Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3493 - - Surpassing the Apex

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Chapter 3493 - Chapter 567 - Surpassing the Apex

Chapter 567 – Surpassing the Apex

Greater World, Star Lake City:

After Shi Feng concluded his discussions with Xia Qingying, he traveled by plane to Star Lake City with Silk Radish and Jade River. When they arrived outside the Zero Wing Training Center, the two girls couldn’t help but be shocked by the long line of people waiting outside the entrance.


At this time, the geniuses and paragons that the Green God Corporation had painstakingly nurtured in Silver Frost City were gathered outside the Zero Wing Training Center, each waiting for their turn to take Zero Wing’s recruitment test. Even Pace Angel and Clay Blade, who were tasked with managing the training center, were dumbfounded by this situation.


Many of these geniuses and paragons were either members of the Silver Frost Legion or those looking to join the Silver Frost Legion previously. So, the average talent and strength of these individuals were significantly greater than the Star Lake Legion’s members.

Moreover, one of the Silver Frost Legion’s vice commanders was even among these people!

This was the vice commander of a second-tier city legion they were talking about!

Normally, if such a big shot were to join a third-tier city, the city would give them the position of reserve commander without hesitation. Yet, such an individual had come to join Zero Wing.

This situation shocked not only Pace Angel and Clay Blade but also the Star Lake Legion’s members and the various powers secretly observing Zero Wing.

Fire Dance! Isn’t she the Silver Frost Legion’s Fifth Vice Commander? Purple Jade had difficulties keeping her mouth closed when she saw a familiar figure waiting in line outside the Zero Wing Training Center. Why is she here in Star Lake City?

When the Green God Corporation had previously decided to select a group of experts to enter the Greater World ahead of time, it had gone out of its way to ask Fire Dance, who was serving as a vice commander in Silver Frost City’s city legion, to make a trip back to their homeworld. The corporation had done so to let the chosen candidates, Purple Jade included, know the gap in strength between their homeworld’s experts and the Greater World’s experts.

Although Fire Dance was only a Tier 5 Assassin at the time, when the chosen candidates fought her in simulation warfare, none managed to last more than three moves against her.


Even though all of the chosen candidates were Tier 6 God-ranked experts, none managed to last more than three moves against Fire Dance. Their performance at the time was nothing but a joke, and their perception of the Greater World’s experts was completely refreshed.

Although they had already entered the Greater World and joined the Star Lake City for some time, they still didn’t think they could last more than three moves against Fire Dance.

Yet, now, such a monster had come to join Zero Wing?

Meanwhile, standing next to the Secret Pavilion’s Purple Jade, the Witch of the West Alice, who was good friends with Purple Jade, was also in shock. However, her shock stemmed from a different reason. Or, more specifically, a different person.

The person in question was a beautiful woman without a mighty aura. Instead, her appearance radiated intelligence and elegance, and it was obvious she wasn’t an expert player at first glance. Even so, Alice couldn’t help but rub her eyes when she saw this woman.

Great Grandmaster Alchemist Silent Wonder! Why is she joining Zero Wing as well? Confusion colored Alice’s golden eyes when she saw Silent Wonder waiting in line outside the Zero Wing Training Center. Didn’t that guy only leave for a short while? What in the world did he do?

When Silent Wonder was still only a Grandmaster Alchemist, the Five Great Super Guilds had already frantically tried to recruit her. Ultimately, though, Silent Wonder joined the Green God Corporation after the latter extended an olive branch to her. Now that Silent Wonder had already become a Great Grandmaster Alchemist, she could be regarded as a prominent figure even in the Greater God’s Domain, and the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers would be more than willing to extend an olive branch to her. All Silent Wonder needed to do was take her pick.

Yet, rather than join an upper-ranking hegemonic power, Silent Wonder was now joining Zero Wing…

“Is it really fine for us to join Zero Wing, Big Brother Shi Feng?” Silk Radish worriedly asked Shi Feng when she saw the people waiting to enter the Zero Wing Training Center.

Beside Silk Radish, Jade River also couldn’t help but grow anxious.

Originally, they had been thrilled that they could finally stay in a third-tier city in the Greater World. Although they had relied on connections to achieve it, they were confident they wouldn’t lose to a third-tier city’s geniuses by much.

However, after seeing the people waiting in line, they could no longer maintain their composure.

Currently, neither of them was even a one-star mental strength master. In contrast, every person queued up outside the Zero Wing Training Center was a three-star master, with some even being one-star grandmasters. In addition, many of the Lifestyle players waiting in line were at the Grandmaster standard, a stark contrast to the two of them, who were only at the Basic Master standard.

If they were to join Zero Wing in their current state, could they even survive the competition?

“Don’t worry. You two should be fine,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the two anxious girls.

Silk Radish’s potential need not be mentioned. During Shi Feng’s previous life, everybody knew about her. As for Jade River, while she wasn’t as talented as Silk Radish, she was still one of the few people who became both a Great Grandmaster Magician and a Great Grandmaster Forger.

The Nine Refinements Witch!

Because Shi Feng was busy dealing with Demon’s Gate’s relentless attempt to hunt him down during his previous life, he didn’t have much energy to spare on recruiting the talents of his homeworld. This led to many of his homeworld’s geniuses and paragons joining other powers.

Now, though, as if fate was playing a trick on him, not only were his old comrades looking to join the current Zero Wing, but even the geniuses and paragons he had missed out on were also joining Zero Wing.

Combined with the Book of Eternity he had obtained in this life, he was confident he could put up a good fight against Demon’s Gate in the future.

However, following the addition of these players to Zero Wing, Shi Feng also couldn’t help but grow worried.

The Zero Wing in his previous life had entered the Greater World with his entire homeworld’s support. As a result, the Guild established itself in the Greater God’s Domain early on and occupied many resource nodes.

In contrast, the current Zero Wing had entered the Greater World with virtually nothing to its name. The Guild didn’t even have enough Star Coins to purchase Life Potions, let alone Stardew, which was vital in the rapid development of mental strength and body cells.

While the geniuses and paragons currently looking to join Zero Wing possessed astonishing talent, they still needed sufficient resources to exhibit their strength and potential properly. Otherwise, their growth and future would become stifled.

Four thousand Gold! I must gather 4,000 Gold in three days! When Shi Feng looked at the long line outside the Zero Wing Training Center, a hint of resolve appeared in his eyes.

Money and resources were vital for developing any Guild in the Greater World. If he could secure the Star Coins and ten drops of Stardew Xia Qingying had promised him, he could elevate Zero Wing to the next level within a short period.

Subsequently, Shi Feng took Silk Radish and Jade River to tour the Zero Wing Training Center.

Although the Zero Wing Training Center was only a third-tier city’s training center, it was a large training center with five advanced combat simulation rooms and fifteen special living quarters. Even in a second-tier mobile city, these facilities could only be accessed after waiting for a long time and spending a significant amount of city contribution points.

Normally, members of second-tier city legions and core members of powers based in second-tier cities could only use these facilities two or three times a month. After all, even second-tier cities had limited advanced combat simulation rooms and special living quarters.

Currently, Zero Wing didn’t have many members in Star Lake City, so five advanced combat simulation rooms and fifteen special living quarters would be enough to let Zero Wing’s members enjoy a usage rate similar to the city legion members of second-rate cities.

This privilege surprised even Fire Dance and Silent Wonder when they joined Zero Wing. They didn’t think that a Guild that had only entered the Greater World recently could rent a large training center in Star Lake City.

Time flew by, and three days passed in the blink of an eye.

During these three days, Shi Feng spent most of his time producing Basic Divine Pattern Designs in the Crystal City of Secrets, his efforts pushing him to Level 160. At the same time, he secretly had Zero Wing’s core female members attempt the Goddess Armament’s trials, hoping that one could conquer all twelve trials.

I made 4,585 Gold in three days. The income generated from the trading firm’s commissions is much higher than I initially expected. If I can successfully get my hands on the promised Stardew, I can try to challenge Tier 6. When Shi Feng looked at his own level, a hint of excitement welled up within him.

Although he still wasn’t 100% confident he could create a Legendary Divine Body, he had come up with many more ideas after learning the Law of Space. If he could activate his brain cells with the help of Stardew, he could give the challenge a try. If he succeeded, he could occupy a spot for Zero Wing in the World Mode Regional Dungeon Hundred Eyes Canyon, which would, in turn, allow Zero Wing to become one of the dominant powers in the Crystal City of Secrets.

When Shi Feng thought of making another Basic Divine Pattern Design, Xia Qingying messaged him a set of coordinates. The coordinates pointed to a location within the Crystal City, and she urged him to head to the location to conduct their transaction immediately.