Spring is the Plan of Life-Chapter 41 - (M) Gentle Scum

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Chapter 41 - (M) Gentle Scum

(M) Chapter 41 – Gentle Scum 

Novel Title: 一生之计在于春 (Spring is the Plan of Life)

Author:御小凡 (Yu Xiaofan)

Translator: K (@kin0monogatari)

Protagonists: 姚锦夕 (Yao Jinxi -MC), 吴洋 (Wu Yang -ML)

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When leaving Yao’s house, it was already 10 o’clock. There was truly no need for further planning any activities. Heading straight to the hotel was the priority. Yao Jinxi asked casually, “Have you booked the room?”

Wu Yang chuckled as he held the steering wheel, “When your mom tells me to do something, it must be done as quickly as possible.”

“You haven’t completely been accepted yet,” Yao Jinxi smiled and asked casually, “What type of room did you book?”

“King-sized beds,” Wu Yang said confidently. He then glanced at Yao Jinxi, who seemed composed. “Two rooms.”

Yao Jinxi paused and raised an eyebrow, looking at him with slight surprise. “Two rooms?”

“Hmm. Because it’s more comfortable to sleep in a big bed,” Wu Yang explained.

Yao Jinxi’s mood became a bit complex for a moment.

He didn’t know what Yao Hong and Yao Jinchen were thinking, but Yao Jinxi had some understanding in his heart. They were officially committed as a couple. Yet so far, there had only been a few kisses. For an adult couple, something seemed to be lacking.

Of course, Yao Jinxi wasn’t in a rush to do anything with Wu Yang. In fact, until now, whether it’s ‘bottom’ or ‘top,’ he hadn’t engaged in that sort of thing before.

During depression, sexual desire can diminish or even disappear completely. Afterward, Yao Jinxi never had such thoughts. He lived each day with a simple and ascetic mindset. As a result, at the age of 26, Yao Jinxi remains inexperienced in romantic relationships. Yao Jinchen played a significant role in this. It led him to have an impression of ‘violence’ and ‘intrusion’ when it comes to such matters. Despite understanding rationally that that’s not the case, a certain aversion has taken root in his heart to some extent.

Nevertheless, even with this mindset, Yao Jinxi held the conviction of letting things happen naturally with Wu Yang. However, to his surprise, this person who was so open and so gentlemanly, had no desire for him?

He nervously rubbed his fingers, becoming even more restless due to his agitation about this unexpected feeling.

There aren’t many good hotels in City L. The Purple Lilac Hotel is just one of them. Wu Yang checked0in and exchanged room cards. He then took the elevator with Yao Jinxi. They bid each other good night at the door of Yao Jinxi’s room.

Wu Yang swiftly entered his own room.

Yao Jinxi, holding his room card, stood alone in the empty corridor. His face was contorted with frustration.

— Is that all there is to it?

He glanced at Wu Yang’s door. After he made sure that it wouldn’t dramatically open, he opened his own room’s door in disappointment.

What’s the big deal? I’m making it seem like I’m eagerly waiting for something to happen.

The regular double room was naturally not as spacious as the family suite. Yao Jinxi, utterly bored, watched TV for a while and spaced out. He decided to take a shower.

The bathroom didn’t have a bathtub. They probably thought that few people would feel at ease using a hotel bathtub. So they opted not to have one. Standing beneath the showerhead, Yao Jinxi absentmindedly washed his body. He intermittently thought about what Wu Yang might be doing in the next room.

Is he also showering right now?

Wu Yang has fair skin. He looks quite refined. But who knows about his physique underneath his clothes. Yao Jinxi suddenly remembered the sight of Wu Yang just after taking a shower that one time. It was truly stunning.

He swallowed unknowingly and slowly imagined the scene under his bathrobe in his mind. His lower body started to react.

The water was splashing and Yao Jinxi leaned back on the tiles. He was very stimulated by the half-cold and half-warm situation. His hands were still stained with foam as he held his lower body firmly. He took a deep breath. He rubbed the head of his dick with his thumb as usual. He didn’t know if the sticky feeling was caused by prostate fluid or shower gel.

The wet sound of masturbating was masked by the sound of water. Yao Jinxi even felt a little pain during the last few strokes. But it brought another kind of pleasure.

The moment he ejaculated, he raised his head and closed his eyes as he held his breath until the climax passed. He then slowly breathed out in the afterglow.

After venting his desire, Yao Jinxi’s face turned gloomy. What was I doing? Am I lusting after my boyfriend through a wall? Am I willing to let myself be so sexually frustrated?

He shook his hands a bit disgustedly as he turned around and took a lot of shower gel. He washed his entire body again with it.

This shower unexpectedly took nearly an hour. It was truly the most troublesome shower Yao Jinxi had ever taken in his entire life. He felt as if there were creases all over his body. Impatiently, he rubbed himself with a towel for a long time. Yet, he couldn’t feel any drier.

Sitting on the spacious bed, drying his hair, Yao Jinxi lifted his head and was faced with the wall covered with elegant floral-patterned wallpaper. He held the hairdryer in one hand and ruffled his hair with the other. For some unknown reason, Yao Jinxi felt a surge of nervousness and excitement. This twisted emotion surprised himself a lot.

Soon after, he self-mockingly felt somewhat comforted. Isn’t it normal for him to do that? He likes Wu Yang, right? Shouldn’t he anticipate something happening between them when they went to sleep in a hotel?

Doesn’t he like him? Why should he not look forward to it?

Of course it’s normal.

Realising this, Yao Jinxi suddenly felt relieved. He found this mindset easy to accept. He was no longer conflicted in his mind. He calmly finished drying his hair, almost halfway, then set the hairdryer aside. He then casually dressed himself and left the room. He turned left to ring the doorbell of Wu Yang’s room.

When Wu Yang opened the door and saw him, there was no surprise on his face. “Can’t sleep?”

“It’s not even midnight yet. Could I sleep now?” Yao Jinxi noticed that Wu Yang had also just finished showering. However, this hotel didn’t provide bathrobes. So he casually wore his own shirt with the top three buttons undone. He lost that air of elegance about him almost immediately.

Yao Jinxi remembered that just a moment ago when he was in the bathroom, he was thinking about this guy’s body. His expression momentarily showed a trace of excitement.

Wu Yang, without changing his expression, observed Yao Jinxi’s expression and smiled, “Is the TV over there broken?”

Yao Jinxi gave him a ‘you talk too much nonsense‘ look and walked straight in. Wu Yang closed the door behind him and followed him in.

The blanket on the bed was already unfolded. It seemed that this guy was ready to sleep.

Suddenly, Yao Jinxi felt a bit silly.

Not only silly. But it was also very incomprehensible.

“I’m going back.” Yao Jinxi turned around woodenly and quickly passed by Wu Yang. He reached for the doorknob. He twisted it open and just a bit after pulling it back, a hand suddenly appeared at the side of his head. The hand pressed firmly against the door.

— Click.

The door was closed again.

Wu Yang stood behind him, smiling as he asked, “So quickly going back?”

Caught between the door and the man, Yao Jinxi felt a bit stiff, “Anyway, there’s nothing to do here.”

“Hmm?” Wu Yang said as he bent down. He was half a head taller than Yao Jinxi. At this time, he happened to be speaking right behind Yao Jinxi’s ear. His warm breath caressed his sensitive ear as he spoke, “What were you planning to do here before?”

“Watching TV…-” Yao Jinxi trembled before he could finish speaking. This was because his ear was licked by something hot and wet, leaving an ambiguous water mark. He knew what it was and what it was doing without even thinking much about it.

“Since you are also in a hurry…” Wu Yang’s deep voice had a hint of hoarseness, with some breathy sound left at the end. It caused confusion and anxiety in Yao Jinxi. Yao Jinxi glanced back but naturally saw nothing except the arm that trapped him. He turned his head slightly and Wu Yang’s lips immediately covered his mouth.

It first covered only the corner of the mouth, which was originally caused by the angle and distance. But Wu Yang was not in a hurry to correct the target. He patiently licked and kissed Yao Jinxi’s corner of the mouth gently. This kind of kiss doesn’t have much erotic meaning. Yet it has a lot more tenderness. It was akin to the greetings and play between animals, with a hint of intimacy.

Yao Jinxi opened his mouth slightly and raised his eyes to look at Wu Yang. Wu Yang was also looking at him. Because of their heights, the way his eyes were lowered made Yao Jinxi feel very excited. He stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked his lips.

Wu Yang narrowed his eyes. He retracted the hand that had been holding on the door to hold the back of Yao Jinxi’s head, forcing him to turn his head completely. The kiss gradually became deeper and more erotic.

Yao Jinxi was also excited. He simply turned his whole body around and wrapped a hand on Wu Yang’s shoulder. The exploration and encirclement of each other’s lips is no longer gentle. It even has a sense of intrusion. But they calmly give it away when the other party asks for it. Yao Jinxi was kissed until his scalp was numb and his waist was weak. He was held by Wu Yang to stand on his feet.

——This feels too good…

Yao Jinxi thought dizzily as he was led in by Wu Yang. Fortunately, the distance was not long before they finally fell on the bed together.

The two of them untied each other’s belts in a tacit understanding. Wu Yang took off his shirt and helped Yao Jinxi take off his short-sleeved shirt. It didn’t take long for them both to be naked.

Their dicks were both completely hard.

Yao Jinxi looked at the body he had thought about several times which was revealed in front of him. He was fair and slender, without any extra fat. His breathing became a little short. Without waiting for Yao Jinxi to make the next move, Wu Yang lowered his head and nibbled on Yao Jinxi’s lower lip. Then, he seemed to think about something and said with a smile, “I’m not very good at this… Hmm, if it’s uncomfortable for you, tell me?”

Yao Jinxi hasn’t figured out what ‘this’ refers to yet. Wu Yang, who was on top of him, kissed him downwards. He kissed his chin, Adam’s apple, collarbone, chest, and lower abdomen, with a trail of water vapour tracing the way down.

Yao Jinxi’s dick has long been fully erect. The entire dick is wet with body fluids. Since it had ejaculated once before, it now looks even harder.

Wu Yang took it into his mouth without hesitation. He was really not good at this. He never expected that he would take another man’s penis in his mouth before, but he didn’t feel disgusted at all to do this.

Even he himself was surprised by this.

The surprised Yao Jinxi managed to hold himself up and looked down. He was dizzy with excitement.

This scene is too stimulating.

With such a handsome and outstanding man giving him a blowjob, Yao Jinxi felt that his dick was so hard almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Although the other guy’s step-by-step technique could not be said to be particularly excellent, he still felt a slight twitching numbness in his balls.

Yao Jinxi has not forgotten that Wu Yang was originally a straight man. Before him, he might not have thought of doing this kind of thing with another man. But he managed to do this for him.

Yao Jinxi said in a hoarse voice, “Wait, wait a moment…”

Wu Yang paused his action. He frowned and raised his head, “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

“It’s still alright…” It’s neither comfortable nor uncomfortable. Yao Jinxi took Wu Yang’s arm to help him get up and he calmed down for a while before saying, “Let me help you instead.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Wu Yang’s dick as a sign to supplement his words.

Wu Yang wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb and smiled, “Okay.”

To be honest, Yao Jinxi has never done this kind of thing before. He has never had a training partner. But compared to Wu Yang, he is an outright gay man right from the start. He has fantasies about the male body. He has also watched a lot of GV to pass the time. He has even thought about doing similar things from the videos.

He lay between Wu Yang’s legs, holding one of Wu Yang’s thighs with one hand and holding the base of Wu Yang’s dick to hold it in place. He bent down and tentatively licked the umbrella-shaped head first. Yao Jinxi secreted more saliva to lubricate it.

It was not a delicious taste. But it was extremely aphrodisiac.

Yao Jinxi’s Adam’s apple moved and he couldn’t help but kiss the dick before wrapping it in his soft mouth and rubbing it back and forth with his tongue. He could only swallow half of it due to the size. Meanwhile, his hand that was holding the remaining half started to fap the lower half of the shaft.

Wu Yang’s eyes turned dark despite him still having a smile on his face. He leaned on the bed and stroke Yao Jinxi’s hair, “Don’t push yourself.”

Yao Jinxi shook his head as he spit the dick out. He then swallowed his saliva mixed with prostate fluid and slowly swallowed the dick in his mouth again. When he swallowed more than half of it, he made a somewhat suppressed nasal sound. He felt uncomfortable but at the same time, felt a suffocating pleasure. After mastering a certain skill, Yao Jinxi began to imitate the actions as shown in GV.

God knows how much effort it took for Wu Yang not to just thrust his dick forward. The overwhelming pleasure forced him to take a deep breath and suppressed the desire to cum in Yao Jinxi’s mouth immediately. He stood up and picked Yao Jinxi up.

Yao Jinxi was feeling rather dizzy. His face was flushed and the mucus stretched a line between the head of Wu Yang’s dick and Yao Jinxi’s lips. It looked extremely seductive in Wu Yang’s eyes. He kissed Yao Jinxi with a strong force. The strange and astringent smell of male hormones filled the atmosphere. They kept exploring each other’s mouths. The saliva that Yao Jinxi hadn’t had time to swallow slid down from the corners of his lips. Wu Yang pressed Yao Jinxi under him with the sound of slurping of water from the kisses.

Yao Jinxi suddenly froze at the position where he was suppressed by Wu Yang. His anxiety could be covered up as he was reminded of his traumatic past.

Although this anxiety was short-lived, Wu Yang could sense it due to their skin-to-skin contact. Of course, he would not mention the past that might cause a shadow on Yao Jinxi. Instead, he gently kissed the corners of Yao Jinxi’s eyes as he asked, “Can I keep going?”

Yao Jinxi closed his eyes to calm down and opened them again. What came into view was Wu Yang’s gentle face. The touch of their bare skins didn’t feel threatening. It only felt comfortable.

He smiled slightly and said, “You can.”

Wu Yang gave him another comforting kiss before leaning over and grabbing something from the side table.

Yao Jinxi glanced at it unintentionally and instantly felt surprised!

He looked at the tube in disbelief and cursed, “Damn it! Where did you get this thing from?!”

There are condoms provided on the sink in this hotel. This is very common. But it is absolutely impossible for the hotel to provide a tube of KY lube. It seems that it must have been brought by Wu Yang!

Wu Yang smiled brightly, “I always carry it with me.”

——Why do you carry lubricant with you!?

Although he didn’t say anything out loud, Yao Jinxi’s expression already said everything he was thinking about. So Wu Yang explained briefly, “Better to be prepared than to suffer later.”

His explanation implied that he had always been ready to have sex with Yao Jinxi since a while back.

“You are really a gentle…-” Yao Jinxi looked at him with a strange expression for a long time. He thought about how this man, who was always wearing a suit and leather shoes, had lubricant in his pocket all this time. After taking a deep breath, he continued, “-…scum.”

Wu Yang kissed him and said, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Being made to feel helpless by his naturally shameless look, Yao Jinxi relaxed physically and mentally. He retracted and spread his legs to facilitate Wu Yang’s movement.

Wu Yang took a pillow and put it under Yao Jinxi’s waist without any instruction. He squeezed a lot of lubricant into his hand. The water-soluble liquid has no colour and is slightly viscous. But it feels very refreshing when it is applied to the skin. Yao Jinxi watched as Wu Yang lubricated his asshole seriously. He felt like laughing for some unknown reason.

This feels very strange. The two of them are doing this kind of thing buck naked. But they don’t feel embarrassed or shy at all. They seemed to have known each other for a long time and were so familiar with each other.

Due to his cooperation and Wu Yang’s hard work, it didn’t take long before four fingers were softly inserted into the asshole. The opening and closing look of Yao Jinxi’s asshole was too attractive in such an environment for Wu Yang.

Yao Jinxi thought that he should be ready now. So he whispered, “Put it in.”

When Wu Yang’s dick with the condom on entered his asshole, Yao Jinxi could not control the trembling of his body and him gasping in surprise. They had done enough preparation and the remaining lubricant was used on the condom to reduce the friction. Thus, Yao Jinxi did not feel pain.

Their bodies are warm as they accommodate each other’s almost similar body temperature. It was as if they had become one. Wu Yang whispered in Yao Jinxi’s ear, “Just tell me if it hurts.”

Yao Jinxi shook his head in confusion. His prostate was being pressed by Wu Yang’s dick and he felt the sense of fullness gradually rising in his body, “You… You’re not moving?”

Wu Yang was attracted by Yao Jinxi’s look of confusion. He stroked Yao Jinxi’s sweaty bangs off of his forehead. Wu Yang couldn’t tell whether Yao Jinxi was showing this look due to conscious control or because his lower body began to twitch unbearably. Wu Yang slid his dick out halfway and then buried it deeply again. This action alone made Yao Jinxi react greatly. He suddenly took a deep breath and moaned softly as Wu Yang thrusted his dick into him.

So warm…and so…comfortable…

It was Yao Jinxi’s first time having sex. But because the person he was having sex with was such a reliable and trustworthy person, Yao Jinxi was able to give it all to him and feel the happiness brought by the friction wholeheartedly.

The tingling sensation when the mucous membrane was overwhelmed by the friction made his legs tremble. Wu Yang liked his moans very much. When Wu Yang didn’t kiss his mouth, Yao Jinxi let out moans that had a hint of him trying to control himself but still unable to control himself. It was simply the best aphrodisiac for Wu Yang. The moist, hot and soft interior seems to know what can bring greater pleasure. He tastefully twists his dick as he goes deeper and deeper while Yao Jinxi keeps squirming automatically with each thrust.

Even though Wu Yang was usually such a sensible and self-controlled person, he lost control at this moment. He pulled out his dick almost completely and then thrust it in fiercely. Yao Jinxi leaned back as he couldn’t bear the fierce thrusting and sobbed intermittently. He had the appearance of being consumed in lust while also looking pitiful. Wu Yang circled his arms around Yao Jinxi’s waist and lowered his head. He licked Yao Jinxi’s Adam’s apple erotically. The rhythm of his thrust became erratic. It only became harder and harder every time. When his dick hit Yao Jinxi’s seminal vesicle, Yao Jinxi would let out a loud cry intermittently and the hand behind Wu Yang would scratch out bloody marks. He didn’t know when it was that he had ejaculated and sprayed his semen on Wu Yang’s lower abdomen.

This was not his last ejaculation for the night. Being fucked took even more energy that he initially thought. Yao Jinxi was turned over and over by Wu Yang to different positions. In the end, he could no longer cum. But the lingering orgasmic feeling was still stubbornly accumulating layer upon layer on his body. His lower abdomen was sore while his limbs were weak. His whole brain was also confused. He could only think of two words the moment realised who he was dealing with and that is; Gentle Scum.


*Translator’s Note: Seminal vesicles are the part above the prostate. That means WY’s dick really went deep. Hahaha. This smutty chapter must be a birthday gift to me. Lol! -K


GV = Gay Video (Gay Porn)

☝🏻KY lube

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