Return To The Past: I Won’t Choose Humility This Time!-Chapter 1020-END - : Finale

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Chapter 1020-END - Chapter 1020: Finale

Chapter 1020: Finale

There were even some places that Lin Yu had no recollection of, but she found traces of them in the photos.

“When did you take these photos? Have you been secretly taking photos of me?” Lin Yu pretended to be very angry as he patted Zhou Mo lightly.

“A long time ago, when I realized that I had feelings for you, I started to record these things. ” Lin Yu did not expect Zhou Mo to put in so much effort.

“You must have done something like this before.” In fact, Lin Yu was already touched by Zhou Mo’s words, but she still refused to admit it. After all, Zhou Mo had a woman before this.


Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Zhou Mo immediately clarified, “No, I’ve never done this for them. ”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask everyone here.” Zhou Mo was so anxious that he stuttered. It was obvious that he cared about Lin Yu.

Lin Yu burst out laughing when he saw how nervous Zhou Mo was.

Zhou MO, who was still nervous, widened his eyes and looked at Lin Yu in confusion. He did not know what Lin Yu’s smile meant. Was she trying to reject him tactfully or…

“I’m willing.” Lin Yu nodded as he looked at Zhou MO’s dazed expression. Tears welled up in his eyes.

When he heard Lin Yu’s reply, Zhou MO immediately stood up and hugged her.

The other people around them also applauded to express their joy.

This could be considered a double blessing, and the good thing had taken another step forward.

Old Master Zhou sat at the side and looked at the young man quietly. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. As the head of the Zhou family, he had finally endured to the end and saw that all his relatives could have a home.

“From now on, you’re a member of the Zhou family. I’ll give this family heirloom to you.” The Zhou family did not lack things that had been passed down from above, and these things were all given to everyone. As long as they were members of the Zhou family, they could naturally have them.

He gave Yun Xi a family bracelet and Lin Yu a family ring.

Regardless of whether these items were priceless or whether they had passed through the hands of many people, they had already been handed over to the new generation of the Zhou family.

When they accepted the rings and bracelets, it meant that they had already stepped into the Zhou family.

Since Lin Yu had already agreed to the proposal, the next step was to hold the wedding and discuss the wedding.

Now that everyone in the Zhou family had been dealt with, even if there were others who wanted to cause trouble, it would be useless.

On the other side, Hu Guo had already given up on her inner thoughts and accepted reality.

After all, the wedding had already ended. If she continued to disturb her, she would become a mistress.

Yun Xi managed the Zhou family’s affairs while managing the company.

No one from the Zhou family caused trouble, and the company’s matters were also going smoothly. After the variety show was held, it gained a lot of fans once it was broadcast.

A large number of people were very optimistic about this variety show. It could be considered that Yun Xi had obtained public recognition on her first try, giving Yun Xi a very comforting result.

“Sister Yun Xi, I want to learn from you in the future.” Lin Yu stood at the side and looked at Yun Xi beside her. She could not help but sigh.

She had thought that her results were enough, but she did not expect that after meeting Yun Xi, Yun Xi would help her again and again, finding the most suitable aspect for her.

Lin Yu had been very grateful to Yun Xi from the start. If not for Yun Xi, she would not have had the opportunity to come into contact with this place.

“We’re all family. Why are you being so polite?” Yun Xi smiled.

Not long after, Lin Yu’s wedding was also set, and Yun Xi also noticed that something was wrong with her body.

“What? I’m pregnant!” Hearing Yun Xi say this, Zhou Lin was ecstatic.

“I’m going to be a father…” Zhou Lin hugged Yun Xi tightly.

He had dreamed of having a child, but he did not expect it to come true so soon.

This time, Yun Xi’s life could be considered very complete. There was no tragedy like the last time.

Because of her hard work, everything changed step by step, and she became the person she was today, and she became the person she was today.

Moreover, because of this rebirth, Yun Xi saw a different side of her and a different world. She also knew how muddle-headed she was in her previous life!.