Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1374 See this as a warning, Dragon, I will have my revenge.

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Chapter 1374 See this as a warning, Dragon, I will have my revenge.

1374 See this as a warning, Dragon, I will have my revenge.

"Haaah... Do you remember... asking me whether I have any regrets in my life or not all those years ago...?"

Suddenly, Nux questioned as she glanced at the crazy woman in front of him. Right now, even forming coherent sentences was a difficult task for him. His condition was anything but good. freewebno

It had been decades since he had seen his wives, so he was already missing them a lot, not to mention that right now, he was in intense pain.

Yes, Nux Leander, whose pain tolerance had risen to unbelievable levels after training with Vyriana, was in pain.


Because of the crazy dragon who, according to her words, had started phase two of his training.

Limbless Battle Variations.

Yes, the crazy woman was making him fight without one or sometimes even two of his limbs and not only that, she was making his muscles forcefully memorize all these variations. Just like normal variations, there were around a million limbless battle variations and Nux was forced to learn them all.

And for someone like him, who had a monstrous regeneration speed, learning these variations wasn't an easy job.

Nux's regeneration was passive, his body healed automatically to return to the most optimal state, obviously, a body with a lost limb was far from the optimal state, therefore, his body constantly tries to regrow the lost limbs only for the merciless dragon to tear them off before they are even fully grown.

This has not only made his body forcefully adapt to fighting without limbs, it has increased his regeneration speed, the strength of his individual limbs, his overall strength and even his adaptability speed. The number of variations he learned had increased a lot, therefore, the Mastery of Zenith Flow had risen to another level as well.

The benefits of Vyriana's training were indeed endless.

It was just that...

There was no other cultivator sane enough to survive this training.

Nux was accustomed to the pain of his limbs being torn off, this wasn't the first time Vyriana had done something like this, however, bearing the pain of torn-off limbs and knowing that this was only the beginning and he would feel the same pain once again in a matter of seconds, were two completely different things.

For the past few decades, Nux was forced to go through this torturous pain while having to fight and learn all these variations. Heck, even Faustina, a Progenitor, looked at her child with worry.

Even for a being who has lived for millions of years, this type of training was too cruel.

"I remember that very clearly, I also remember the foolish answer you gave me."

Vyriana, who was standing right in of where Nux was lying on the ground and replied. Nux glanced at the dragon and stared at her for a while.

Vyriana didn't rush him either. It was time for him to rest.

Was the Dragon showing him mercy?

Heh, that was an impossible dream.

The woman had no shred of mercy in her cold heart. She simply gave him time so that his human blood's adaptation, which had adapted to regenerating and was regrowing his limbs the second after they were torn off, return to its normal state and they could continue their training.

Yes, Nux was given rest because his monstrous body had adapted to even this cruel training. That was just how monstrous he was.

'He would be a monster even if he doesn't form his Law.'

Faustina couldn't help but think.

Nux already had the strength to defeat other Saints who had formed their Laws even though he was only a Semi Saint. Heck, even the Sword Girl, the one with an Absolute Law was helpless in front of him despite knowing almost everything about his abilities.

Sure, the woman would be much more monstrous once she becomes a Divine and forms her Law of Self, however, whether she would be able to defeat a Divine Stage Nux, this was still a question Faustina couldn't answer.

Any other cultivator without a Law, the result of his battle against a woman with an Absolute Law couldn't be clearer, but Nux... And this was when Nux was against someone who had formed one of the strongest laws in the universe, what about a normal cultivator who has formed a normal law?

This monster would crush them.

Faustina was sure. After all, just his abilities were already on par with the Power of some of the Lower-Level Laws, and that is not even mentioning this monstrous technique with millions of variations he was working on with the dragon.

In her head, Faustina was already thinking of a new possibility, a new, entirely different path for Nux.

If it was anyone else, she wouldn't even consider this option, however, Nux... he was an exception.

The secret they have all been hiding for millions of years...

She would need to reveal the truth that might put Yrniel at big risk but... Nux was her son...

The Human Progentior hesitated... then, her eyes shined as she glanced at Nux who was lying on the ground.

"I now have a better answer in my mind."

While Faustina was thinking all this, Nux and Vyriana continued their conversation.

"What is it?" Vyriana, who decided to sit next to Nux questioned with a curious look on her face.

"I regret making that bet with you."

Nux replied, his eyes shining with intense emotions.

Vyriana glanced at the boy and frowned, "Bet?"

Soon, however, she recalled what bet he was talking about and her expression changed, "I should have asked to become your husband if I won, that way, you would have been my wife by now, and I could take my revenge for torturing me like this in bed."

Nux replied, then, he looked into Vyriana's eyes and,

"Trust me, Dragon.

I wouldn't have shown even a tinge of mercy, just like you are doing right now."

Vyriana's mouth twitched at the pervert's words, Nux however, didn't stop.

"See this as a warning, Dragon.

I am a petty man, I will not forget this.

Once you become mine, I will show you hell."


Vyriana laughed out loud,

"Keep dreamin-"

She wanted to retort, but then,

She saw Nux's shadow tremble again and once again, a big, wide grin appeared on Nux's face.

"I missed you, my lovely shadow~"

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