Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1272 A Bet.

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Chapter 1272 A Bet.

1272 A Bet.

"What are you doing here?"

Vyriana questioned.

Her annoyance was clear in her tone.

How could it not be?

She was finally able to go all out without being interrupted for a good while and these women were all absorbing what she imparted like a sponge, now, however, the moment this bastard appeared, the women instantly left what they were doing and surrounded him.

Nux, of course, completely ignored Vyriana's tone, his focus was on Ember and Astaria. It had been a month since he saw them and using Waranal's time, for the women, it had been close to a year since they met him.

Obviously, they craved attention, and that was what Nux was here for.

"It has been a while, Vyriana."

Nux greeted Vyriana, keeping one beauty in each arm. Thyra and Riona were here as well, however, since they already received all the attention they needed, they decided to hold back and stand before them. Considering how hard these two women had been working for such a long time, they decided to let them keep the attention.

"You can leave, we are busy." Vyriana snorted.

Astaria had made a big breakthrough, it was a crucial time period where she shouldn't be distracted even for an instant, and with Nux's presence, that was simply impossible. Vyriana knew she needed to send this man away. ๐‘“๐‘Ÿโ„ฏโ„ฏ๐“Œโ„ฏ๐’ท๐‘›โ„ด๐‘ฃโ„ฏ๐˜ญ.๐˜คโ„ด๐˜ฎ


"I missed you as well, Vyriana."

By now, Nux had turned into an expert when it came to handling Vyriana.

No matter what she did, Nux always had a way to calm her down.


Vyriana turned silent.

Nux finally turned towards his two wives and,

"I missed you."

He spoke with a gentle look on his face.

Ember didn't say anything and simply placed her head on Nux's shoulder. Astaria, on the other hand, looked into his eyes and, "If you hadn't come, I would have taken you away once I returned as the one stronger than you. Then I wouldn't have allowed you to meet any other vixens either."

"Oh? Have you still not given up?" Nux tilted his head with a curious look on his face.

He could his old, confident Astaria when he looked into Astaria's eyes. For some reason, he felt overwhelmed by the look in those eyes.

"What? You thought your strongest wife would allow anyone else to take my position?" Astaria questioned back. The confident aura around was hard not to notice.

Seeing that, Nux narrowed his eyes with a curious smirk, then, unable to take it anymore, he questioned directly, "What are you hiding from me, Star?"

Astaria was momentarily taken aback by those eyes, she felt like she was being charmed, soon however, she shook her head to clear her mind and with a confident smile on her face, "Be patient, husband.

The time I surprise you isn't far.

You should prepare for your defeat.

Don't be too heartbroken."

Nux raised his eyebrow, he then turned towards Vyriana, and seeing how even she had a smirk on her face, he understood that a secret was being kept here.

"You really think you can defeat me?"

Nux questioned as he looked right into Astaria's eyes.

"Once I am prepared, I can."

Astaria replied with a big smile on her face.

Nux then turned towards Vyriana and as if knowing what he was thinking, Vyriana lifted her chest pride as well, "I told you before, Boy.

She is my real disciple. I merely trained you because you were my disciple's husband."

"Is that so...?" a playful smile appeared on Nux's face.

In an instant, he could tell what Vyriana was thinking.

And a moment later, he thought of an excellent idea.

"How about the three of us make a bet?"

"Huh?" although Astaria had no particular reaction, Vyriana narrowed her eyes.

"Once Star is ready, me and her will spar. If she wins, the two of you can order me to do anything you want, But if I win..."

Nux's smile widened.

For Astaria, the bet wasn't a big deal, even now, she could order Nux to do whatever she wanted and she was damn sure that even if this pervert won, the one being rewarded would be her.

Vyriana, on the other hand, couldn't fall for Nux's tricks so easily. She narrowed her eyes, focusing on what Nux was about to say. f(r)eewebn(o)

Seeing that he had her attention, Nux's smile widened, and, "You will kiss me, on the lips."

"Don't be ridiculous."

In an instant, the offer was turned down.

"Hmm? I thought Star was your 'real' disciple? What happened, Vyriana? Are you not confident in your real disciple?"

Nux, of course, wouldn't let this chance go this easily.

"This woman is your wife, if there comes a chance, she would abandon her Master and choose you in an instant, you only need one word for her to give up. The bet would be meaningless since you would rig the results.

Don't think I will fall for such little tricks."

Vyriana wasn't a fool.

But so was Nux, staying together with Amaya for so long did have some positive effect on him, and this effect was only strengthened when it was about courting women, "Do you not trust your disciple?"

Nux questioned.

"I do, when you are not involved."

Vyriana replied.


Suddenly, Astaria called out.

Then, getting out of Nux's embrace, she walked towards Astaria, and as she looked right into her eyes, "I promise you I will not hold back. If I do, you would have all the right to abandon me and I will not resist."

It was a huge statement.

For Astaria, Nux was her first priority, and right after it, came strength. For her, Vyriana was the key to that strength she wanted to achieve, being abandoned by her would be a big loss for her.

And it wasn't like she was betting on losing Nux, it was just a battle, a spar, a spar in which the condition was to give her all.

It was something she was planning to do from the beginning. Not to mention that Nux wasn't someone who would request her to lose just to win a bet.

He may be a man full of tricks, but for the people he cared about, he was the most genuine person in the world.

Vyriana knew this as well, she knew that the bastard wouldn't cheat... It was just that...

She wasn't sure Astaria would win.

Yes, Astaria was a monstrous genius, and once she achieved what she intended to achieve, she would be much more monstrous than the current her. So much that even Aisha, currently the Strongest out of Nux's wives would be nothing but a pebble she could throw away in an instant.

Nux, however, was different.

This man was an exception to all the basic rules Vyriana had heard before.

An anomaly.

In a battle against a Monster who finally realized her potential and an anomaly, Vyriana didn't know who would win.

And for her to accept such a perverted bet in this situation... It simply wasn't something she would do.


"Come on now, Vyriana. Astaria is putting so much in the line here. Could it be that you still do not trust your disciple?


Are you not confident that your disciple can defeat me?

If that is the case, you should just say it out loud. After all, there is no need to set unrealistic expectations for my wife, is there? She's a grown woman who knows how to handle the truth."

Nux spoke.

Vyriana narrowed her eyes as she saw him smirk at her, she then turned towards her disciple, and seeing her looking at her with those puppy eyes, Vyriana knew she was trapped.

Her mouth twitched in annoyance,

"It is just a kiss, isn't it!? Alright, I accept!"

She had no option but to give in.


'Just you wait, boy. The moment I win, your hell will start.

I wouldn't even allow you to say goodbyes to those dear wives of yours. You will be training with me for the next 10 years.'

Vyriana spoke into Nux's head using Mana.

And before Nux could even react,

'10 Yrniel Years inside Waranal.'

Vyriana completed and Nux gulped.

That was 250 years.

This crazy woman was planning to train and keep him away from his wives for 250 years!

Nux stared at Vyriana with a cautious look on his face, seeing this look on his face, Vyriana's smile widened.

The sense of superiority she felt when she saw the nervous look appearing on this arrogant bastard's face was addicting.


Astaria, Ember, and the other women, however, narrowed their eyes in confusion. For some reason, the stare-off between Nux and Vyriana made them feel uncomfortable. It felt as if they were signing up for something horrible, but they just couldn't put their fingers on it.

Suddenly, Astaria and Ember noticed that Vyriana had grabbed their hands.

"You aren't getting any break.

Come with me."

"But-" Ember tried to resist but she soon noticed that she had lost control over her body and lost all her strength.

Vyriana's golden eyes shined brightly, she then looked into Nux's eyes, "Leave."

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