Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3768 - 842 - Uproar in the Eternal Realm

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Chapter 3768 - 842 - Uproar in the Eternal Realm

“Is this a scam? How can a construction provide guidance at the sixth-floor standard?”

“It’s fake. Nowhere in the Greater God’s Domain can you find an opportunity to spar with sixth-floor experts. How can a construction achieve such a thing? Why would Zero Wing crazily advertise it like this if it’s real? Why not benefit from it in silence?”

“Indeed. So long as the various apex and royal powers aren’t stupid, they’ll do everything they can to snatch such an opportunity. Zero Wing would have to be run by idiots to let others know it has such a miraculous construction.”

“I agree! Not to mention, Zero Wing is charging only five Eternal Gold and 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal for the opportunity to spar with a sixth-floor expert! How can such a wonderful opportunity exist? This must be a scam!”

When news of the Tower of the Abyss spread across the various NPC Cities on the Eternal Continent, many players and powers were skeptical. Some even felt that this was an attempt by Zero Wing to trick Tier 6 experts into joining it. After all, since the Sun Dynasty, Sovereign Mark, and Demon’s Gate started to target it, Zero Wing had lost many of its members, and its strength waned with each passing day.

Shadowring Town, Volcano Rat High-Class Bar:

“Raven, what do you think of the news Zero Wing is spreading?” Azure Dragon asked when he overheard the conversation of the independent experts in the bar. Although he, too, found the news too good to be true, he couldn’t help but be tempted.

The price of five Eternal Gold and 2,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal was neither high nor low. This was roughly a week’s income for members of the Order of Twelve.

Take Verdant Rainbow’s commission that they accepted, for example. The commission allowed him and Frost Raven to make 10 Eternal Gold each in a week.

While losing a week’s income might affect their daily operations, it would definitely be money well spent if they could get an opportunity to fight a sixth-floor expert. After all, they had personally witnessed the might of a Mortal God during their trip to the Crucible of the Ancients.

Ink Crystal’s strength was deeply ingrained in their hearts. It was a sight they would never forget for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, they were only spectators at the time. They didn’t get the opportunity to fight Ink Crystal in person.

“I don’t know,” Frost Raven said, shaking her head as she looked out the window at the seven-story tower in the middle of the town. “But Guild Leader Black Flame himself released this information. It shouldn’t be false. After all, he is the runner-up of the most recent Continental Championship. He wouldn’t need to destroy his reputation just to earn some money and resources. Not to mention, he has close ties with the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Verdant Rainbow.

“Of course, I also find Guild Leader Black Flame’s actions strange. If what’s advertised is true, the various apex and royal powers will definitely try to snatch the Tower of the Abyss.”

“Screw it. Let’s go and try it,” Azure Dragon said, gritting his teeth. “If the information turns out to be true, we’ll profit. If it’s fake, we’ll take it as a learning opportunity and stop interacting with Zero Wing and Black Flame in the future.”

Others might regard the sixth-floor standard as a myth or legend, but Azure Dragon knew it wasn’t a legend. He had witnessed Ink Crystal in action, so he knew it was possible to reach the sixth-floor standard, and he yearned to do so. Now that an opportunity to spar with a sixth-floor expert was presented to him, there was no way he could pass it up, even if there was a chance it was fake.

“Let’s go right away, then,” Frost Raven responded, enticed by Azure Dragon’s words. “If it turns out to be true and we go there late, the opportunity might disappear.”

It went without saying that the opportunity to fight a sixth-floor expert would come at a great price. In Frost Raven’s opinion, even if Shi Feng was telling the truth, it was unlikely Zero Wing would share many opportunities with the public. If they missed these limited opportunities, they would regret it for the rest of their lives.

Many experts gathered outside the Tower of the Abyss after hearing about it. However, only a few Tier 6 experts actually decided to spend their hard-earned money and resources to test Shi Feng’s claims.

One minute… Two minutes… Three minutes…

As time passed uneventfully, many players outside the tower started to feel bored. However, that changed when the first player exited the tower with a manic expression, dashed to the Zero Wing recruiters nearby, and expressed his wish to join Zero Wing. Immediately, the spectating players lost their calm.

“It’s real! It’s actually real!” Frost Raven muttered in disbelief as she walked out of the Tower of the Abyss.

Although she did not get to fight a sixth-floor expert in the Tower of the Abyss, the list of opponents the tower had provided proved Shi Feng’s claims. Not to mention, the fifth-floor opponent she fought in the tower was even more terrifying than Garuda, the number one player of the Holy Race’s younger generation and a publicly acknowledged Half-step Mortal God. Most importantly, while fighting her fifth-floor opponent, she got an inkling of how to advance to the sixth-floor standard.

“Madness! Black Flame must be out of his mind! Why would he share such a thing with the public?! Is he not afraid the various apex and royal powers will snatch it?!” Azure Dragon stared at the Zero Wing recruiters nearby in confusion.

The Tower of the Abyss’s advertised effects were real. Azure Dragon could easily imagine many independent Tier 6 experts across the Eternal Realm would join Zero Wing once this information spread. However, even if many of these independent experts gathered, it was unlikely they could repulse the various apex and royal powers. After all, there was a significant difference between the combat and equipment standards of independent experts and of the various apex and royal powers’ experts.

Simply put, Zero Wing was destined to lose the Tower of the Abyss.

“Commander! We should inform the Great Commander about this! If we don’t act quickly, we might never get another chance to enter the Tower of the Abyss!” Frost Raven stated.

“Right! I’ll go offline immediately!” When Azure Dragon heard Frost Raven’s reminder, he promptly logged out of the game to report this shocking news to the Order of Twelve’s Great Commander.

At the same time, news about the validation of the Tower of the Abyss’s effects spread across the Eternal Realm, causing an uproar among the human race and the Holy Race. Many players and powers that initially adopted a wait-and-see stance began to flood Shadowring Town like crazy. They also began to do everything they could to amass Seven Luminaries Crystals, causing the market value of Seven Luminaries Crystals to increase by threefold in just half a day. Even then, demand exceeded supply.

In only a day, the Tower of the Abyss earned Shi Feng a net profit of 200 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. Additionally, so many Tier 6 experts joined Zero Wing that the Guild’s Tier 6 member count exceeded 30,000. Now, Zero Wing already had as many Tier 6 members as the various apex powers did in the Eternal Realm.

Shadowring Town, Zero Wing’s Residence:

As expected of the number one money-printing machine. Shi Feng couldn’t help but gasp in amazement as he looked at the 200 million units of Seven Luminaries Crystal that Hidden Soul had delivered to him.

If possible, he would have preferred to keep the Tower of the Abyss a secret. However, the discovery of a passage into the Eternal Realm left him with no other choice.

With how many Seven Luminaries Crystals I have now, I should be qualified to visit the Abyss Workshop, right? freeweb m

Shi Feng turned his attention to the Abyss Workshop Certification in his bag but couldn’t help hesitating a little.

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