Spirit Vessel-Chapter 1094: Finally Out

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Chapter 1094: Finally Out

“Down, Little Cutey!” The turtle chanted while raising its hands. White fog spewed out of its mouth and activated the runes on the dragon.

It lost control of its body and grew smaller.

“What the hell?!” The dragon was horrified while the turtle flew over and used it as a scarf again.

“Grand Incantation Art from Time Immemorial! Who the hell are you, shameless turtle?!” The dragon bellowed.

This was one of the eight arts, notorious for its curses and spells.

The real thing has been lost with time. Only a few witchcraft tribes or underground creatures had access to curses.

All in all, the current spells and curses were branches of the original art.

Grand Change Art was the basis for wisdom masters, astro masters, treasure masters, and many more…

Grand Puppet Art gave birth to puppet masters, corpse masters, and other creation arts. For example, splitting into avatars or changing beans into soldiers. In fact, it could even raise someone back from death and re-create their body.

Grand Incantation Art had the same widespread effect with spells and talismans. Cultivators eventually embedded this art into paper or items - creating wondrous treasures capable of offense and defense.

Turning the spells into a physical form made using them far easier. Alas, the true essence of the art was lost in this process so the modern version was far weaker.

Today, the dragon saw an original user of this art, hence its fear.

“Down, Little Cutey!” The turtle chanted again and the dragon slammed into the ground, only its tail could be seen wiggling above the surface.

“Fuck you!” It got out and cursed.

“Still so disobedient!” The turtle chanted again.

The dragon’s head smashed into a boulder hard enough to break it. He vomited blood and gave up: “I yield, I yield, can you take these runes off me?”

“No.” The turtle refused.

“Then can you at least change the incantation?” The dragon found it too silly.

“I kinda like it, Little cu-” The turtle responded.

“Fine, fine, leave it then.” The dragon bowed subserviently.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a lightning bolt flashed in the air and illuminated the mountain. Next came winds and thunder.ƒ𝑟𝐞ewe𝚋𝑛o𝙫𝚎l. 𝒄o𝗺

“Rumble!” Black clouds with images of beasts and claws emerged.

Feiyun opened his eyes and stood up, slightly furrowing his brows. His weapon essence turned into a white spear as he raised his voice: “Who dares come to disturb the resting place of a saint?”

A figure shrouded in a black cloak and lighting responded: “A half-demon thinking that he’s the guardian of this place? I am here today to take the saintess’ corpse, no one can stop me!”

Feiyun could tell that this cultivator was extremely powerful - a grand paragon of the evil path.

Given its faint corpse energy, it might be a corpse evil wanting to reach the next step with the saintess’ corpse.

Heavenly Ghost didn’t lack evil cultivators in the slightest. Plus, only experts could travel through this world to reach the alchemy market underground.

Nonetheless, Feiyun had no intention of backing down. His weapon essence became brighter and brighter.

“Death to all intruders.” A beautiful voice resounded.

An azure beam rushed out of the daoist temple and turned into a delicate sword. Its target was none other than the black clouds.

“Pluff!” Next came a miserable cry.

The two halves of the corpse evil fell to the ground. The black clouds and lightning arcs dissipated.

“So strong, just who is she?” Feiyun glanced at the gray temple and wondered.

“Creak.” Three days later, the gate to the temple opened once more.

The woman came out after finishing her recovery. Her skin was white as jade, with bright eyes and white teeth, smooth black hair, and a well-defined and perky chest. Bamboo leaves fell on her shoulders as she walked across the bridge.

She stared closely at Feiyun and he asked: “You’re finally out.”

“You lost even more lifespan, what happened?” She asked.

“It’s fine, everyone dies eventually.” He said and still stared at the tablet. The dao laws were too profound. He would need several more decades to understand them, at the very least.

She didn’t pry any further because everyone chose a different path. Moreover, she felt like he had a good grasp on his destiny and didn’t need her advice.

“I will be going to the first gate of hell again, are you coming?” She asked.

“Whose soul are you trying to take away from there?” He responded while still staring at the tablet. He already knew the answer but still wanted to hear directly from her.

“Her death was too strange. Her soul didn’t travel straight to hell but is still trapped at the first gate, I must bring her back.” The woman paused for a moment before responding.

“Who has enough power to trap the soul of a saint…?” Feiyun was startled.

“Lord of Chaos.” She said.

The turtle’s eyes gleamed after hearing this title and it became interested in the conversation.

“Everyone thinks that it is hell after entering the first gate. This is not the case. There are nine gates of hell in between separating the yin and yang worlds.” She explained: “The guardians of these gates belong to a mysterious race, not part of either world. No one knows where they came from or why they were given this mission. Nonetheless, they take souls, even those from saints, back to hell.”

“Grave palace.” The turtle quietly interjected but realized that it had messed up. Nonetheless, the two didn’t pay attention to it.

“It’ll be a full moon soon and the laws of this world will weaken. I must do something important then and require your assistance. Afterward, I will attack the first gate with you.” Feiyun said.

“You wish to reach Heaven’s Emergence?” She asked.

“This is my only chance.” He took a deep breath.

“And I shall help you.” She didn’t need to think because this half-demon was special. If he could somehow reach Heaven’s Emergence, he would become a great figure later on.

Meanwhile, someone else was walking up the stars of the mountain.

This was an old man with the aura of a half-demon. However, his power far exceeded those in the Heaven’s Emergence realm. The veins of the world followed his lead.

What an incredible aura! Did another half-demon break through Heaven's Emergence before me?! Feiyun thought.