Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (WN)-Chapter 3070 - They Didn’t Give up

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3070 They Didn’t Give up

Watching the collapsed stock prices, he was still anxious even though Leng Xiaoyao said it was fine.

After a few days of recovery, Leng Yecheng was much better and could soon leave the hospital.

Leng Yecheng couldn’t wait to leave, because he had been gone from the company for a few days now, so he was worried.

There were people he trusted in the company and they were reliable. Whenever there was any news, they would report it to him. However, he couldn’t be at ease when he was absent.

Therefore, when Leng Xiaoyao came to see him, Leng Yecheng asked her whether he could leave the hospital now.

“What did the doctor say after checking on you?” Leng Xiaoyao asked. She thought Leng Yecheng had almost made a full recovery, but they still needed to listen to the doctor’s advice.

“The doctor said I’m fine now, but he advised that I stay in the hospital for one or two more days for observation. I badly want to go back to the company, so I’m afraid the hospital simply wants to get more money from me by asking me to stay here for longer,” Leng Yecheng said. He was willing to pay for his health, but it was unnecessary.

“Since you’re fine now, we can leave today,” Leng Xiaoyao said. Like Leng Yecheng said, the hospital simply wanted to make more money from him.

There were unpleasant things in hospitals too after all.

Leng Yecheng trusted Leng Xiaoyao a lot now, so he agreed to leave the hospital now no matter what the doctor said.

After that, Leng Xiaoyao went to see Chen Yuxi. Chen Yuxi had also almost made a full recovery and could leave the hospital as well, but the doctor advised that he stay for one or two more days too. Therefore, Leng Xiaoyao asked for his opinion.

Chen Yuxi had stayed in the hospital for long enough, and couldn’t wait to leave. Most importantly, he felt much better now and he could walk on his own. He only felt a little pain after walking for a long while.

However, it was unnecessary for them to stay in the hospital for any longer. They could directly go home.

Now Chen Yuxi heard that Leng Yecheng was going to leave the hospital, so he would leave too.

Afterwards, Leng Xiaoyao went to go through the discharge formalities.

She only asked for leave in the morning, but she was too busy to go back to school right now. Therefore, she called her head teacher and said that she would be absent for a while longer.

Their head teacher agreed without hesitation. After all, Leng Xiaoyao didn’t go out for fun, she went to deal with something serious.

On their way back, Chen Yuxi’s family came to pick him up. Leng Yecheng told him to go back to work after he was totally fine.

Leng Yecheng didn’t want to go back to the Leng family’s mansion, so he went to the company with Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Xiaoyao understood that Leng Yecheng was worried about the business, so she took him to Fengshang Design.

Unfortunately, as soon as Leng Xiaoyao and Leng Yecheng arrived at the parking lot of Fengshang Design, the deputy general manager called Leng Yecheng and told him that the computers in their company were all infected by a virus and they couldn’t solve the problem.

Hearing that, Leng Yecheng was anxious. He didn’t remember that Leng Xiaoyao was good at IT until Leng Xiaoyao spoke.

“Uncle, don’t worry. I can help,” Leng Xiaoyao said. She was also mad that someone deliberately attacked them.

After it happened, Leng Xiaoyao, as the boss of Xiaoyao Technology, decided to make a deal with Fengshang Design in regards with its security. She wouldn’t charge them, because she only wanted the good reputation.

Hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, Leng Yecheng calmed down and instantly felt relieved. “Oh, I almost forgot.”

“Uncle, why don’t you let me be in charge of the security for Fengshang Design?” Leng Xiaoyao asked.

“Sure, I believe you can do it well,” Leng Yecheng agreed.

Because Fengshang Design wasn’t large, Leng Yecheng had no idea that their system would be attacked. Therefore, he hadn’t gone to any technology companies for their services.

After getting out of the car, Leng Xiaoyao immediately carried Leng Yecheng to the wheelchair. Then she pushed him to the elevator to Fengshang Design.

Currently, the staff was in complete chaos, because their files might all be lost after their computers were infected by a virus. If that was the case, they would suffer a great loss.

Once Leng Xiaoyao and Leng Yecheng arrived at the company, they went to Leng Yecheng’s office. Leng Xiaoyao turned on his computer and told the others not to touch theirs.

Without delay, Leng Xiaoyao began to work on the computer.

At the beginning, everyone doubted Leng Xiaoyao’s abilities. Could she really solve the problem?

However, since Leng Yecheng let Leng Xiaoyao do it, they didn’t dare to say anything.

In Leng Yecheng’s office.

Only Leng Yecheng, the deputy general manager and a technician were there.

Leng Yecheng and the deputy general manager barely knew IT, but Leng Yecheng trusted Leng Xiaoyao, so he had no doubt.

On the other hand, the technician was a professional. Although he wasn’t very skilled, he could see that Leng Xiaoyao was a master the moment he saw her working on it.

Within two minutes, Leng Xiaoyao had successfully gotten rid of the virus. Fengshang Design’s system wasn’t damaged. Leng Xiaoyao also traced them down and found out that it was Yunqian.

“It’s Yunqian,” Leng Xiaoyao said in displeasure.

“What? Yunqian? They haven’t given up yet?”

Hearing that, Leng Yecheng and the deputy general manager were surprised and angry.

“Very well! I decided to let them go, but they won’t stop attacking us. We must teach them a lesson this time,” Leng Xiaoyao said coldly, then started damaging their system.

Leng Yecheng didn’t stop her, because he also wanted to teach Yunqian a lesson.

Before long, Yunqian’s system was useless and many important files were lost. It was impossible for them to get the files back.

Very quickly Yunqian was left in horror.

They couldn’t believe that there was such a skilled hacker in Fengshang Design. Shortly after they hacked into Fengshang Design, they were caught and their system was damaged. They lost so many important files and couldn’t get them back.

At that moment, they really regretted attacking Fengshang Design, but it was too late.

After Zhang Guanglin was caught, they shouldn’t have had any ideas of messing with Fengshang Design, but they were reluctant to accept the result and attacked Fengshang Design once more. This time, they suffered an even greater loss.