Revenge of the Sixth Young Lady-Chapter 577 - Crown Prince Wen Tianyao’s Insistence

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Chapter 577 Crown Prince Wen Tianyao’s Insistence

“She’s back?” At a high pavilion of the Huayang Marquis’ residence, Wei Yuejiao accompanied Li Yue’er and stood at the high floor, glaring hatefully at Wei Yue’s dancing figure.

“She’s actually not much of a problem, she really has a great life!” The group fan in Li Yue’er’s hand gently shook, the corner of her lips hooking up a cold smile. 𝔣𝔯𝖊𝔢𝖜𝔢𝔟𝖓𝖔𝔳𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝖔𝔪

She had accompanied Li into the mansion yesterday, in order to serve Li’s injuries and illnesses, and since Li had entered the mansion, it was only natural for her to follow.

The Li family thinks it is the crown prince’s beloved, Li Yue’er is the Li family’s most outstanding, the Li family has always wanted to send her into the crown prince’s house, and even she herself feels that she will inevitably enter the crown prince’s house, but now, because of Wei Yue’s dance, she actually didn’t have the qualification for the draft, how can she not hate in her heart.

When she thought of her return to the mansion to be scolded by her father and grandmother, as well as her current hopeless marriage, she could not wait to tear Wei Yuewu apart, it was all because of this bitchy girl, who had actually put herself in this situation.

“I heard that cousin entered the mansion this time because of big brother?” Wei Yue Jiao laughed, but the topic shifted from Wei Yuewu’s body to Wei Ziyang’s.

Aunt Dong has already told her in private and asked her to help Li Yue’er.

“Cousin …” talking about this matter, Li YueSe’s expression dimmed for a moment, she is really desperate now, because of what happened in the palace with Wei Yuewu, now no one comes to the door to propose marriage again, in the past, she was considered a famous lady in the capital, and there were a lot of people begging for her hand in marriage In the past, she was considered a famous lady in the capital, and there was a constant stream of people asking for her hand in marriage.

And she wasn’t too young to wait a little longer, so she had no choice but to think of Wei Ziyang.

Wei Ziyang was born to Li Clan, if Wei Ziyang was allowed to marry Li Yue’er, the two families would be considered to be close relatives, which would be beneficial to Li Clan and Li House, and it would also solve Li Yue’er’s marriage, Li Yue’er’s current situation, the people of Li House also knew that if she wanted to marry a good one again, it would be almost impossible.

In the past, in order to enter the Crown Prince’s residence, the Li family did not have the idea of marrying the Marquis of Huayang, but now it was different, there was no better choice than Wei Ziyang.

But Wei Ziyang is engaged, and the marriage is almost on the agenda.

It’s just that Li Fu doesn’t believe in evil and sends Li Yue’er in again, so if she can back out of that marriage from Qu Fu before she’s officially married, Li Yue’er still has a chance.

Of course want to retreat Qu House of this marriage is not so simple, and the main thing is still Wei Ziyang’s heart, Li privately asked his son, Wei Ziyang directly refused.

However, the Li Fu is not without a solution, so Li Yue’er is holding this mentality, for Wei Ziyang, she is bound to get it.

“And to trouble Third Miss!” Li Yue’er also said politely.

Wei Yuejiao reached out and pointed to Wei Yuewu’s back with a difficult face, “Cousin this is really hard to do, big brother was originally the best with me and listened to me and auntie the most, but since returning to the capital, big brother is now very good with her, and is almost obedient to her words, and I heard that cousin and sixth sister even got into a fight in the palace when they argued, with sixth sister’s temperament where would she still say a good words.”

Not to say good things, but also to say bad things.

Wei Yuejiao smacked her lips twice and her brows furrowed.

It was actually Wei Yuewu again, and the hatred and venom on Li Yue’er’s face intensified.

“Then what am I going to do?” She didn’t beat around the bush and looked at Wei Yuejiao and asked bluntly.

“Cousin, if it could be made to work for you and it was caused by her, what would be the outcome of this?” Wei Yuejiao covered her lips and laughed.

Li Yue’er’s eyes lit up, “Then, needless to say, she’ll be the one to bear all the consequences of this!”

Even if Wei Yuewu was a county princess, so what, a county princess with a bad reputation would inevitably end up worse off than herself!

“My grandmother values value the most, if sixth sister has little value anymore, she won’t care about her anymore.” Wei Yuejiao said meaningfully, looking Li Yue’er up and down, “But you are going to suffer some pain!”

Li Yue’er immediately understood Wei Yuejiao’s words, her eyes lit up, and her smile slowly pushed away, Wei Yue’s identity, now of course, is something that they can’t reach, but if this identity of hers not only doesn’t have half a point of help to the Marquis of Huayang, but also drags down the reputation of the entire Marquis of Huayang, the dowager lady will definitely not be able to care about her any more there.

At that time, when he entered the mansion, he would be the future official wife of the Marquis of Huayang, and trying to deal with a worthless Wei Yuewu would not be a piece of cake.

This backyard matter, isn’t Mrs. Marquis Hua Yang in charge!

In Li Yue’er’s opinion, the reason why his aunt has come to this point is not because the name is not correct, the words are not correct, the backyard of the Marquis of Huayang House can be the master of course, Mrs. Marquis of Huayang.

“Everything is at Third Miss’s command!” Li Yue’er gritted her teeth and looked at Wei Yue’mai’s back as she gradually walked away, and said in a hateful voice.

As long as the matter was pushed onto this bitchy girl, that bitchy girl’s reputation would be gone, and then maybe that bitchy girl wouldn’t be able to live without much tossing and turning by herself.

“Master Feng He invited me over?” Jing Wenyan stood up suddenly, her face pale, after returning to the mansion, she had been frightened, always feeling that something was about to happen, this time when she heard that Master Feng He invited her, where could she sit still.

“Yes, please go over immediately, Missy, and say that you have something important to discuss!” The maid replied respectfully.

“Where?” Jing Wenyan gritted her teeth.

“Where to?” Jing Wenyan asked.

“At the Huai County King’s residence!” The maid reported.

Huai County King’s residence is not the Crown Prince’s residence! Jing Wenyan’s heart was relieved, at last it was not the worst outcome, as far as it was just Master Feng He looking for himself, he still had a chance.

But she didn’t care about slacking off, she took her maid and hurriedly got into the carriage and quietly headed for the Huai County King’s Mansion.

The carriage arrived at the Huai County King’s Mansion, Jing Wen Yan got off the carriage with her maid, there was already a granny from the inner courtyard waiting at the door, when she saw her come in, she came over and saluted her, then took her all the way to the backyard.

In a courtyard in the backyard of the Huai County King’s Mansion, the door to the main house was open, Jing Wenyan was brought to this courtyard, the granny stepped back a few steps and waited at the entrance to the courtyard, “Eldest Miss Jing, please come in!”

Jing Wenyan nodded and lifted his steps inside.

The door of the main house was open, but Jing Wenyan came in but there was no one, and couldn’t help but look around in surprise.

“No need to look any further, it’s me!” A cold voice with a hint of sternness came from behind Jing Wenyan.

Jing Wen Yan’s heart fluttered in fear as she turned unexpectedly, just to see the grim-faced Crown Prince Wen Tian Yao walk in.

“Your Highness!” Jing Wenyan’s face changed, but he still reacted extremely quickly with a sideways bow.

“Kneel down!” Wen Tianyao walked to the front of the seat, turned around and his handsome eyes landed coldly on Jing Wenyan’s body, his hand slammed fiercely at the table on the side, and he snapped sternly.

“Your Highness!” Jing Wenyan didn’t dare to hesitate, “flopping” kneeled down, “Your Highness … really has nothing to do with me, that fire really isn’t my business!”

“Not your business?” Wen Tianyao looked coldly at Jing Wenyan, his face grim.

“Your Highness, if you don’t believe me, I can swear!” Jing Wenyan raised one hand while secretly looking at Wen Tianyao’s complexion, seeing that he was still sullen, he immediately continued, “If I am truly related to this matter, I shall not die a good death!”

Look at her swearing hair so solemn, as if really do not know anything like, Wen Tianyao almost dizzy, a wave of the hand on the table of a set of teacups to sweep down, fortunately Jing Wenyan kneeling some far, but even so, but also scared Jing Wenyan pale, even words can not be said.

“This matter has nothing to do with you!” Wen Tianyao said grimly.

“Your Highness, do you really not believe me!” Jing Wen Yan tearful and pathetic look to Wen Tian Yao, “Your Highness, I just happened to be living in the side of the Jing De County Lord at that time but myself, Jing De County Lord himself alone on the mountain, also do not know what for, she said only and I said, but … but in fact, or there are other people know that this … I am really wronged ah!”

“What about Yan Huaijing?” Beauty like jade, and crying so pitifully, was originally the most heartbreaking time for people, only to fall into Wen Tianyao’s eyes was a strong dislike, but he always knew how to suppress his emotions, and inhaled a few deep breaths, suppressing the depressed fire in his heart.

“Duke Yan’s son, it has even less to do with me, back then, Yan and Jing were originally going to be engaged, my father was even willing to promise me over for the sake of the Emperor, just to probe for more news for the court, but then this news leaked out, of course the Duke Yan’s house couldn’t possibly want me anymore, and the marriage between the two families was called off!”

Some things that is not to say, Jing Wenyan also believe that Wen Tianyao will certainly know, so there is no more concealment here, just the two families engaged to push the matter to the court for the sake of the reason, so a righteous reason a pressure, even if there was a little bit of what, Wen Tianyao also can not say anything.

“Your Highness, yesterday by chance met Yan Guo Gong Shi Zi, Shi Zi and I said a few words and then left, in fact, there is no big problem, I heard that Shi Zi New Year’s Eve is still with the people of the Huayang Marquis House … Could it be that … “Jing Wenyan carefully woe is me.

“You can enter the Eastern Palace, mother’s decree will be sent out soon, or the Crown Princess!” Wen Tianyao’s gaze fell on Jing Wenyan, the depths of his eyes unfathomable.

If he hadn’t found out today that Yan Huaijing was secretly going to prepare a gift and go up to the Duke of Jing’s mansion to propose, he might have also suspected that Yan Huaijing was there yesterday because of Wei Yuewu.

Jing Wen Yan actually secretly colluded with Yan Huai Jing, Yan Huai Jing said that he wanted to marry the royal family on the one hand, but on the other hand, he actually crossed the border secretly with both Jing Wen Yan, which caused a trace of grimness to flash through Wen Tian Yao’s eyes, and of course, he would not allow the two of them to collude together.

Jing Guo Gong even though the fall of the power, but as a vassal, part of the strength of his hands can not be ignored, and this part of the strength to the present Jing Guo Gong also did not hand over, coupled with some of the reasons for the Jing Wenyan itself, there is the Jing Wenyan thing has informed the Tu Taishi, the wind and the master where the hidden word has been passed out, integrated these kinds of, his heart resolved to Jing Wenyan him to marry!

“Your Highness!” Jing Wenyan excited, originally thought that things will change, can’t think of still a prince consort identity, heart a huge stone fell to the ground, eyes inevitably have a few points of complacency, Wei Yueyue Dance even if it led to others to suspect their own so what, as long as the crown prince does not suspect, others still dare to say anything.

However, the next moment, when she heard Wen Tianyao’s next words, her smile stiffened on her face …