Richest Man: Getting 7 Billion Red Pockets To Start With-Chapter 623 - Discovered; Unknown Changes!

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623 Discovered; Unknown Changes!
All the volcanoes spewed lava at the same time.

Black smoke billowed, the sky collapsed, and the earth cracked. The ghost wails and wolf howls that rang out were extremely terrifying.

The lava continued to gather, forming a sea of lava on the ground.

The temperature of the entire world rose rapidly.

Black smoke rose from the ground and rocks. They were about to burst into flames at any moment, or even turn into lava.

In the next moment, the lava suddenly condensed into a giant lava dragon that covered the sky. It was dozens of meters thick.

The lava dragon roared at the sky. Countless rocks and the ground cracked and collapsed at the same time. The creature’s aura was unparalleled!

After circling in the air, it flew directly under the giant.

Then, the giant rode on the Lava Dragon and brought forth a terrifying heat wave. Baring his fangs and brandishing his claws, he flew toward Lin Fan.

That appearance…

It was as though he wanted to tear Lin Fan into pieces and turn him into ashes!

If someone else saw this scene…

They would probably be so scared that their legs would go weak and they would fall to the ground.

However, Lin Fan’s expression remained the same. He said calmly, “What will the flames look like when they freeze?”

As the sound of Lin Fan’s voice faded, the sea of lava on the ground suddenly froze, turning into fiery red ice crystals.

The ice crystals continued to spread, and soon, the entire sea of lava froze.

Then, there was the roaring Lava Dragon and the giant standing on its head.

In the end, the entire world turned into fiery red ice crystals!

Red… It should have been a warm color.

At this moment, a bone-piercing chill permeated the air.

Lin Fan glanced at the fiery red ice and nodded his head gently. “Freezing flames produces quite a beautiful sight. I should end it now that I’m done admiring the scenery.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Fan pulled out the Star Meteorite Sword from his waist and waved it casually.

The sword energy that filled the sky surged rapidly.

Instantly, all the ice crystals shattered and turned into fine powder in an instant. They formed falling ice sand, giving this world a different kind of scenery.

At this moment, an emotionless voice rang out beside Lin Fan’s ears.

[The first to kill the level-ten Flame Dragon King. You’ve obtained a level-ten treasure chest.]

[The first to kill the level-ten Flame Dragon King. Hua Nation has gained 50 species.]

[The first to destroy the level-ten Flame Forbidden Area. You’ve obtained a level-ten mysterious treasure chest.]

[The first to destroy the level-ten Flame Forbidden Area. A forbidden area has descended Hua Nation.]

Then, two ancient chests appeared in front of Lin Fan.

Without any hesitation, he opened all the chests.

[You’ve obtained 1,200 points of spiritual energy. Do you want to use them?]

[You’ve obtained the Beginner Transformation Skill. Do you want to use it?]

At the same time, a crisp notification rang out in Lin Fan’s mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, you’ve received a special red packet—12,000 points of spiritual energy.]

[Ding! Congratulations, you’ve received a special red packet—Advanced Transformation Skill.]

Instantly, Lin Fan’s entire body felt cool, ethereal, and extremely comfortable.

A very special ability appeared in his mind.

Lin Fan had a feeling that as long as he willed it, he could change his body shape and appearance at will. It was really amazing.

Gradually, a strange look appeared on Lin Fan’s face.

Was this the legendary 72 Transformations?

After a while, Lin Fan collected his thoughts and said to the Heavenly Hound, “Use these two treasure chests.”

The Heavenly Hound directly placed its paw over.

At this moment, Lin Fan could sense a spatial tear appearing behind him. The strong suction force seemed to be trying to drag him out forcefully.

Lin Fan’s expression changed slightly as he pulled the Heavenly Hound to the side of the spatial tear and built a new spatial passageway.

This was because he could vaguely sense the source of the crack’s power.

It was a twisting and turning.

When Lin Fan reappeared, he was standing before a ball of light that was as huge as the sun.

However, this ball of light was not as hot as the sun. Instead, it was filled with a very comfortable light, making one feel relaxed as if they had come to their mother’s embrace.

Lin Fan and the Heavenly Hound could not help but want to close their eyes and have a good sleep.


The next moment, Lin Fan’s eyes widened. “Such pure energy. I was almost affected.”

Then, he patted the Heavenly Hound’s head and said, “Wake up.”

Lin Fan’s voice seemed to have the ability to pierce through the soul, waking up the Heavenly Hound immediately.

After the Heavenly Hound woke up, it looked at the huge ball of light in front of it. Its saliva seemed to have turned into a small stream that flowed continuously.

Lin Fan stroked its chin and said, “Such pure energy. What would happen if I absorbed it all?”

If he wanted to do it, he would do it.

Lin Fan stepped forward, wanting to touch the ball of light.

However, no matter how long Lin Fan walked, the ball of light seemed to always be in front of him. He could not touch it at all.

Lin Fan muttered, “Space force again?

“No, it seems to be the power of time.

“Looks like I have to use some strength.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Fan’s aura changed.
High and mighty!

At this moment, he seemed to have become a supreme king who could swallow mountains and rivers.

The void in front of him cracked like glass.

Lin Fan took another step forward.

In an instant, he closed the distance between him and the ball of light. He could reach it with a raise of his hand!

Without any hesitation, Lin Fan raised his right hand.

The moment Lin Fan touched the ball of light, there was a sandstorm consisting of countless sharp blades that whizzed toward Lin Fan.

In the blink of an eye, it had pierced through Lin Fan’s entire body.

Fresh blood spurted out!

Following that, a terrifying wave slammed down like the wrath of the heavens. It smashed Lin Fan’s shattered body into pieces like sand.

Then, another wave of flames engulfed Lin Fan, causing a terrifying explosion.

The entire world was covered in white. It was completely calm and silent!

In Hua Nation…

It was as if the explosion had silenced everything.

Regardless of whether they were men or women, old or young, after the explosion sounded, everyone seemed to have been immobilized. They were all fixed on the spot without moving at all…

In the next moment…

Hua Nation’s Void Gate shattered like a mirror.

Then, a terrifying explosion suddenly sounded in Hua Nation.

The entire Hua Nation started to shake violently.

In some places, there were even long ravines.

A thick white mist spread out from these ravines.

As the number of cracks increased, a fog spread.

Gradually, the entire Hua Nation was shrouded in a white fog.

Some people felt extremely hot after inhaling the fog, some felt their strength increase rapidly, some suddenly understood the language of animals, some grew to have an extremely strong memory, some suddenly grew ten centimeters taller, some were able to control flames, and some were able to control rain…

The entire Hua Nation began to undergo unpredictable changes!