Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!-Chapter 421 - Too Many

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421 Too Many

Seeing this, the pupils of the four girls constricted. They looked at each other in shock and started discussing this scene.

“??? What the f*ck… What’s going on???”

“It wasn’t easy for me to get this chance. I was planning to play darts, but someone won almost all the dolls…”

“Sigh, I’ve been practicing darts for months for this. I thought that I would show off my skills this time, but in the end, what happened?”

“No, we have to talk to them about this. If this continues, we won’t have any fun!”


The girl who said this frowned and shouted at Ye Xuan unhappily.

“Little kid, you can’t monopolize the game and play by yourself. Let us play too!”

This sentence was like a fuse that ignited the battlefield. The other three girls also spoke.

“That’s right. It wasn’t easy for us to get this opportunity to play darts. Miss over there, are you the child’s relative? Can you let us play?”

“If this continues and you throw all the darts, then what’s the point of us playing?! Besides, you’re not here to throw darts, are you? Are you here to buy goods?”

“That’s right! It’s enough to win a doll. Everyone is here to play darts to experience the process of winning a doll. If you win all the dolls, what else can we play for?”

“What’s the point of winning like this?”

The surrounding people were all here to watch the show. Seeing the girls say this, they didn’t say anything. After all, they weren’t here to play darts.

However, when the boss heard someone speaking in the crowd, he finally couldn’t help but come over and talk about Ye Xuan’s behavior, which was no different from buying goods.

He said to Ye Xuan with a smile, “Little kid, it’s already so late. You’ve been playing for so long. Your hands should be tired from throwing, right? Come, this is a token of my appreciation. Do you want to drink tea, have supper, or go somewhere else to play? I’m just running a small business. I really can’t make it!”

After saying this, the boss handed over a red packet and looked at Ye Xuan expectantly.

In an instant, everyone was stunned on the spot.

The discussion exploded in the crowd again and spread.

“Haha, f*ck. The boss can’t afford to play anymore.”

“I’ve only seen street vendors collect money. This is the first time I’ve seen a street vendor give red packets to someone.” f𝔯𝗲e𝒘𝙚𝚋𝐧oѵe𝗹. 𝒄𝗼m

“Haha, he was taught a harsh lesson by a little kid. How amazing. The boss gave him a red packet to dissuade him!”

“Hahaha, this is the first time I’ve seen a stall owner give red packets at the event location and tell people not to play here.”

“This little kid is so awesome that his boss is dumbfounded.”

Ye Xuan looked at his boss’s sincere attitude, then at Ye Fei, and then at the time on his phone.

After thinking about it, it was indeed quite late. It wasn’t easy for the boss either, so he jumped off the darts table and spoke to Ye Fei.

“Fifth Sister, collect the bill. Let’s pack up the spoils of war and go home.”

Ye Fei nodded and went up to take the boss’s red packet. She smiled and spoke.

“Thank you for your hard work, Boss. We’ll come again next time!”

Then, she and Ye Chan each carried a large pile of dolls and walked out of the night market happily.

The boss was left with a dark expression as he laughed with everyone.

“Hahaha, the boss is secretly happy. Another stable customer has appeared.”

“From now on, there will be another sad person in the square.”

“Hurry up and get rid of it. Who can withstand this stall?”

“We probably won’t be able to see this boss tomorrow. He’ll travel at night and complain that the train is slow before carrying the train and running.”

“That child became famous after one battle. I don’t think this stall will dare to welcome him anymore. What a troublemaker.”

“If that child is indeed powerful, he must have practiced before.”

“I think so too…”

On the way, although the dolls were quite heavy, Ye Fei and Ye Chan were quite relaxed.

Just based on them alone, they would usually be grateful if they could win a doll back. This time, with Ye Xuan’s help, they actually won a lot. The feeling of returning with a full load was so beautiful that they were almost in heaven.

Ye Xuan was happy to see their expressions too. Girls were really easy to satisfy. A few dolls were enough.

However, Ye Xuan was quite relieved to see them so happy. If it wasn’t for the fact that the boss couldn’t afford to let him play anymore, he would have won all the dolls in his pickup truck and given a few to each sister.

The price of these dolls was not expensive. The money used to buy the darts was equivalent to buying a few dolls.

However, there was no need. He just wanted to play.

At this moment, many passersby in the square could not help but stop and watch when they saw the two of them carrying so many dolls. Their faces were filled with envy.

They exclaimed.

“Damn, look at those two little girls. They won so many dolls and went back.”

“The boss must be crying his eyes out.”

“I’ve always wanted to win two dolls for my child, but my hands are crippled.”

“These two girls are too amazing. They won so much. Are they professional?”

“I’m tempted to get dolls after seeing them, sisters. Shall we try it too?”

“Let’s go, let’s go. I want to carry a few back too.”

Ye Fei and Ye Chan listened to the exclamations of the surrounding people and their faces were filled with pride. They straightened their backs even more.

However, the passersby didn’t know that these dolls were actually won by a child like Ye Xuan.

If they knew, who knew what kind of expression they would show? Ye Xuan couldn’t help but think.

However, there was indeed no need for that.

While the adults were shocked, the children beside them also looked at Ye Fei and Ye Chan enviously.

They held their parents’ hands and pleaded.

“Daddy, I want that doll too. I want it too!”

“Mom, can you win one for me too? The doll is so cute.”

“Mommy, Mommy, I want it too… I want it too…”

Hearing their children’s pleas, the parents looked at the dolls in Ye Fei and Ye Chan’s arms and were in a difficult position.

It wasn’t worth it to buy the dolls. However, if they played the games and won, it wouldn’t be worth it with their skills.

The parents were in a dilemma and could only say to their children.

“Be good and listen to me. We’re not envious. Let’s go buy delicious food tomorrow.”

“Dolls aren’t fun. How about this? Mommy will bring you to buy toys tomorrow”

“Recently, a new amusement park has been opened. Daddy will bring you to play tomorrow, okay? Let’s not play with dolls anymore. How about that?”

When the children heard their parents say this, they were still unwilling to accept it. They stared at the dolls in Ye Fei and Ye Chan’s arms.

When the two of them saw the expressions of those children, they did not hesitate and chose a few cute dolls to give them.

For a moment, the children hugged the dolls and jumped up happily. As they jumped, they cheered happily.

However, their parents were very embarrassed. They thanked the sisters warmly and taught their children to say, “Thank you, Sister.”