Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 693 Let’s Spar.

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"So… you are Nux?"

Varena questioned with a slightly surprised look on her face.

"Hmm? It looks like you have heard of me." Nux smiled.

"Well, I get a warning about you. I was wondering why she would go this far, but… now I guess I understand…"

"Hmm? A warning? What warning?"

Nux questioned with a curious look on his face.

Varena was about to reply, however, before she could say anything, Erotica, who was standing behind him glanced at her with an expressionless look on her face.

Varena felt goosebumps all over her body when she noticed that gaze, she barely stopped her smile from her breaking away, and replied,

"Well, I heard you were pretty brutal when you killed someone I know,"

Verana chuckled.

Hearing those words, Nux's expression turned cold,

"That demon deserved it."

"Of course, I also heard you and Erotica both warned her, so it was his mistake. There are consequences of all your actions, after all."

Verana nodded as well.

"Anyways, you don't have to worry, something like that will not happen again."

Varena smiled.

Nux glanced at the other demons behind Varena, especially incubi, and seeing how all of them were lowering their heads, not even daring to look at his wives, he could even see that their legs were trembling slightly. Nux couldn't help but chuckle when he saw this.

"I can see that. I guess Erotica did give you a clear introduction huh."

He replied as he glanced at Erotica, who just smiled,

"Well, I can't lose my other companions, now can I?"

Nux nodded, then he turned towards the Demons and smiled,

"You all don't have to be so uptight, relax a little, you all will be staying here from now on, we can't have you trembling like that each day, now can we?

Just make sure you all stay within your limits and you are good to go."

"Don't worry, there won't be a problem." Varena smiled.

Nux nodded at her,

"Mhm, I hope that is the case,"

Saying those words, he turned around.

Honestly, he didn't know what to do with these demons, they weren't exactly his subordinates, he could ask them for information, however, he had Erotica for that.

They now had a rough idea about what kind of world awaited them after the barrier breaks, they would need to explore the rest on their own.

They only called the demons here to prevent further causalities.

"Let's spar."

Suddenly, Astaria spoke up.


Nux frowned.

Astaria glanced at Erotica, Maya, and Varena and spoke,

"I am sure you want to see how strong the people of this continent are, correct? I am the same, I want to see how strong you all are as well, so let's spar."

"Ugghh… I will rather not…"

Maya was the first one to reject the offer.

"Same, I have no interest in things like sparring, too much work.

I would rather go seduce men."

Varena replied.

"Of course, I won't be having sex with them, I'll just play around. I can do that, right? You did say I can be relaxed."

"Yes, as long as you do not harm anyone, you can do whatever you want." Nux nodded.

Astaria narrowed her eyes as she glanced at these women.

Just… Just how could someone be so carefree? Why would you not wish to spar others and miss the opportunity to improve yourself?

Were they really cultivators?

Astaria couldn't tell.

"Not everyone is a battle freak like you."

Amaya, who understood what Astaria was thinking about spoke up.

"Tsk, that's why you are all weak."

Amaya glanced at Astaria and replied,

"Wait for me to Master my physique."

"Wait for me to perfect my technique."

"Don't forget, my potential was higher than yours."

"As if those stupid numbers would ever affect me.

Don't forget, that monster's Potential is lower than both of us."

Astaria pointed at Nux.

Amaya glanced at Nux and turned silent.


Astaria was correct…

"Tsk, I am leaving, I have to Master my physique."

Amaya snorted and walked away.

Seeing her walk away, Thyra and Ember turned around as well,

"I still need to learn my Spells."


"Well, I wish to Cultivate as well."

Nux spoke up and moved towards his room as well. His other wives started walking away as well.

The only ones left here were Astaria, and the Demons.

Astaria wished to spar and continued to stare at Maya and Varena, unable to take her stare, Maya finally gave in.

"I have changed my mind, let's spar."

Actually, she was curious as well. Not about sparring or how strong the people here were, rather, she was curious about Nux.

However, due to Eoritca's order, she couldn't take the first step here.

Fighting Astaria was just a way for her to actually get close to her and then learn about Nux.

Of course, she wasn't planning to go after Nux, no matter how handsome and mysterious that man was, the real Erotica was scarier.

Nothing was more important to Maya than her own life.

Therefore, she would just satiate her curiosity through Astaria.

Astaria, on the other hand, smiled as she finally convinced a Demon to fight her.

"Let's start right away then."

"Where do we spar?"

"Follow me."

Astaria and Maya walked away and all the demons followed them with curious looks on their faces as well.

The only ones now left were Erotica and Varena.

"You aren't curious about their spar?"

Erotica questioned.

"Heh, I am curious about someone else, but you wouldn't allow me to get close to him."

Varena replied with a meaningful smile on her face.

"Don't even think about it." f𝐫ee𝘄ℯ𝚋no𝐯𝐞l.c𝘰m

Erotica replied with a cold look on her face.

"Tsk, how petty."

Varena snorted.

"As I said, he is mine."

"But you can share, can't you? Just once."

"No, do not approach him.

You would just annoy him, reducing my chances as well."

"Heeeh? To think Erotica Lust would act like that for a man. I would love to see how the State would react when they hear about it.

Erotica Lust finally has a crush on a man."

"…" Erotica didn't say anything and just stared at Varena.

"Alright, I'll be silent now, shhh."

Varena placed a finger on her lips and turned silent.

On the other hand, the spar between Astaria and Maya ended.

The entire battle lasted for 1 minute and the result was…

Astaria's one-sided defeat.

"Do you wish to spar again?"

Maya questioned with a lazy look on her face and Astaria, who was currently kneeling on the ground, barely supporting herself with her sword…

Rejected her offer…

"…I do not."

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