Strongest Eccentric Consort-Chapter 773: Strike First!

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Chapter 773: Strike First!

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone turned to look at the soldier who had just spoken.

“We may not lose in the second match? What do you mean?” a general frowned and asked.

The soldier’s face turned red from nervousness. He quickly lowered his head and explained, “Look at Lou Qianxue’s face.”

Everyone doubtfully glanced at Lou Qianxue, who was meditating with her eyes closed. Their brows furrowed even more. “I know she looks good, but you still have the heart to look at her face at this moment?”

“Cough! No! Look carefully at Lou Qianxue’s face. It’s pale, chalky, and covered with perspiration. This shows she’s also feeling unwell now!”

“Hmm?” Everyone carefully looked at her and realized it was true.. Their eyes instantly brightened.

“That’s right! Lou Qianxue is just at the peak of the Mystic Martial realm. To defeat Old Tong, who is much stronger than her, she would surely need to pay a greater price! The lightning bolts that even Old Tong is unable to overcome are definitely hard to control!”

“Yes! That means although Lou Qianxue seems strong on the outside right now, she’s actually weak?”

“Indeed.” That soldier nodded. “Back in my hometown, I learned an inscription from my elders. I heard that there is something called the ‘Inscription array formation,’ which is now long-lost. It uses a combination of many different inscriptions to create an array formation with great power! That glowing shield is most likely an inscription array formation!”

“Inscription array formation?” Everyone appeared lost. “This powerful thing is called ‘Inscription array formation’?”


Lou Qianxue, who sat with her legs crossed, suddenly opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the Nandu Army. She raised her brows.

“How unexpected! Someone recognized my technique!”

Her gaze fell on the glowing shield in front of her.

That was right!

The shield was an inscription array formation!

Before leaving Imperial city, Lou Qianxue had created many inscriptions just in case she might need them. As expected, one came in handy!

After briefly exchanging blows with Old Tong, Lou Qianxue had confirmed that her cultivation was no match for his. Therefore, she had started to make other preparations.

When everyone thought she was escaping from Old Tong’s attacks, she was actually making use of the power of teleportation to draw on the ground by channeling her Essence Martial Power with her soul power…

In front of everyone, she had created this “Heavenly Elements Nonakills Inscription”!

The “Heavenly Elements Nonakills Inscription” was created by making use of inscriptions of the nine elements in the world—metal, wood, water, fire, soil, lightning, light, and darkness—to manipulate and enhance the nine elements!

She could trigger any element out of the nine in the inscription array formation at any time!

“Lightning’s Justice” was the lightning element of the nine elements.


The Nandu soldier was wrong about one thing!

Lou Qianxue smirked. “In the process of drawing the inscription and forming the formation, my mental strength was greatly depleted and I was indeed feeling unwell… However, once the formation was complete, I did not have to do anything else. Moreover, I’ve sat here for so long that I’ve long recovered to my peak condition!”

She smirked and closed her eyes again.

A while later…

Old Tong’s body became covered in blood. His face was as pale as a sheet as he yelled inside the glowing shield. The indomitable lightning was unending. It relentlessly chased after him.

The lightning would strike him whenever he wasn’t paying attention. It was impossible for him to find the time to demolish the formation!

The Nandu army waited for a while. Their soldiers could not help but feel desperate.

“Lou Qianxue appears to be so relaxed. On the other hand, Old Tong was defeated so quickly! The next match… is pointless even if we win it! We have to do something!”

“Do what?”

“Lou Qianxue is focusing on the second match and is greatly exhausted. Tian Zhao’s only other Heavenly Martial Realm expert, their Crown Prince, has not recovered from his injuries yet. We should strike first!”