Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 803 I Think You Are Going To Lose. **

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Allura moaned out loud as Nux bit her clitoris.

The love juices that had barely stopped gushing out of her pussy, flooded out again, and again, Nux's face, which hadn't even dried off from the previous session, bathed in her juices again.

This time, Allura's thighs were unusually strong, Nux couldn't even move his face to get away, not that he tried, anyways,

Nux's face was showered with Allura's juices for another minute, and only then, did the grip around Allura's thighs weaken and Nux was allowed to move again.

"Haaahhh… Haahhhh… Haahh…"

Allura, who came 2 times within just a few minutes gasped for breath.

She knew her body would be sensitive, but this…

This was absolutely ridiculous.

Nux's random action sent her to the cloud line and turned her entire body into a Mess…

Her body… it was just too much…

She could feel her legs twitching… and Nux hadn't even started yet…


Allura then heard a sound, she opened her eyes and saw Nux rising from below, and that playful smile as he observed her entire body, it sent shivers down Allura's spine,

"Are you seeing what you have done?" Nux questioned as he pointed at his face.

Allura noticed how his face was dripping wet with her juices,

She would have apologized, however, the scene in front of her was so erotic that she completely forgot about it.

"You should be punished for what you have done, shouldn't you?"

Nux questioned with a playful smile on his face.

He moved his head near Allura's breasts, he wanted to remove that bra, play with her body, giving her body a chance to recover, and at the same time, 'punish' her by not doing any strong action.



Suddenly, Allura called out.

"What is it, my love?" Nux looked into Allura's eyes and questioned with a gentle, but a demonic smile on his face.

"D-Don't play with me anymore…"

Allura muttered in a weak voice.


Nux frowned.

"Haahh… Haahh… Haahhh…"

Nux noticed Allura's expression...

She was extremely turned on... to the point her breathing was erratic, her eyes seemed hazy, and her face was flushed red,

"I want it…"

She muttered.

"Your dick…

I want it…"

Allura spoke not only that, she even moved her weak hands to 'open up' her entrance, practically begging Nux to put it in.

Seeing this scene, Nux's little brother, which was already half erect shot up in an instant. This simulation was just too much.

Allura, the woman who seems seductive but feels like an unattainable flower… an incredibly beautiful and witty woman… A woman like her, doing something so shameless, right in front of his eyes,

Nux didn't know how to control himself,

He wanted to let her rest a little, she did orgasm 2 times within a few minutes, after all. Anyone would be tired after that, however,

'It seems like I underestimated a succubus.'

Allura was not a human anymore.

She was a succubus.

In the end, Nux stopped thinking about anything, he quickly removed his clothes, revealing his muscular body and erect dick, he placed his dick on top of Allura's pussy, using her juices as a lubricant,


Allura, on the other hand, just moaned.

This thing, this would enter her soon enough, just that expectation was enough to make her moan right now.

Seeing her condition, Nux didn't tease her anymore either, he quickly adjusted the head of his dick, then he looked into Allura's eyes one last time, and,

In an instant, he pushed his entire rod inside Allura's pussy.


Allura moaned out loud.

Jolts and Jolts of pleasure assaulted her body, she felt like she was about to pass out, but then,


She heard a groan.

She opened her eyes and noticed Nux's eyes opened wide in shock.


Allura called out weakly, confused.

Nux looked into her eyes and smiled weakly.

"A-Are you ready?" He questioned.

Allura's brain stopped working.

Her mind was a mess right now, she didn't have any strength right now, for now, all she wanted was for Nux to move and ravage her as roughly as he can. Therefore, she just nodded her head and closed her eyes, giving her body to Nux.

Nux, on the other hand, could feel his entire body trembling.

'W-What is this!?'

He wondered in his head.

The moment Nux pushed his dick inside Allura's pussy, jolts of mind-numbing pleasure were sent into his body, the pleasure he felt was so good he could barely keep a straight face and was forced to groan out loud.

And it didn't just end here, Allura's pussy continued to suck him as if it wanted to devour him. It was as if it had a mind of its own.

Nux's hips were weakened, in just one thrust, he had lost all his power, however, seeing Allura lying under him with her eyes closed, expecting him to do all the work, Nux decided not to embarrass himself.

He took a deep breath, and then, under Allura's pussy's strong resistance, he moved his hips back, pulling his dick out, and then thrusting it again.


That mind-numbing pleasure…

Nux felt it again…

His legs started trembling since he had moved once, Allura's pussy sucked him even more strongly than before, Nux wanted nothing more than to just stay in this position, not doing anything, however, he couldn't act weak here, he glanced at Allura again, and,


He thrusted again.




And again.



Then again.

However, Allura's pussy seemed magical, each time he thrusted his dick inside, it sucked his dick even more strongly than before, the pleasure he felt increased, and after a few thrusts, the pleasure reached its peak.


It reached to the point where Nux couldn't control himself anymore and he… he came.

Yes, Nux came 2 minutes after entering Allura's pussy.

And it was not just a precum either, he orgasmed,

And the orgasm was so strong that Nux weakly fell on Allura and started breathing heavily.

"Haaahh… Hahh… Haa…"

"Nux…" Suddenly, Allura called out.

Unwillingly, Nux opened his eyes and glanced at Allura, he prepared himself to see a disappointed look on Allura's face, however, what he saw... was completely out of his expectation. Google search 𝙛𝘳𝐞𝑒𝓌𝘦𝘣𝗻𝘰ѵ𝗲𝙡. 𝑐o𝓶

Allura, she was looking at him with a big smile on her face…

And that smile…

It looked absolutely evil…

"I think you are going to lose."