Release That Succubus-Chapter 432

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Chapter 432 Chapter 432

?She always had a reason to complain about everything and it was draining for them to see that they were putting in all of the work but she wasn't giving them the credit where it was dye and when they deserved it.

They watched as she pulled open one of the drawers of her desk before she retrieved a flyer.

She slung it across the take and placed it down in front of the two of them.

Joyce ran his gaze over the flyer and she saw that it was an ad for the Smith family seeking more workers.

That they were offering higher wages for a shorter work time. He widened his eyes at the sight as he contemplated whether or not the words were true.

'Is this real." Joyce asked.

Candice hummed at him in response before shrugging her shoulders at him in response. "Yes well it is and the workers are already falling for it. They have already started drifting away from your factories and they are going back to the Smiths." She said to them and she watched as the both of them gulped as they sucked in deep breaths and widened their eyes.

They knew that it was trouble and she wasn't going to like the fact that they had allowed that to happen.

"So what does this mean." Andrew asked her.

She gritted her teeth at him as she sent him a deep glare. "how about you tell me what you are going to do about this. Bow are you going to solve this." She asked them.

Andrew and Joyce looked between each other as they tried to figure out what to say to her. However the truth was that they weren't sure how to respond to her.

Instead Andrew scratched the back of his head as he gulped deeply before sucking in a deep breath as he managed to find the words to answer her.

"Well princess we don't know how to do it. How about we threaten to take them down." Her said to her in a suggesting tone.

She shook her head at them in response as she tsked.

"That is my problem with you. You are thinking too near sighted and not looking at the bigger picture. Threatening them may have worked in the past but it will not work now. They have grown a back one and they know that our opponent as are able to offer them something much better. They won't be coming back." Candice said to them,

She watched as they gulped furrowing their brows before looking towards her intently. "Well if they aren't coming back then what does that mean for us. How are we going to be able to keep the company afloat. Everything is going to come crashing down if we aren't careful." Joyce said to her and she could sense the panic in his tone.

Candice rolled her eyes as she shook her head. "We are going to have to give them an offer that they can't refuse. They are going to have no choice but to come back to us." She said to the two of them.

The two of them couldn't help but furrow their brows at her words as they stared at her strangely.

"What does that mean?" Andrew asked her after a moment.

"It mean as that we are going to do exactly what the Smiths are doing but we are going to do it better. We are going to lower our work hours and we are going to increase our wages. I don't care what you do as long as you make sure that the workers come back to us." She said to them.

She watched as they turned towards each other hesitantly as one of them bit down on their lip lightly.

She wondered what it was that was going?through their heads as she hated it when they ran around the bush.

"Tell me what it is?" She asked them as she watched as the two of them gulped as Joyce reached out to scratch the back of his head.

"Well the thing is that we can't exactly do that." He said to her.

She felt her anger bubble up inside of her as she sent him a deep glare.

"Why can't you do it.?I thought that you would do anything to ensure that you were able to secure your company. That I was your princes s and you were indebted to me and therefore you would do anything that I were to ask from you." She said to them in a raised tone.

She watched as Joyce shuffled backward slightly on his feet before he shook his head lightly at her.

"No don't get us wrong princess. Ewe do love you and we are indebted to you but we just can." He said to her.

"And why is that?. Why aren't you able to carry out this simple task that I have asked of you." why is it that you think that you can go against me now." she said to them as her voice got louder in the end.

"We don't have the money:" Andrew managed to announce after a long moment.

She froze as she looked towards him with a raised brow and she turned towards Joyce as well who nodded his head in agreement as though confirming Andrew's words.

She scoffed at their words as she shook her head at them. "you can't be serious really. Why do you mean that you don't have the money. What happened to the assets and everything else that you have been keeping because of your family. How about you don't lie to me next time and try telling me the truth instead of you trying to fool me by giving me some sort of flimsy lie." she said to them in a hissing tone.

Joyce flinched slightly at her tone but he cleared his throat after a moment before he decided to speak up about it.

"Yes we know that but the reality is that we have put all of our money into this company and we have been neglecting our estates. Which means that we aren't able to get any money from our other services because all of our workers are here focusing on the sugar. We aren't making as much money as before and especially not enough for us to be able to get by. soon we can't afford to be able to hire new workers and we definitely can't afford to be able to give them an increasing their wages." Andrew said to her realistically.

Candice was silent for a moment as she paused sucking in a deep breath before thinking over their words. She couldn't help but gulp deeply as she thought over what they had said.

She realized then that they were right and if they didn't have the money then there was nothing that she couldn't do about it. However she wasn't going to allow Zach to get ahead of things.

She knew that she had to do something fast before things were able to get out of control.

"Fine then. you are both dismissed." she said to them before she shooed them away with her hands and she raised up her hands into the air before she dismissed them effectively.

They didn't move at first as they furrowed there. Brows before they turned around to look at each other in confusion.

"Are you sure that you are okay princess. What do you want us to do and how do you want us to fix it." Andrew asked her,

She shook her head at the both of them in response before she plastered on a fake smile.

"It is fine. The two of you can go like I said. I will handle this on my own." She said to them firmly.

She watched as they stood their ground for a moment and she felt something inside of her snap. "Are you deaf or something I said go." She hissed loudly.

She watched as they flinched before they turned around and scrambled up to their feet before hurrying to leave.

She rubbed her temples as she tried to think about what she would do now. she knew that she was in a tight spot but she didn't want to panic as she told herself that she was going to get herself out of it.

She could feel herself begin to hyperventilate at the thought of losing control of what she had however after a moment she shook her head as she remembered who she was and she knew there was no time for slacking off.

She thought over the situation for a few minutes as she felt a smile come over her features eventually as an idea came to her mind. freeweb(n)

If she wanted to get things done then she was going to have to garner the help of the governors.

She knew that they were indebted to her and so if she were to tell them that they would have to pay her workers more they would have no choice but to do as she said.

She decided to call upon the first governor as she wrote a letter. She sent out the first letter and was preparing the letters for the others when she heard a knock on her door.

She cleared her throat for the person to come in and she found Lillard standing at her door.

She looked towards him with a raised eyebrow and she found herself even more confused when she found him holding a letter.

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