Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3863 - 937 - Ink Crystal Takes Action

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Chapter 3863 - 937 - Ink Crystal Takes Action

“You’ve reached it, too?!”

Desert River gawked at Garuda.

The defensive move Desert River executed was a fusion of two Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Techniques. Even if Garuda had used a fusion of a Peak Gold Holy Art and a Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill against him, he should have been able to block the attack without taking damage. But Garuda had blown apart his defensive move.

The only explanation Desert River could think of for this situation was that Garuda had executed a fusion of two Peak Gold Holy Arts. In other words, Garuda had reached the sixth-floor standard.

“Did you think you were the only one who had improved?” Garuda said, glancing at Desert River. Then, he turned to Ink Crystal and continued, “Your teammate has lost. Will you fight me now?”

When Garuda indirectly admitted he had reached the sixth-floor standard, the Thunder Empire’s members briefly fell into a daze before they exclaimed ecstatically.

“His Highness truly is our race’s number one chosen one!”

“A sixth-floor expert! Our race finally has a sixth-floor expert as well!”

The cheers of the Thunder Empire’s members were deafening. They behaved as if they had obtained a priceless treasure. Their confidence skyrocketed.

As the Thunder Empire’s members celebrated Garuda’s achievement, Hidden Soul and the other Zero Wing members watched from afar with grim expressions.

“Dammit! Are those people monsters?! How can they reach that standard one after another?!” Hidden Soul was filled with mixed feelings when she saw the Crystallian race and the Holy Race gaining Mortal Gods one after another.

Besides Hidden Soul, Gentle Snow and the others also felt unreconciled.

“It’s normal for them to achieve the sixth-floor standard. After all, they are experts who have received the Crucible of the Ancients’ Legacies,” Shi Feng said, looking at his dejected teammates. “Not to mention, they were already close to reaching the sixth-floor standard before that. It was only a matter of time before they reached it.”

The generalization of the sixth-floor standard might be unthinkable for players in the current Greater God’s Domain, but as someone who had met and heard about more than ten sixth-floor experts in his previous life, Shi Feng had expected all along that sixth-floor experts would become more numerous. He even felt that more sixth-floor experts would appear in this life than in his previous life.

Hence, Shi Feng wasn’t surprised to learn that Desert River and Garuda had reached the sixth-floor standard. On the contrary, he was glad about their achievements. After all, he himself was only a step away from reaching the sixth-floor standard. He needed more opponents to help him achieve a breakthrough.

“But now that they have achieved the sixth-floor standard, it will become much more difficult for us to obtain their tokens. Savage Gods’s team will be especially tricky now that it has two sixth-floor experts. Moreover, Ink Crystal and Garuda are fully equipped with Divine Artifacts. Even if Miss Jade’s group arrives, we might not be able to do anything against them,” Hidden Soul said anxiously.

Ink Crystal and Garuda were sixth-floor experts fully equipped with Divine Artifacts. With the huge disparity in Basic Attributes, Purgatory Jade and Kowloon Demon might not be a match for Ink Crystal, even if they worked together. Not to mention, there was also Desert River, who was equipped with multiple Divine Artifacts.

The Thunder Empire’s situation was more or less the same. Although Garuda was his team’s only sixth-floor expert, the Thunder Empire, a royal power, should have trump cards that could pose as great a threat as Desert River.

Amidst Hidden Soul’s worries, Ink Crystal and Garuda stepped away from their respective teams and stood facing each other.

“Since you have reached the sixth-floor standard, you are indeed qualified to fight me,” Ink Crystal said, smiling at Garuda. Then, she raised her cane and continued leisurely, “Come! Let me see how much you have improved!”

“Okay! I hope you won’t disappoint me!” At Ink Crystal’s leisurely response, Garuda conjured a 3,000-meter-tall phantom around himself without reservation. The giant had a hundred arms and looked like a mighty Ancient Saint.

Compared to before, the hundred-armed giant Garuda conjured using his self-developed technique Myriad Fists had much more substance this time. It was also much taller, and its aura was much stronger.

As soon as the phantom giant took shape, it threw a hundred punches at Ink Crystal that converged on a dozen points. These compounded punches were stronger than the attack that knocked Desert River back just now. As these compounded punches came bearing down on Ink Crystal, it felt like a dozen mountains were falling from the sky.

Peak Gold Fusion Holy Art, Myriad Fists!

When Ink Crystal saw the descending fists, she raised her cane and summoned countless vines from the ground thousands of yards around her. These vines intertwined with one another to form massive vine spears that spread out like the petals of a lotus flower and attacked the descending phantom fists.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After a dozen collisions and explosions, the twofold barrier that enveloped the Savage Gods team and the Thunder Empire team shattered. The area a few thousand yards around Ink Crystal and Garuda turned into a dark void mixed with a few traces of light.

“Monsters! These two are monsters!” Hidden Soul was indescribably shocked as she took in the destruction before her.

The fight between Ink Crystal and Garuda was unlike anything Hidden Soul had experienced. It felt more like a fight between two giant monsters than two players. The shockwaves alone were enough to kill the average Tier 6 player.

“This level of destruction is already close to matching that of my All-Consuming Fire.” Phoenix Rain was also astonished. She had never thought a clash between sixth-floor experts could be this terrifying. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a clash between Ancient Gods.

Out of the Zero Wing members present, only Shi Feng reacted calmly to the destructiveness of Ink Crystal and Garuda’s fight.

Clashes between sixth-floor experts occurred relatively frequently during the war between the human race and the Holy Race in his previous life. Moreover, these clashes involved Level 240-plus sixth-floor experts fully equipped with Divine Artifacts. The shockwaves they caused had been enough to ruin a huge portion of an entire Realm.

In comparison, the consequence of Ink Crystal and Garuda’s fight was minuscule. Of course, this was primarily because of Everlasting City’s powerful suppression. Otherwise, their fight could have easily erased the entire island.

While everyone was awestruck by Ink Crystal and Garuda’s fight, Garuda executed his Peak Gold Fusion Holy Art a dozen more times in rapid succession. He modified every execution, hoping to find an exploitable weakness through speed, numbers, and power. However, no matter what he tried, Ink Crystal would always block all his attacks and emerge unscathed.

“How long are you going to keep defending?!” Garuda bellowed at Ink Crystal, who refused to take the initiative to attack. “Do you think you can find my weakness simply by defending?!”

“Find your weakness?” Ink Crystal shook her head at Garuda’s anger. Then, she inserted her cane into the ground and said, “I never thought of doing that. I only refrained from attacking to see where your limits lay. But if this is all you have, this battle is over.”

As Ink Crystal spoke, she summoned even more vine spears to create a second lotus flower of vines. Then, before anyone could react, the two lotus flowers collided near Garuda and exploded, the resulting explosion erasing one-third of Plot 079. When the dust settled, Garuda fell from the air, his body spewing blood all over. His HP also fell rapidly and hit zero after three seconds…

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