Return of the Mount Hua Sect-Chapter 674

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Chapter 674

揟hank you for enduring the hardships to reach the top of this rugged mountain. Had I known it would be this challenging, I might have considered opening this in Hwa-Um village. But, I suppose I wasn抰 fully aware.

Laughter echoed from somewhere.

Normally, laughter in such a context would earn sharp looks, but no one said anything.

Because this wasn抰 a meeting meant to intimidate.

The person setting this tone was Hyun Jong. If he had intended to create an intimidating atmosphere, those gathered would have been cautious even to cough.

But Hyun Jong looked at them as if he were embracing them all.


Tang Gunak smiled faintly.

Such an atmosphere could never exist within Sichuan Tang. No matter how hard he tried to foster a gentle environment, his family would still tremble in fear.

Was it because the title of Mount Hua抯 Sect leader was seen as inferior to that of Sichuan Tang?

No, that couldn抰 be it.

Even if that were the case, the prestige of being the leader of the Heavenly Friends Alliance surpassed that of the Tang family. Yet, the reason such a relaxed atmosphere was possible was because Hyun Jong possessed something beyond mere intimidation from his position.

The alliance抯 inception was thanks to Chung Myung and Tang Gunak. But without Hyun Jong, the alliance would have been far from complete.

Tang Gunak sometimes looked at Hyun Jong and realized that strength isn抰 everything.

揑 am deeply moved to see so many people gathered here today. Just a couple of years ago, I would have never imagined a day when so many would visit Mount Hua.

At those words, the people frowned slightly in discomfort.

慔e isn抰 wrong, but厭

慏o we not know what kind of place this was?

Of course, most who came here today were curious about what Mount Hua had become, not just the sect but its disciples as well.

Whatever the situation was, this wasn抰 a place to take guests but rather a place to declare the start of the Heavenly Friends Alliance. Then, those words were not right to start this.

Questions about the nature of Hyun Jong began to sprout in their minds, but Hyun Jong continued to speak.

揂s you all know, Mount Hua is not a great sect. To be honest, it did not stand out, and it was a sect that might have crumbled too.

The faces of the people began to harden, and this was because they couldn抰 understand why Hyun Jong was saying this.

An opening ceremony was supposed to be an auspicious occasion and, on the other hand, an occasion to show strength. Then why speak like an old man who had no time to live and was thinking back on the bad things?

慖s Mount Hua抯 Sect leader only for name?

慔e isn抰 right to lead the alliance.

A leader needs to be one with strength and dignity beyond being just gentle. And this wasn抰 how one should appear.

揗aybe it抯 not something the sect leader should be saying, but that is what I thought I endured, the harsh times.

But Hyun Jong抯 words also stimulated the curiosity of the people. And now, they felt absorbed by that.

搮 I think it would be great if just one person, even just one person here, could have lent their hand to support Mount Hua back then.

Hyun Jong, having said that, quietly smiled.

It wasn抰 just a smile for show. Everyone nodded, realizing it was a smile from the heart.

It had to be that way. Those who lived in the wilderness were hit by the winds; sometimes, you could try to find shelter in the rain and lean on something when the wind came.

If he had never thought of such a thing in life, then one didn抰 know how heartless Kangho was.

Hyun Jong was in no rush to hurry this; he slowly made eye contact with them all.

揟he Heavenly Friends Alliance isn抰 that great of an alliance. It wasn抰 created with the intention of shaking up the sects, nor was it formed for the sake of gaining strength.

At those words, the eyes of those sitting near the table rose. They looked at Hyun Jong on the podium with subtle looks, as if the concerns within them were being touched upon.

揓ust I can only say that now I have achieved what the past me and past Mount Hua had desperately wanted.

Hyun Jong looked at the other sect leaders standing next to him one by one. Then he looked ahead and spoke.

揟here was a strange disciple in Mount Hua, and he said, 慐ven if you are a close friend, in the end, everything is all a lie. When times are good, friends pretend to be nice and laugh, but in the face of crisis, they cover their faces and stomp on the drowning person by pushing them further into the water. This is the mindset of someone from Kangho and the reality between the sects.挃

An accurate observation.

But none of those gathered could deny it because they all knew this too well.

揟he Heavenly Friends Alliance厰

Hyun Jong nodded slowly,

揑t exists for the sake of disproving that statement I made,

Chung Myung looked at him blankly.

Actually, this was an obvious statement. This was a story anyone could tell in this situation. But strangely, as he heard it, it felt like his heart hurt.

The moment he saw Tang Gunak, Meng So, and Seol So-Baek, whose cheeks were red and lips smiling, he wondered. If it had been like this before, would it have felt different?

If Mount Hua wasn抰 running so stiffly and alone, if there were people by their side, would the situation of Mount Hua have been different?

He couldn抰 know.

Because, in the end, home was nothing but a meaningless obsession.

Just try a bit harder, and don抰 make the same mistakes again.

揟he four sects of the Heavenly Friend Alliance will reach out to each other, and each will have the backs of the others. If we are in danger, each of us will run to help without another thought, and if something good happens, we will all smile and celebrate together.

Hyun Jong抯 previously gentle face turned stern.

揗aybe it is like a dream. However, it isn抰 impossible if one has the will to achieve it. Mount Hua will be a barrier that blocks the winds against the sects in the alliance and it will become a brother who holds hands.


Tang Gunak stomped his foot hard and took a step forward to stand next to Hyun Jong, and then he began to speak.

揟he Sichuan Tang family will also be a barrier to the Heavenly Friends Alliance.

Meng So also came forward without being left behind.

揟he Nanman Beast Palace will be the brother to the Heavenly Friend Alliance. And the enemies of my brothers will be the enemies of Beast Palace! Any friends of theirs will be my friends!

Seol So-Baek also stepped forward with light steps and stood next to the other leaders.

揟he Ice Palace will be the sword that protects the Heavenly Friends Alliance. Those who want to touch the alliance will have to overcome the Ice Palace first!

Those who saw it with their own eyes, Tang Gunak, Meng So, and the young Seol So-Baek, felt confident.

There were numerous sects in the world, but who would want to turn all four sects into enemies at the same time?

If what Hyun Jong and the other leaders said did come true, then it was clear that the Heavenly Friends Alliance was a place that no other force could touch.

揌yun Sang.


Hyun Young and Hyun Sang, who had been waiting below, carefully climbed onto the podium. Hyun Sang抯 hand held a silver plate that held an alcohol bottle and a glass on it, and Hyun Young抯 hand was wrapped around a small sword that was in a white cloth.

The two men stood before the leaders, extending their hands with the items in them.

The leaders observed in silence.

Though not immediately apparent to the onlookers below, the items held significant meaning.

The alcohol from the Beast Palace and the glass from the Tang family, along with the sword from the North Sea Ice Palace and the representatives from Mount Hua.

Tang Gunak was the first to reach out and select the alcohol bottle. Following him, Seol So-baek grasped the sword and drew it.



Hyun Jong sliced his own palm with the sword Seol So-Baek was holding, then let his blood drip into the bottle.


After Hyun Jong withdrew his hand, Tang Gunak cut his palm, allowing his blood to flow into the bottle, with Meng So and Seol So-Baek doing the same.

Once the ceremony was complete, Tang Gunak looked around at everyone and poured the alcohol mixed with their blood into the glasses.


The bottles were returned to the silver table, and the elders descended as if they had fulfilled their duty.

Those remaining on the podium gazed at the glasses in their hands. The people of the central plains watched with fascination, and a moment of silence ensued.

When the silence became overwhelming, Hyun Jong lifted his glass.

揜ight here! Now! Mount Hua, the Sichuan Tang family, the Nanman Beast Palace, and the North Sea Ice Palace! I declare that these four sects have united as brothers under the Heavenly Friends Alliance! May the heavenly beings watch over us!

Tang Gunak, Meng So, and Seol So-Baek, followed by Hyun Jong, raised their glasses. Eventually, all four simultaneously emptied their drinks.



A slight hesitation was quickly overtaken by tremendous cheers. Deafening cheers engulfed Mount Hua as if everyone抯 pent-up emotions had burst forth all at once.

揌eavenly Friends Alliance!

揗ount Hua!

揝ichuan Tang family!

And the cheers intensified as the four raised their emptied glasses.

Even the leaders of Kangho, who were sitting at the table, stood up and clapped. Whatever this was, it was something to celebrate. In some ways, it was the declaration of a faction.

It wasn抰 too bad, nor was it too grand, and there was nothing flashy on display.

But because of that, it came across as more sincere. An alliance to show off one抯 power will, and to prove the strength to be brothers, all one had to do was share a drink.

Not just the Central Plains people who gathered, but the disciples of the four sects there, were shouting at the top of their lungs. And in those raucous cheers, Chung Myung was the only one who smiled.

慖 guess it wasn抰 all in vain.

A lot of things happened after he came to Mount Hua.

Confidence in oneself?

Could such a thing happen?

He had failed to do it once. He was a person who was unable to protect anything. So, he had to grit his teeth and tell himself that this was the only way, and he had no confidence that the path he was walking on was right.


Looking at this scene, he felt, very faintly, that he wasn抰 on the wrong path.

慐veryone here.

The path he walked and the people who walked that path.

Right. They were all here.


Baek Ah popped her head out from Chung Myung抯 clothes and rubbed her nose.

揜ight. You too.

Chung Myung lightly tapped Baek Ah on the forehead and then looked around, full of cheers and joy.

Chung Myung smiled a bit more. He looked up at the sky and spoke to himself.

慦hat do you think of this, Sect Leader Sahyung? I came this far.

Well, it wasn抰 that he was hoping for a compliment, and he knew this was expected but, still

-You went through a lot of trouble, Chung Myung.

Hearing the voice he yearned for, Chung Myung looked up at the sky and closed his eyes.

揊rom now on.

They would spread. The plum blossoms that bloomed on Mount Hua the scent from them will spread all over the world.

And like it did in the past.

揥hat is with your expression?


Chung Myung opened his eyes at the sudden voice and turned to see Baek Cheon, Yu Yiseol, Yoon Jong, Jo Gul, and even Tang Soso, who were all looking back at him.

揇oes your body hurt?

Chung Myung looked at them, lost, and then his lips twitched.

揘o. I am at my best right now.


The Five Swords and Soso shook their heads and looked ahead again. Chung Myung glanced at the sky. His expression was different from before.

慚ount Hua of the past?

Please, don抰 bother.

慗ust wait and see, Sect Leader Sahyung.

Because they would create the best Mount Hua, one that surpassed its former glory.

Right with these people.

Chung Myung gently patted Baek Ah on the head a couple of times and took a deep breath. Then, with both hands cupped around his mouth, he shouted.


揇o not do that, you bastard!

揝hut him up!

揕ook at the place you are! You brat! Seriously!

Chung Myung laughed as he looked at the Five Swords, who were all shocked and shouting at the same time. The sound of laughter came mixed with the cheers that spread.

A warm breeze blew towards the summit of Mount Hua, which was full of joy. It was a day when the clear sky looked down on Mount Hua.

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