Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3855 - 929 - Purgatory vs. Unseeing

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Chapter 929 – Purgatory vs. Unseeing

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She had also replaced her previous shield with a Divine Shield. (Purgatory Jade)


She had also replaced her previous shields with Divine Shields.

The ease with which Purgatory Jade nullified Unseeing Demon’s mental storm made the five Evil Nature members behind the one-eyed old man start to take her seriously. They also looked at her as if she were a monster.

As long-time party members of Unseeing Demon, they knew how powerful the old man’s mental combat technique was. Even experts with Tier 6 Limit Concentration would have trouble resisting his mental storm. Only the old monsters of the Holy Race could shrug it off.

Unseeing Demon’s mental combat technique, or more specifically, Mental Secret Technique Spiritual Blade, was equivalent to a Peak Gold Combat Technique. He was the only player in Evil Nature to have succeeded in learning it. This was because the innate Concentration of his Unique Class Holy Soul Fighter was 50% stronger than other classes. Even then, it had taken him years of research and practice to learn it.

Yet, a young human woman had managed to match Unseeing Demon’s mental attack. This was simply unbelievable.

“It seems you aren’t all talk after all.” Unseeing Demon smirked. “No wonder you dare to look down on me. With that move alone, you are indeed qualified for me to fight you seriously.”

As soon as Unseeing Demon finished speaking, he unleashed an incredibly dense Holy Aura that transformed him into a 100-meter-tall, six-armed, three-eyed giant. Now, he was akin to an awakened Primordial Holy Demon, his presence alone shattering the surrounding space and expelling the Eternal Realm’s World Power within a 1,000-yard radius.

When the five Evil Nature members saw this, they quickly retreated a thousand yards away lest they get swept up in Unseeing Demon’s battle.

“Spread out!”

Shi Feng also commanded Zero Wing’s members to retreat by 3,000 yards, leaving enough space for Purgatory Jade to fight Unseeing Demon. When experts of Purgatory Jade and Unseeing Demon’s caliber fought, only experts of a similar standard could intervene. The ripples of their battle could easily kill weaker experts.

Unseeing Demon did not pay any attention to the withdrawal of Zero Wing’s forces. His full attention was on Purgatory Jade and the two shields she wielded. He had long regarded Shi Feng and the other Zero Wing members as walking corpses. Once he dealt with Purgatory Jade, he could retrieve the tokens in the hands of Zero Wing’s other members whenever he wanted.

After sensing that Shi Feng and the others had distanced themselves from her, Purgatory Jade launched herself off the ground and instantly appeared above Unseeing Demon’s 100-meter-tall body as if teleporting. Immediately afterward, her shields expanded into two 1,000-meter-tall hills, and she smashed them into Unseeing Demon, the downward pressure blurring the space beneath them.

Peak Gold Combat Technique, Collapsing Earth!

However, Unseeing Demon didn’t think much of Purgatory Jade’s attack and simply threw a punch at the descending shields, the dense Holy Aura circulating around his arm condensing at his fist.


When shields and fist collided, the impact turned the space within a 1,000-yard radius into an empty void. The street and the surrounding buildings vanished, as if a black hole had appeared in the middle of the city.

As soon as their first exchange ended, Purgatory Jade and Unseeing Demon traded several more blows, each exchange producing tremors and explosions that players operating in the surrounding plots of land felt and heard.

“Crap! Who is fighting over there?! What’s with this huge commotion?!”

“The commotion seems to be coming from Plot 095. Could a royal power’s experts be taking action?”

“Is this the strength of a royal power’s experts?”

When the players in the surrounding plots of land looked toward Plot 095, some were glad, and some were frightened. Although the various powers knew they couldn’t afford to provoke royal powers, they had never known how powerful royal powers were. However, after sensing the commotion in Plot 095, they finally understood why royal powers were feared. Even without experiencing the battle in person, they knew that the average fifth-floor expert would be no different from cannon fodder in a battle of such a level.

After several exchanges, the fight between Purgatory Jade and Unseeing Demon paused. When it came to equipment standards, Unseeing Demon, who was fully equipped with Divine Artifacts, had a huge advantage over Purgatory Jade. However, Purgatory Jade’s Guardian Knight class granted her incredibly high HP and Defense. She was also a Primordial Dragonoid. Hence, she had lost only 10% of her HP thus far despite being inferior to Unseeing Demon in Basic Attributes. This outcome astonished the five spectating Evil Nature members.

“Guild Leader, should we help her?” Hidden Soul asked, growing worried as she looked at Purgatory Jade’s HP.

Currently, there weren’t any noticeable differences in combat standards between Purgatory Jade and Unseeing Demon. Although Purgatory Jade had lost only 10% HP in their several exchanges, this outcome already sealed her fate. After all, neither of them were near exhaustion. Their fight could easily go on for a hundred exchanges. In that case, it was only a matter of time before she fell.

“Relax. If this is all Unseeing Demon has, he won’t be able to kill Purgatory Jade,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “She isn’t just a Guardian Knight.”

As Shi Feng spoke, Purgatory Jade cast a Tier 6 Holy Heal on herself. The Spell not only healed her HP back to full but also provided her with continuous healing for 30 seconds. This sight dumbfounded Hidden Soul.

“A hidden class that comes with self-healing?” Unseeing Demon’s eyebrows twitched when he saw the fruits of his effort erased.

“That’s right. I’m not just a Guardian Knight. I’m also a Divine Dragon Knight. When it comes to self-healing capabilities, I am no weaker than the average Cleric,” Purgatory Jade admitted while nonchalantly dusting her armor. “If this is all you’ve got, it will be the end of the line for you.”

“You are full of surprises.” Unseeing Demon did not grow flustered after learning about Purgatory Jade’s class. On the contrary, his eyes brightened with vigor, and he gathered his Holy Aura on all six fists, transforming them into six illusory, pitch-black miniature worlds. “Out of everyone in the younger generation, you are the second person to make me use my full strength!”

After saying so, Unseeing Demon launched all six fists at Purgatory Jade, the six illusory miniature worlds merging and transforming into a black beam. The speed and power of this attack were completely different from his previous attacks. The name of this attack was World’s Light. It was the strongest Fusion Holy Art in his arsenal, and it combined the strength of his current form and one of his Divine Artifact’s Profound Skills.

Almost instinctively, Purgatory Jade executed Collapsing Earth to defend against Unseeing Demon’s attack.


Following a loud report, Purgatory Jade flew across the sky, her body leaving a wake of nothingness that extended over a thousand yards, smashing through several skyscrapers before coming to a halt.

“The commander will win for sure now!”

The five spectating Evil Nature members grew excited when they saw Purgatory Jade’s HP had fallen below 50%.

However, just as they started celebrating, Purgatory Jade stamped her feet and demolished the skyscraper she was in. As she remained suspended in the air, a dazzling light burst from her body, and her HP rapidly recovered, returning to full in just two seconds. At the same time, her shields transformed into a miniature world several hundred meters in diameter, composed of divine patterns.

“Old man, you are very strong,” Purgatory Jade said as she gazed at Unseeing Demon, innumerable divine patterns flashing in her eyes. “Since coming to this world, you are the first expert I have needed to fight with my full strength!”

As the miniature world enveloping Purgatory Jade began to rotate, a look of surprise appeared on Unseeing Demon’s face for the first time in this battle.

“A Mortal…God?”

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