Superstar From Age 0-Chapter 413:

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Chapter 413:

“Ah? The trainer is here?”

Kim Si-hoon and Baek Yi-hyun greeted the trainer who was standing in front of the practice room as they came back from checking the lunch menu at the cafeteria.

“Uh, yeah.”

The trainer snapped out of his trance as he heard their voices.

He had been staring at Seo-jun in awe.

“…Come in. Let's start the practice.”


At the trainer's arrival, choi Jae-won stopped the music and Jung Eun-sung handed Seo-jun a water bottle.

The trainer hadn't even noticed that Choi Jae-won and Jung Eun-sung were in the practice room, so mesmerizing was Seo-jun's dance.

The trainer walked to his spot with a slightly flushed face.

Meanwhile, seo-jun and the Blue Moon members sat on the floor of the practice room and stretched their legs to warm up before the dance practice.

Their mouths were moving as fast as their bodies.

“Si-hoon hyung. What's for lunch today?”

“They said it's pork cutlet with cold noodles!”

“There's also soup and bread.”


“Don't you think our company's pork cutlet is delicious?”

“I like the cold noodles too!”

The others sparkled their eyes and chattered at Kim Si-hoon and Baek Yi-hyun's words.

‘…Did I imagine it?’

The trainer wondered if everything that had happened before was an illusion, seeing how Seo-jun and the Blue Moon members were so happy about a simple lunch menu.

The Blue Moon members who practiced with Seo-jun didn't seem to find anything strange either.

The trainer rubbed his forehead lightly.

He didn't have any stressful events lately, but maybe he was more tired than he realized.

While he was lost in thought, the Blue Moon members discussed seriously how to eat more and better for lunch.

“We have to start controlling our weight soon.”

“We don't have many days left to eat as much as we want!”

“But if we eat too much, it’ll be hard to lose weight later.”

The others nodded in agreement at Jung Eun-sung's words. It was time to make a systematic plan.

They compared the calories of cold noodles and pork cutlet with serious faces, while continuing to stretch. Seo-jun smiled softly at their sight.

The trainer, who had been massaging his forehead, also laughed.

“Guys. Let's start the practice.”


The trainer placed a camera in the center and headed towards the speaker.

“We don't have much time left until the music video shoot, so pay attention to the details.”


“Let's start with the music video formation, including Seo-jun.”

Blue Moon had two formations for their practice: one for the music video with Seo-jun, and one for the music shows or events without him.

After learning the choreography, seo-jun joined the practice when Blue Moon practiced the music video formation, and worked on his script when they practiced the event formation.

Unlike during the practice when Seo-jun stood in the back, this time he stood in front and Blue Moon stood behind him.

The trainer played the music and Seo-jun and Blue Moon started to move.


The beginning of the song was a scene where Seo-jun acted without dancing, according to the music video storyboard. But Seo-jun practiced dancing even for this part, making the trainer curious.

But on second thought, it seemed better to learn everything than just learning some parts that would appear in short clips. It gave a sense of continuity.

‘I hope this feeling comes out in the music video…’

But that was up to the music video director, so the trainer focused on his job.

His eyes scanned Seo-jun and Blue Moon.

This was where Seo-jun's dance appeared in the music video.

Originally, a masked dancer was supposed to appear here.


Seo-jun moved alone a few times in the center.

Then Choi Jae-won came forward and stood next to Seo-jun.

Boom boom!

Seo-jun and Choi Jae-won danced together.

The trainer's eyes moved quickly.

He compared Seo-jun and Choi Jae-won's dance unconsciously, without even realizing it.

The angle of their raised arms, the movement of their fingertips, and even the steps they tapped on the floor.

Seo-jun copied Choi Jae-won's dance perfectly without any error, making the trainer hold his breath.

Before he could process what was happening, choi Jae-won and Kim Si-hoon switched places.

Seo-jun felt Kim Si-hoon's energetic dance.

He danced as if he had been dancing with Choi Jae-won all along, captivating everyone with his main dancer skills.

The trainer's pupils dilated.

Next was Park Ee-deun who came forward.

Seo-jun and Park Ee-deun danced like twins who had telepathy, no, more than twins, with perfect synchronization and even the same habits.

‘…Oh my god.’

He wasn't seeing things.

Seo-jun copied Jung Eun-sung and Baek Yi-hyun's dance flawlessly as well, making the trainer stare blankly.

A chill ran down his spine again.



As soon as the first practice ended, the trainer showed the video he had taken to the Blue Moon members and explained what he had seen.

The Blue Moon members, who had been too familiar with practicing together to notice, widened their eyes and exclaimed in admiration.

“It's exactly the same…”

“How can he dance like that?”

“Oh, goosebumps! Goosebumps!”

Choi Jae-won and Baek Yi-hyun stared blankly at the screen, while Kim Si-hoon and Park Ee-deun rubbed their arms that were covered with goosebumps.

Jung Eun-sung, who was watching everyone's surprised reactions, poked Seo-jun's side with a satisfied smile.

“What did you do?”

At Jung Eun-sung's question, not only the Blue Moon members, but also the trainer leaned in to listen.

Seo-jun chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah. Acting.”


Blue Moon and the trainer blinked their eyes.

They wondered what dancing had to do with acting.

Seo-jun smiled brightly and explained to the puzzled faces.

“The MV concept is that, right? So I've been imitating your habits and dances since a long time ago. But it turned out better than I thought!”


Blue Moon and the trainer blinked their eyes again.

“…What was our concept again?”

At Choi Jae-won's question, Park Ee-deun quickly brought the music video script.

Blue Moon and the trainer read the white paper without blinking.

“…Seo-jun. What does the script have to do with imitating our dances?”

“Well, here…”

Seo-jun explained his interpretation of the script in detail.

As Seo-jun's explanation went on, the expressions of Blue Moon members and the trainer gradually changed.

At first, they seemed to understand well, but then they frowned and tilted their heads slowly.

When Seo-jun finished his words, they burst out with strong reactions.


No way, is that possible?

Kim Si-hoon blurted out without knowing and looked at Seo-jun with trembling eyes.

“Is that written here?”

Baek Yi-hyun held up the script with a serious expression and shone it under the ceiling light.

He wondered if there was some hidden code that he couldn't see, but nothing came out.

“…This is why he won the Golden Bell Award, I guess.”


Choi Jae-won and the trainer moved slightly away from Seo-jun. He was a scary kid.

“I see.”

“That's amazing.”

“Why are you guys so calm? Isn't this something to be shocked about?”

At Kim Si-hoon's bewildered words, Park Ee-deun and Jung Eun-sung shrugged their shoulders.

“We’re in the same department as Seo-jun. We take joint classes with the acting department.”

“After three years of taking acting classes with Seo-jun, you'll think that his acting is beyond our comprehension.”

“Like it's not human-like?”

Park Ee-deun and Jung Eun-sung nodded in agreement.

“But this one is a bit surprising.”

“Yeah. It's completely different from what we understood.” f𝐫e𝚎we𝚋n𝐨𝘃el.𝗰𝗼𝐦

At their reaction, seo-jun tilted his head. He wondered why it was so surprising.

“Isn't this what it means?”

At Seo-jun's question, blue Moon and the trainer opened and closed their mouths.

Soon, they sighed like admiration.

“…It seems like a genius doesn't know the limits of ordinary people, huh?”

“Are all third-year students in the acting department like this?”

“It's only Seo-jun. The others are normal.”

As Seo-jun blinked his eyes, choi Jae-won explained the original interpretation of the script.

Seo-jun tilted his head as he asked questions about the parts he didn't understand.

He soon understood the original interpretation and looked at the music video script with a perplexed expression.

Two interpretations from one script.

Unlike a script that connects the front and back stories, a music video only had pictures and simple instructions without dialogue.

It was understandable that there could be misunderstandings. It was his mistake not to ask more about the content.

‘Hmm. But this is boring…’

The interpretation that Choi Jae-won explained was not fun enough for him to want to act.

If he had understood it that way from the beginning, he wouldn't have participated in it.

But he had already signed a contract and there wasn't much time left for filming.

He wasn't irresponsible enough to quit in the middle of it.

‘Then there's only one way.’

After thinking for a moment, seo-jun opened his mouth.

“My interpretation isn't bad, right?”

Blue Moon nodded their heads.

“If you can do it, I think it's better than the original one.”

“I think so too.”

“But who can act like that…”

…He's here?

Blue Moon members’ eyes turned to actor Lee Seo-jun.

At their reaction, seo-jun smiled and said,

“Then ask Team 1. It's not changing the content of the MV, just the interpretation. Don't you think it’ll be okay?”

Blue Moon readily agreed to Seo-jun's words.


Seo-jun's interpretation of the music video was conveyed to Team 1.

The staff related to Blue Moon's single album gathered in the conference room to hear the astonishing story.

The team leader of Team 1, who was sitting at the head of the table, held up the paper with the script drawn on it and shone it under the light.

He scanned every line with his sharp eyes, as if looking for some hidden code.

“We’ve tried it too, but there's nothing. Team leader.”

That was the end of the staff's words.

Ahem, the team leader cleared his throat and put down the paper.

“But how did he come up with that interpretation?”

“It's more amazing that he can actually do it. I can't believe it.”

“Should we play the video right away?”

“Yeah. Let's do that.”

At the team leader's words, everyone turned their eyes to the screen on one side of the room.

On the screen illuminated by the beam projector, seo-jun and Blue Moon appeared.

The song that had been recorded played from the speakers, and the six people moved.

They couldn't help but admire.

“Seo-jun really dances well.”

“We can use this as a promotional material as it is.”

“This part is where Seo-jun acts, right?”

“Yes. The dance part will come soon.”

Everyone closed their mouths and focused on the screen.

They intended to scrutinize every detail of how similar or different they were, but there was no need for that.

It was Seo-jun who amazed even the trainer who could catch the slightest difference in hand and foot movements among several dancers dancing at the same time.

The staff and team leader who didn't have such eyes could only stare blankly and gasp.

The Blue Moon members came forward one by one and danced, showing different vibes and dances, but Seo-jun, who was standing in the same place, captured the changed atmosphere every time the members changed.

It was like copying and pasting.

The two people on the screen danced identically.

If they covered their faces, they would have mistaken him for a Blue Moon member.

They watched in awe until the video ended, and then silently bowed their heads and read the paper with Seo-jun's interpretation.

They also rustled through the music video script.

“…I think Seo-jun's interpretation is better.”

After a long silence, a comment came out.

It was mixed with admiration from a marketing staff.

One by one, they opened their mouths.

“I agree. This is better.”

“Doesn't he seem a bit different because he's an actor?”

“Right? It would make Blue Moon stand out more too if we follow his intention.”

Various comments came out, but they all contained admiration for Seo-jun.

“Is this really possible?”

The team leader also agreed with the staff's words, but looked at the paper with Seo-jun's interpretation with disbelief.

“He really acts like Blue Moon?”