Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1159 The fish has taken the bait

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Chapter 1159 The fish has taken the bait

1159 The fish has taken the bait



Absolute Silence fell all over the stadium.

The people couldn't believe what they were seeing.

20 minutes…

Within 20 minutes, the results of 10 battles were out.


It was pure 'Destruction'.


ExceedoGenesis won, the Destruction clan, just like their name, was destroyed and what's more surprising?

The face of ExceedoGenesis, Nux Leander, hadn't even participated.

"Y-You all are Complete Cultivators!" Rune shouted as she pointed her finger at Thyra who had just returned after defeating her opponent.

"Did it click just now?" Thyra questioned back. For Rune to react like this after she returned, Thyra thought she was smarter than that.

After all, Thyra was the 10th person to fight. Rune should have figured it out a long time ago.

"N-No but… how…

I am absolutely sure that you all were Incomplete Cultivators before… then how did you guys…" Rune couldn't understand, her common sense wasn't making any

sense anymore.

"What did you think we were doing for the past 150 years?" Thyra questioned, Rune, however, didn't have an answer.

"Well, we all are 'somewhat useful' now."

Ember chuckled, quoting Vyriana's words.

The other women smiled, even after they had improved to this degree and had incorporated Nux's System Abilities into their Battle Style, they still hadn't matched Vyriana's standards.

"Well, your opponents were considerably weaker compared to normal Complete Cultivators." Suddenly, Nux, who was gently rubbing Evane's belly spoke up.

"The Heroes were much stronger than them, I believe these guys must be the bottom of the barrel. So don't use them as an indicator of your strength." He warned.

"How about we challenge the Seven

Heroes? I want to see how I fare against them." Aisha spoke with a playful smile on her face.

Nux, however, stared at her with a deadpan look on his face and, "You really have no shame, do you? You would simply be bullying them."

"They say you pick up traits of the ones you love."

"I wonder where you picked your traits from," Nux shook his head as he sighed.



The women stared at him without saying anything.

Rune, on the other hand, felt completely out of place.

"You people are monsters…"

She commented.

"Well we still can't defeat you," Thyra spoke.

Even though she was a Peak Great Sage, defeating Rune was still too far-fetched.


Rune turned silent.

Being compared to women who weren't even half her age felt embarrassing.

"Mhm, this is the reason we need Rune by our side." Nux nodded as she smiled at Rune.

The Cat woman turned silent.

"Anyways, the Challenge is over, should we leave?" Nux questioned as he stood up carrying Evane in his arms.

"Didn't her turn end?" Amaya questioned, not liking how Evane was getting more time then allotted to her, especially considering that other women jumped at her when she was trying to get some extra time.

"What can I do? She is sleeping. You wouldn't want me to wake your sister up, now would you?" Nux questioned with a playful smile on his face, at the same time, he started gently kneading Evane's thighs.

"That woman is not sleeping," Amaya spoke as she pointed at Evane.

"Her eyes are closed, she is clearly sleeping," Nux replied and Amaya, who saw the expression on his face turned silent.

He was teasing her and she wasn't planning on giving him any opportunity to do so.

Nux simply turned around and Evane, who was 'sleeping' in his arms, secretly opened her eyes and smiled at all her sisters.

'This is annoying…'

Amaya cursed.

'Evane is still alright, this Thyra and Lane are the most frustrating.' Felberta commented as her eyes fell on the black cat sitting comfortably on Nux's head.

As for Lane… well, she was already inside Nux's shadow and had never left that spot.

Heck, she didn't even bother going to fight and left all of that to her sisters. The Shadow Demon simply didn't care and was already comfortable where she was.

Wanting to leave, Nux opened a portal, but before he could step in,

"Wait," Amaya called.

"What happened?"

"Don't you want to accept the awards after you win?" Amaya spoke with a playful smile on her face.

"Awards?" Nux frowned in confusion.

Amaya's smile then widened and,

"Didn't you say our Clan's Base didn't seem very grand compared to the Bloodmoon?"

"Wait…" Nux's expression changed.

"Mhm, the two clans better their Clan Base in the challenge, Destruction Clan's base is ours now." Amaya nodded, however, this was Amaya we were talking about, she wouldn't have touched the topic unless she was particularly sure about something.

"This is what I plan to do, from now on, whatever Clan we challenge, the stakes would be the Clan's Bases, for those who do not agree to our terms, we would simply enslave them and take their Clan Base forcefully, and eventually, we would have most of the Bases in Aldara City under our control. Once we do that, I plan to buy other lands that are left before creating a Huge Base and getting the entire Aldara City under ExceedoGenesis Control."

Amaya revealed her plans and not just Nux, but other women around seemed to be taken aback as well.

"You plan to create your own city…" Rune muttered.

"That is correct." Amaya nodded with a confident look on her face.

"I am sure you know that this would prove to be a Challenge, correct? Aldara City has been known as the City of Clans for Generations, most of the Clans situation here have been situated for hundreds of thousands of years. Although the change in the power dynamic all over Yrniel has been recent, the fact that City Aldara has a few of the strongest Clans based here is not false.

Defeating them and annexing their property is not going to be easy. Many Clans have tried to do it, getting the 'City of Clans' under their control, however, none ever succeeded. Even the Clans with the Divine Stage Cultivators as their roots couldn't do it." Rune warned.

"Hmm? Something that has never been done before? Sounds exactly like something we should do. I quite like the plan, Amaya." Allura spoke with a playful smile on her face.

"I agree."

"Mhm, sounds like a great way to settle down and leave our impact."

The other women agreed as well.


Rune simply turned towards the woman who understood her the most.

"Please do not look at me like that, I am sure you will get used to it…" Riona sighed.

She felt like she had found a companion in Rune, after all, they were the only ones who seemed shocked by whatever absurd things these monsters revealed.


Rune turned silent, not knowing what to say.

"Just as I expected from my Amaya." Nux on the other hand, nodding continuously with a satisfied look on his face. "So when are we getting their Base?"

"We can go there whenever we want, I doubt they would ever resist us, not after their devastating defeat today and I don't think they would be able to seek outside support either since no matter what, they are still under the name of the Order. Even if they don't take it seriously, they would never openly defy its rules."

"I understand." Nux nodded in understanding.

"Let's give them 3 days to pack their stuff,"

Saying those words, Nux then stepped into the Portal.

"You are too generous with the days, but it is alright, I am not very greedy either. I'll wait for three days." Amaya nodded as she stepped into the portal as well.

The other women followed.

And the ExceedoGenesis, whose members had shocked the entire arena… left the place without saying even a single word.

It was a different thing that even though they hadn't said anything, the entire world heard their wordless message.

ExceedoGenesis was back.

And this time, it was not just a one-man show either. They had returned and had become much stronger than before.

"Heh, cowards." Amaya laughed out loud.

However, Riona, who was sitting beside her daughter, could tell that Amaya was not the least bit amused.

How could she be?

This was the Fifteenth Clan who had rejected their Challenge.

"Should we not have shown all our

strength…? I thought we were holding back…"

"That was you people holding back…?"

Riona was shocked. She felt like her daughter's common sense had been affected after staying with that monster for too long.

"Well, the opponents weren't exactly strong, so we didn't have to go all out in the battle. I thought they would accept our challenge thinking we only won because we were lucky." Amaya replied.

"…you people should have sent Nux," Riona spoke.

"The fact that the face of our Clan didn't even show up in our previous battle and we still dominated the battlefield, it has intimidated other clans. They would want others to accept our challenge, study you people in more detail before taking the risk themselves." Riona spoke and Amaya had no choice but to agree to her words.

"Then what should we do now?" She questioned.

However, before Riona could answer, Amaya stood up and a playful smile appeared on her face.

"The fish has taken the bait." She commented.

'Haha~ you are right. I will go have some fun.' Nux laughed.

' careful.

The Black Order is dangerous.' Amaya spoke with a worried look on her face. The Black Order was the unknown force, caution was neccessary, especially when even the Order itself was going to such lengths to deal with it.

'Leave it to me.'

Nux, however, was confident.