dots in the distance. Quickly, they sounded the alarm.

"An attack! Everyone get ready!"

Thousands of soldiers sprinted on the wall, grabbing their magic bows. Giant crossbows were pushed and apparently the civilians buildings nearby were modified to become a tower with ballista and archers.

Seeing over ten thousands weird metallic human rushing towards the city at a high-speed made the guards nervous.

"Destroy that gate!" At Aldred's orders, five Light Weight Air Fighter came out behind a mountain and rushed towards the gate.

Light Weight Air Fighter Pulsar, LWAF Pulsar for short, was Corduul's new invention. They were fighter air-craft with V shape built. Designed for speed and agility, they were perfect for distracting the enemies below.

"Attack those flying objects!"

The archers released thousands of arrows into the sky, but the Pulsar had an amazing sensors and thin design of which it could move and spin its body to dodge all the projectiles.

After they dove down for a few minutes, all of them fired a hot laser beam towards the gate at once.

BOOM! Following an earth-shaking explosion, the steel gate was completely blown apart.