Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!-Chapter 1007 Small Matter

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Chapter 1007 Small Matter

The current Riverview Manor was one of them.

The others were too far from Jiang City. This process required a lot of revolving, so the other places were not very suitable.

"Sigh! What should we do?!"

Director Zheng spoke helplessly with a frown.

At this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

He took a look. It was Ye Meng!

He could not help but feel a little puzzled. Wasn't it time to get off work? Could there be something else?

Was it a problem with her acting skills?

Although Director Zheng was a little frustrated, this was Ye Meng's call after all. He still picked it up.

"Hello, Ye Meng. What's wrong?"

Director Zheng asked.

Ye Meng said excitedly, "Director, didn't we have to go to the Riverview Manor to film previously? We haven't been able to do it, right?"

Hearing this, Director Zheng's heart could not help but twitch slightly. He smiled helplessly and was very embarrassed.

"You… Why are you still rubbing salt into other people's wounds?"

He could only sigh, feeling very uncomfortable.


Soon, pleasant laughter came from the other side.

It was from Ye Meng.

"Director, this matter has been resolved. My little brother went and discussed it with CEO Zhao. It has been settled."

Ye Meng spoke very excitedly.

When Director Zheng, who was at the other end, heard this, his expression suddenly changed.

His expression froze for a moment as he gasped in disbelief.

"Is… is this true?"

He was extremely surprised and asked.

Ye Meng replied, "That's right. I was at the side and saw the entire process. CEO Zhao was very supportive and didn't make things difficult for us at all. This matter was quickly resolved!"

Instantly, Director Zheng finally understood.

He could not help but sigh and say excitedly, "Good, good! Good!!"

"Thank you so much, Chairman Ye. I don't know how to thank you!"

"I wonder what Chairman Ye likes. Ye Meng, help me convey my gratitude!" 𝒻𝘳ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝘰𝓋ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

"If there's anything Chairman Ye likes, tell me. I'll arrange it!"

Ye Meng giggled and was in a good mood.

She nodded and said, "Alright, Director Zheng, don't worry. My little brother is listening at the side. He's already heard it."

Director Zheng became even more excited and kept saying, "Yes! Thank you, Chairman Ye. I'll remember this great favor!"

He was truly grateful to Ye Xuan.

After all, to be able to resolve this matter so quickly was really not something an ordinary person could do!

Ye Xuan nodded and accepted his gratitude.

"Bring the production team tomorrow. I promised CEO Zhao that I would invite all of you to eat together."

Ye Xuan spoke.

The moment he heard that Ye Xuan wanted to treat them to a meal, Director Zheng immediately said, "Aiyo, you can't do this. I owe you a favor and have to ask you to treat me to a meal. How is this appropriate?!"

Ye Xuan explained, "It's fine. That's all for now. See you tomorrow."

Ye Meng also smiled at the side and said, "Then we'll hang up first. Goodbye!"

With that, she hung up.

She was in a very good mood now. After all, she was still very happy to have resolved this problem.

"Sixth Sister, you should sleep early too. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

Ye Xuan spoke.

Ye Meng nodded and said, "Good night, Little Brother. See you tomorrow."

Hence, Ye Xuan returned to his room and prepared to sleep.

The next morning.

The morning sun became exceptionally comfortable, making everyone feel warm.

After Ye Xuan and the rest woke up, they ate breakfast from the cafeteria in the living room.

Then, Ye Xuan said, "Sisters, we're going to the Riverview Villa today to go with our Sixth Sister and the others!"

Hearing this, everyone was a little excited.

There was going to be fun today.

Hence, they started preparing.

They all took a car and headed towards the Riverview Villa.

The people from the production team also drove towards that spot.

The last road to the Riverview Villa was a straight and wide road.

They also met very coincidentally on the way.

Ye Xuan glanced at Ye Meng in confusion.

Only then did Ye Meng explain that she had already contacted the production team before she came.

Just like that, they accidentally bumped into each other.

The production team, Ye Xuan's three luxury cars, and a business car quickly arrived at the entrance of the Riverview Villa.

When they reached the door, they saw a middle-aged man waiting at the door.

This was Zhao Shu, CEO Zhao!

When Zhao Shu saw the convoys, he did not think much of them.

However, when he saw three luxury cars, his eyebrows suddenly raised, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

He stared blankly at the luxury cars in front and was even a little stunned.

This was because this car was the Lykan Hypersport that he had seen before.

This car was worth tens of millions, and it was a luxury car that was difficult to buy even if one had money!

On second thought, this should be Ye Xuan's car.

It was no wonder. This car really matched his temperament.

There were also other luxury cars that were so shocking. Ordinary cars could not compare to them.

Soon, those cars stopped in front of the Riverview Villa and parked one after another.

This was a very huge manor. There were also many parking spaces outside the door.

They were all included in the building area of the Riverview Villa.

Even the surrounding forest was included.

It was enough to show how much land the ancestors of the Zhao family had bought back then!

At this moment, Ye Xuan brought Ye Chan, Ye Fei, Ye Meng, and Ye Xue out of the luxury cars and began to examine the building in front of them.

The production team also got out of the car with their equipment and stared at the villa in front of them. Their expressions were dull and they could not recover.

This was because the building in front of them looked like a palace from the outside. It was breathtaking.

There was a green mountain behind, and it was surrounded by water. It was simply a blessed mansion.

"Chairman Ye! Chairman Ye! Hello, hello!"

At this moment, Zhao Shu had already reached out his hand, bent down, and walked over.

His attitude was really sincere and he wanted to shake hands with Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan didn't refuse and just said very calmly, "You must be CEO Zhao. Thank you for this."

Hearing this, Zhao Shu immediately felt flattered.

He hurriedly said, "What are you talking about? It's my honor to serve you!"

He kept nodding and bowing to show his sincerity.

He then looked at Director Zheng and said, "Director Zheng, don't trouble Chairman Ye with such a small matter in the future. You can just say something!"

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