Sir, How About A Marriage?-Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: Grand Finale

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In just a few years, the eldest daughter’s ex-husband fell ill before passing away, leaving an orphan girl behind. When the girl reached a marriageable age, she married an honest man like her father. She listened to her father’s wishes and did not return to the Zhuang family. She relied on the embroidery skills that she learned when she was young in the Zhuang family to make a living. She gave birth to a daughter and did not say a single word about her background.

At this point, Zhuang Ning’s face had already turned pale.

Cheng Yi let go of Zhuang Ning’s cold hand and looked at her own hands with a hint of sadness. She knew that after telling this story, she would no longer have the right to hold Zhuang Ning’s hand.

Song Ning and Jiahui were stunned. After a moment, they asked in unison, “Then, what happened?”

After all, Cheng Yi had yet to speak about the embroidery manual in detail.


Cheng Yi smiled lightly and said to Song Ning, “My sister and I each have an embroidery manual. They were originally kept in camphor boxes. You have four boxes, right?”

Song Ning nodded.

Cheng Yi smiled bitterly. “One of them should be empty, right? That must have been left by my sister for my daughter. Song Ning, my younger sister was your grandmother. Zhuang Yi was my niece. As for Cheng Che, he’s your cousin.”

Song Ning was stunned.

Jiahu murmured. “Life really works in mysterious ways. No wonder Ningning always acts like an elder sister to Cheng Che. As it turns out, she’s really his elder sister!”

Zhuang Ning took a step back, but no one, except Cheng Yi, noticed her reaction

Cheng Yi gritted her teeth, mustering up her courage before she said loudly, “In my life, the person I let down the most is my eldest daughter. I left her, causing her to have a hard life. My daughter was plagued with illness, and she died from abuse. My granddaughter was dealt with by a wicked person, and as a result, her face was disfigured. Fortunately, she was reborn from the ashes. She suffered immensely. The original sin is on me. I’ve done too many wrong things in my life, and I don’t dare to ask for forgiveness. I only hope that my poor granddaughter will be happy.”

Everyone looked at Zhuang Ning in unison. No matter how slow they were, they all understood Cheng Yi’s words.

Zhuang Ning was still stunned. At this moment, she wished she could vanish into thin air. She did not know how to face this.

Cheng Yi looked at Zhuang Ning and said, “Child, I wronged your mother greatly. I don’t ask for your forgiveness. I only wish that you’ll cherish yourself and live well.” Then, she looked at Cheng Che and said, “You were raised by your grandma so you have to be filial to her in the future. Since Zhuang Ning is your cousin, I hope you can look after her in the future as well.”

Cheng Yi left. Just like how she had suddenly appeared, she left just as suddenly. She was unrestrained as she was in the past.

The assets Cheng Yi left Zhuang Ning far exceeded the worth of the Yin family. She had left a message to Zhuang Ning saying that she could not give Zhuang Ning anything and could only use money to assuage her guilt. She also left her half of the embroidery manual to Zhuang Ning. As a sinner of the Zhuang family, she did not think she deserved such a valuable thing like the embroidery manual. She left it up to Zhuang Ning to decide what to do with it.

In this world, there were some things that were unforgivable even if one was sorry or had repented.

Fortunately, Cheng Yi was not persistent in asking for forgiveness.

As for Ning Zhe, he also could not forgive his son’s actions. He personally sent Ning Dong to jail and divorced Su Tong. He no longer cared about the after-effect of the poison. His greatest pleasure every day was accumulating and organizing his jewelry, jade, antiques, calligraphy scrolls, and paintings in the house. After all, all these things would be given to his cute and quick-witted grandson, Mu Lang.

Mu Chen invited Ning Zhe to attend his and Song Ning’s wedding and even asked Ning Zhe to walk Song Ning down the aisle.

Ning Zhe was so grateful and happy that he thought if he died now, he would have no regrets.

Mu Chen, Song Ning, Cheng Che, and Jiahui’s wedding, which were held at the same time, was unprecedentedly grand.

The two couples went through all kinds of trials and tribulations and finally got their happy endings.

The two brides wore dresses designed by Zhuang Ji, and it was expected that Zhuang Ji’s wedding dress business would be booming for the next ten years at least.

Some people had to face trials and tribulations in life. However, after overcoming hardships, the rest of their days would be blissful.