Scholar's Advanced Technological System-Chapter 1682_END - Spin-off 1: Talk Later

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Chapter 1682: Spin-off 1: Talk Later

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That was a story from a long, long time ago...

So long that it was almost forgotten.

Han Mengqi still remembered when Dr. Yan found her and told her that her sister had disappeared. Because of the importance of Star Sky Technology and her father’s status, this incident caused a lot of noise in Beijing. She even searched everywhere in the 301 Hospital.

Han Mengqi thought that she probably wouldn’t see her sister for a long time, but when she returned home that same day, she saw her in her living room.

“Sis?” Han Mengqi looked at her older sister sitting on the sofa dumbfounded, her eyes widened in disbelief.

She couldn’t imagine that the sister, who caused so many people to search all over Beijing for her, was sitting so casually in her own living room.

Chen Yushan noticed the surprise in Han Mengqi’s eyes. She seemed to have guessed what she was thinking in her mind, so she lowered her eyebrows and spoke in a slightly apologetic tone.

“Sorry for making you guys worried.”

“Why are you...”

Han Mengqi opened her mouth and wanted to ask her why she was here, but after a slight pause, she dismissed the idea in her mind.

She sat down on the opposite sofa. She looked at Chen Yushan and persuaded her in a sincere tone.

“You were missing for so many days, everyone is very worried about you, especially uncle and auntie... how about you—”

“I know...”

Chen Yushan took a deep breath. She took three seconds to cheer herself up again. She looked at her sister with a serious gaze and continued, “I will choose a suitable time to tell them later, but I don’t want them to stop me, so... I hope you can keep this a secret for me, at least until they read my email.”

Although this was a selfish request, Han Mengqi went silent for a while after seeing the pleading look in her sister’s eyes. She finally nodded gently.


“I promise you.

“Until then, I will keep a secret for you.”

After hearing this promise, Chen Yushan’s face finally bloomed with a smile.

The atmosphere in the living room relaxed a little. She took out a document from the bag and gently placed it on the coffee table.

Han Mengqi looked at the document on the coffee table. She began to read it curiously, but she couldn’t find any useful information from the ambiguous headline.

She began to ask.

“What is this?”

“A document that will be sealed for one hundred years... or two hundred years. It records some necessary tasks and arrangements for the future development of the Freezing Human Rights Protection Foundation.” After a pause, Chen Yushan continued, “It will accompany me to the future together.”

The moment Han Mengqi heard these words, her eyes widened.

“Wait... you mean—”

“Yeah.” Chen Yushan nodded lightly. She looked at her sister and continued in a serious tone, “I plan to go to the future by using the cryosleep device.”

“But why?” As if hearing something incredible, Han Mengqi abruptly stood up from the sofa and looked at her sister in disbelief. “Why do you... suddenly decide to go to the future? Even if you go to the future, he is still—”

“He is still dead... Is that what you wanted to say?” A soft smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. Chen Yushan looked at her sister and said softly, “I know it is impossible for a dead man to come back to life, but some things don’t come to an end with death. He once promised me that he would give me a star in the sky and leave a legend that belongs to us there. Even now, I still remember that day clearly...”

Han Mengqi had a vague guess in her mind, and she whispered, “I thought you would be a little more rational...”

“I have always been rational. I made a decision after carefully considering and making the right arrangements. I know that you might think this may be a little weird. After all, the exploration of extraterrestrial planets is still an unrealistic dream in our minds...

“But there are some things that will never become a reality if no one takes the first step.”

After taking a deep breath, Chen Yushan did not look at her sister. Instead, she set her eyes on the potted plant by the window.

She let this feeling quietly flow in the heart for a while before continuing in a soft voice.

“If you think this is me being selfish...

“Then let me be selfish for once.”

Han Mengqi looked at her sister and went silent.

For some reason, she suddenly became a little envious.

But strangely, she didn’t know what she was envious of.

Bravery? She wasn’t a cowardly person.

Intelligence? After the International Congress of Mathematicians in Jinling, no one would think she was not intelligent enough.

Beauty? There was not much difference in their DNA...

But she always felt that she seemed to be missing something.

“It’s getting late, I should go.” Seeing that her sister didn’t speak, Chen Yushan glanced at the time on her watch and stood up from the sofa. “I came here today mainly to say goodbye to you... Then, goodbye.”

“Wait a second.”

A feeling of courage suddenly surged into Han Mengqi’s heart, and she stopped the person that was walking towards the door.

After hearing her voice, Chen Yushan stopped and turned around. She looked at her sister, not understanding what she wanted to do.

“Are you... planning to persuade me otherwise?”

“No.” fr𝚎e𝙬𝚎𝚋𝚗૦ν𝚎𝒍.c૦m

Han Mengqi shook her head gently. She stood up from the sofa and looked at her sister firmly.

“You’ll be lonely over there.

“I will go with you!”


Milky Way.

Captain’s room.

Lu Zhou looked at Chen Yushan, who was standing next to the bookshelf and looking around curiously. His face was a little dumbfounded. After listening to the monologue of his little student sitting across the tea table, he sighed softly and whispered, “So... she doesn’t remember anything anymore?”

Han Mengqi hesitated for a moment, then gently nodded.


Lu Zhou closed his eyes and leaned on the chair. He did not speak for a long time.

The older generation of frozen dormancy equipment had various side effects. It was not until the 2050s that the technology was fully mature... He had heard Wang Peng mention this matter.

It was just that he didn’t expect this to happen to her.

And it just had to be memory loss...

According to Chen Yushan, she couldn’t seem to remember anything from the 21st century. Only occasionally when dreaming, she would dream of scenes that she had never experienced before, and she seemed to play an important role in those dreams...

There were various medical experts on the Milky Way, but they were powerless in the face of such symptoms.

Seeing that Lu Zhou did not speak for a long time, Han Mengqi couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. After some hesitation, she finally couldn’t help but ask, “What are you... planning to do?”

Lu Zhou was silent for a while, then finally spoke with a sigh.

“She just can’t remember anything now, this isn’t a big deal.”

Han Mengqi frowned, slightly dissatisfied.

“Not a big deal...”


Lu Zhou nodded gently.

“Because I still remember.”

The perseverance and depth in those eyes were the same as before, as if they hadn’t changed over the last hundred years. Han Mengqi looked away and looked outside the porthole.

She was afraid that she would get lost in Lu Zhou’s eyes...

Lu Zhou stared outside the porthole and gently rubbed the ring box in his hand with his index finger. After pondering for a long time, he spoke in a casual tone.

“She did a lot for me... and sacrificed a lot.

“This time, I’ll be the one chasing after her...”

The starry sky outside the window had stopped moving.

Han Mengqi cast her gaze out of the window with her eyes wide open.

She saw a fiery red star.

Under the dazzling yet soft light, the meteorite clusters and planets surrounding it were like shining gems, exuding breathtaking charm and mystery.

Suddenly, she remembered the ancient legend.


Technically, the legend was not ancient.

Because it had just begun...ƒ𝒓e𝐞we𝚋𝙣o𝚟𝚎𝘭.co𝙢