Reincarnated With The Strongest System-Chapter 1473 After Story 11 - If Fate Wills It, Let Us Meet Again

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Chapter 1473 After Story 11 - If Fate Wills It, Let Us Meet Again

"B-Be gentle, okay?" Rebecca said with a flushed face as William gently laid her down on the bed.

"I will," William replied before kissing her lips.

Among the ladies who had become William's wife in his current lifetime, Rebecca was the very first one he had met after he reincarnated.

He wasn't even a year old when James decided to play matchmaker and arranged a wife for him when he grew up.

Their first meeting was similar to the novels that William had read back on Earth, with his fiance visiting him to break their engagement because his and her standings were worlds apart.

The Half-Elf could still remember that scene as if it had just happened yesterday.

Rebecca was quite an adorable girl back then, and William even thought that being engaged to her wasn't a loss on his part.

Unfortunately, she thought that it was a loss on her part, so after her Master, Lady Eleanor, intervened to break their engagement, the Half-Elf decided that the drama wasn't worth it and agreed to it.

However, Rebecca's father, the Old Fox, Lawrence, didn't want their relationship to end, so he tried to save it by letting William and Rebecca meet after seven years at the peak of the Misty Sect, where they would once again face each other, and the winner got to decide how their relationship was going to end.

William won that battle, and he set Rebecca free to love whoever she wanted to love.

Many years had passed since then, and this time, Fate was the one that played matchmaker, tying the knot between them after the two slowly built their relationship from friends to lovers.

The Half-Elf's touch made Rebecca's body heat up. This was a very natural reaction, especially after seeing her other "sisters" make love to the handsome Half-Elf, who was now kissing her in a way she liked very much.

This wasn't the first time that Rebecca and William kissed.

They had kissed countless times already in the years after the War of Destruction ended.

William's hands lightly kneaded Rebecca's modest chest, while his fingers played with the hardened tips that had long been aching for his touch.

After witnessing him make love with his wives, the proud genius of the Hellan Kingdom, no longer needed any foreplay because her most important place was already yearning to feel his fullness inside of her.

However, William didn't want to take her then and there.

He wanted to tease her for the sake of teasing her.

William shallowly inserted his finger inside of her entrance, and pulled it in and out, making Rebecca feel helpless. He also kissed her, sometimes gently, sometimes rough, and even ordered her to stick out her tongue, so he could suck on it, making Rebecca almost lose her mind.

It didn't end there, William then began to kiss her neck, leaving kiss marks behind. He continued to leave his mark downwards, and playfully left a circle of red marks around her tender breasts, making Rebecca gasp each time the Half-Elf left his mark on her body.

The Half-Elf didn't relent and left a trail of kiss marks going down her belly button, which continued to her lower abdomen.

Rebecca thought that William would stop once his kisses reached the entrance of her... but to her surprise, the Half-Elf purposely avoided that place, and continued to leave kiss marks on her thighs, her legs, down to the soles of her feet.

Clearly, William planned to mark every part of her body, making sure that Rebecca understood that she now belonged to him.

This continued for several minutes until Rebecca finally had enough and pinched the Half-Elf's waist, making the latter chuckle.

"Stop... hah... bullying me," Rebecca said hoarsely because she truly was on the verge of pinning down the Half-Elf on the bed in order to take the initiative to give her own chastity, just as Aeilin had done earlier.

Seeing that Rebecca had truly reached her limit, he finally relented and parted her legs to look at the pink, and beautiful flower, whose petals were very wet with lust and anticipation.

After rubbing the tip of his manhood at her entrance for a few seconds, William plunged it deep inside of her, catching Rebecca by surprise.

She had expected it to be very painful, but her deflowering was quite smooth, and the pain she felt was very minimal.

It just proved that William's method of preparing her for their union worked perfectly, making her earlier worries melt away as the Half-Elf moved his hips, and leaving her feeling good with every thrust he made.

Soon, Rebecca's moans that were tinged with bliss spread inside the room.

To the Half-Elf's surprise, Rebecca had a very sensitive body, which multiplied the pleasure she was feeling from his love making.

Slowly, but surely, the entrance of her womb slowly descended as it prepared to accept William's seed.

The Half-Elf could tell that Rebecca was ovulating right now, and her chances of becoming pregnant were very high.

Knowing this, William's desire to make her conceive made his movements a little rougher, which made the moans of his beautiful wife louder.

With one final thrust, the Half-Elf pushed the tip of his shaft against the entrance of her womb and released his seed with such force that it made Rebecca think that her insides were burning.

She was well aware that it wasn't her safe day, and her body was ready to conceive, so she wrapped her legs around William's waist, and pulled him closer to her, preventing any of his essence from spilling out.

Several minutes later, Rebecca lost the strength in her legs, at the same time the Half-Elf finished his release.

William panted as he rested his body over Rebecca's, and the latter welcomed his weight, wrapping her arms around his body.

The two of them stayed connected, as their wildly beating hearts started to synchronize with each other.

"You might have gotten me pregnant."

Those were the first words that Rebecca said after she regained her composure.

"I sure hope so," William replied as he pressed his forehead over hers. "I want you to give birth to my children. I'm sure that they will be born as beautiful as you if they were a girl."

"And if it is a boy?" Rebecca asked.

"Then they will become as handsome as me."


Rebecca giggled after hearing William's words, but she couldn't refute them.

Ciel might be young, but she could already tell that he would grow up to be a handsome boy, which also made her look forward to the child that she would give birth to.

She didn't really care if it was a boy or a girl. Regardless of their gender, she will love them with all of her heart.

Perhaps, due to their talks about pregnancy, William's member, which was still inside Rebecca, slowly regained its vigor.

The Half-Elf and the brown-haired beauty stared at each other for a few seconds before once again pressing their lips together.

The night was still young, and William, and his wives, decided to make love over and over again, until they could no longer move their bodies.


A year later...

William stood on a mountain overlooking the Ainsworth Empire.

All of his wives had either given birth to his children, or were currently pregnant with his child.

One could say that he was the idol of every man in the world, and some of them wished that they could be as peerless as him.

The Half-Elf then summoned his wooden staff and looked at it with nostalgia.

The staff had been with him before he had reincarnated, and had followed him to the end of his journey.

Suddenly, four beings appeared behind him.

The Half-Elf didn't even need to turn around to know who they were because he could identify them even with his eyes closed.

"Are you sure of this?" David asked as he stood beside the Half-Elf who was looking at the wooden staff in his hand.

"Yes." William nodded. "The gift I got from you has served its purpose. It is now time to pass it on to those who are worthy to receive it."

David smiled because he didn't think that the Half-Elf had this side of him. Although it was a gift that he had given to William in the past, it belonged to him and he was free to do whatever he wanted to do with it.

"This is what you call leaving a legacy behind, right?" Gavin asked as he also stood beside William, looking at the Empire that was continuing to prosper.

The Half-Elf smiled and nodded his head.

"Well, the staff doesn't make the person," Lily said as she squeezed between William and David and hugged the Half-Elf's waist. "It is the person that makes the staff."

"Only those who can bring out its true form can wield its power. But, even then, they still need to have the resolve to use it well," Issei commented. "I look forward to the next person that will be able to wield your legacy."

William caressed the wooden staff whose true form he had only seen twice in his lifetime.

Each time the Sword of the Strange Hangings revealed itself, it gave him the power to overcome the foes that stood before him.

After giving his silent thanks to the Weapon that followed and protected him all those years, the Half-Elf pressed his lips over it, giving it a kiss of farewell.

The wooden staff then transformed into the plain looking sword that William had used against his battle with Lancelot and Surtr.

In its current form, no one would know how much power it possessed because of how plain it was.

William then used the sharp blade to lightly wound his palm in order to draw blood. He then wiped his blood over the surface of the blade, making it glow brightly.

"To whoever holds this weapon, if he is worthy, let him possess the power to overcome the obstacles in his way," William said softly. "If his heart is true, and fights for the weak and helpless, make sure to be there to light his way."

The sword gave a faint hum, as if telling William that it acknowledged his words, and would see to it that it is done.

A second later, it transformed back to a wooden staff and lightly hovered in front of the Half-Elf whom it had served since he had been born in the world of Hestia.

"Farewell, old friend," William said as he caressed the wooden staff one last time. "If Fate wills it, let us meet again."

The wooden staff then playfully bumped William's forehead with its handle before slowly rising towards the sky.

"And meet, we shall. I also look forward to the day when we reunite, Will. Until then, please, be happy."

After saying its partingwords, the wooden staff transformed into a beam of light and shot towards the heavens.

Particles of light, similar to snowflakes, fell upon the Ainsworth Empire, blessing them with its wishes for the future.

The Sword of the Strange Hangings then traveled through Space and Time, looking for the Fated person who would be worthy enough to wield its power for the sake of everything he held sacred in his life.

A single tear escaped William's eyes, as he looked at the completion of his Fairy Tale.

It had been one heck of a journey, but he knew that the happiness he was feeling right now...

Was only the beginning of a brand new story, which would be written in the pages of history, in a world where Love and Adventure roamed wild and free.