Supreme Lord: I can extract everything!-Chapter 811 Replacement

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Chapter 811 Replacement

'What can they offer me? Is there something I need…something that's not easy to procure and of similar value as the SoulStar Fragments, Soultrait Symbols, and Memory Orbs for Higher Lifeforms?'

Michael tilted his head and waited for Zira to say something. The Valyr needed Soultrait Symbols and Energy Stones. But did they have the means to ask for that much?

"The Valyr are officially offering you their combat power," Zira declared.

"If you mean that the Valyr will help me when I'm in trouble… We've already established that if you don't remember."

Zira shook her head, "That's not what the Valyr are willing to offer you today. We offer you our strongest fighters."

She took a deep breath and studied Michael's reaction intently. Zira didn't expect that Michael wouldn't give her a reaction. His facial features didn't move an inch.

They will join your territory for ten years and be of your service. You might have some Awakened by your side, but the Valyr are strong. Instead of criminals, we offer you our people to support your goals."

'That's like military service then. They would follow me for ten years and be discharged once their service period ends.' Michael concludes.

"The Valyr offer me…that in exchange for Energy Stones and Soultrait Symbols, or Soultrait Upgrades, is that right?"

The young Valyr nodded.

"No," Michael said without a second thought, "I think I'll decline the Valyr's offer."

Zira's lips parted, but Michael's gaze silenced her before she could say something. His expression was getting more severe and angry by the second.

"I don't need your warriors. The Valyr might be strong – I witnessed their power and agree with your assessment – but I don't need them," Michael snorted, "I can get thousands of Humans, Berserkers, and Warlock Centaurs to fight for me with their lives on the line. They think of me as their golden opportunity to change their forsaken fate. There is no reason for me to pick the Valyr over the Berserkers, Warlock Centaurs, or Humans."

Michael shook his head. Zira was about to say something, but he shut her up with a simple gesture.

"Furthermore, there are two more races with me. One of them is, at least, as powerful as the Valyr, while the combat prowess of the other race surpasses the Valyr."

The Forest Elves were highly compatible with the Untamed Jungle. They were strong, very knowledgeable, and learned to exploit their surroundings from a young age. They were the best pick if Michael had to appoint a race as the Guardian of the Pentagon Fort.

Forest Elves might not be physically superior, and their energy control didn't separate them from the Elite of other races, but they had their fair share of advantages. Otherwise, they would have never managed to establish several old kingdoms. They would have never made it far in the Origin Expanse.

The Silverfang Tigerfolk might be an exiled race, but they were powerful. The Demi-Humans had to combine their power to overwhelm the Silverfangs, forcing them to retreat into the Origin Expanse. Michael was the port of the exiled Silverfang Tigerfolk. He might not have summoned many Silverfangs in the last few months, but it was only a matter of time before that would change.

The entire population of Silverfangs would reside in his territory at some point. They would fight to the death to protect Michael's territory. After all, his territory was their home, the only place they'd left.

Nourishing the Silverfangs, who would be with him until death parted them, was much better than throwing a bunch of resources at Valyr Warriors, who would leave after their service period ended.

"I…expected you to reject the Valyr's offer," Zira nodded slowly, "It makes no sense to switch the Higher Lifeform criminals against our warriors. Even if we were to send you the Valyrians, you wouldn't be able to use them. You wouldn't give them any Soultrait Symbols for free or additional resources. After all, the Valyrians would leave after their military service ends."

She shrugged slightly while awaiting Michael's reaction, "The Clans only think about their benefits. They didn't even try asking themselves if their offer would benefit you. They were probably hoping that you would accept the change of the Savannah Contract in their favor and that you would start nourishing their warriors. Leasing the Valyrians to you for ten years, only to get them back stronger than ever – with multiple new Soultraits in their pockets – would be the 'perfect' solution. Of course, that's only the perfect solution for them. It would be foolish of you to accept that."

Clearing her throat, Zira continued, "That's why I created a list of items that may interest you. I don't know if the Clans will accept your requests if you ask for these treasures, but I didn't want to come here empty-handed. Putting aside the gift of criminals, of course."

Zira retrieved a scroll, which she handed to Michael. He accepted the scroll with little interest. Michael's expectations were really low after hearing the Valyr's offer. However, his initial opinion changed – but only slightly -- when the parchment unfolded before him.

[Treasure List]

8x Deathworm Egg.

1x Prairie Wyvern Egg

4x Perfect Elemental Gemstone.

8x Lord Seal

2x Advanced Summoning Core(Neutral)

15x Legendary Summoning Scrolls

3x 4-Star Grand Weaver Summoning Scroll

The list was interesting, but Michael doubted that it contained the treasures of the entire race. It would be weird if Zira had access to the secret vaults of other Clans. f𝚛e𝐞𝐰𝚎b𝚗o𝚟𝚎l.c𝗼m

[The Prairie Wyvern Egg should be helpful. It would be great to have Wyverns in Paradise Valley. As long as the Primal Phoenix doesn't hunt the Prairie Wyverns, we could travel through the Sacred Desert with them.] Daniel pointed out, although Michael felt his brother's Living Soul shudder when he considered about the distant relatives of Wyverns.

Danny considered about how he died in the Lord Rift.

'Wyverns would be great, but the rest is not that amazing. It shouldn't be a problem for me to create Advanced Summoning Cores using Insert. Upgrading the Intermediate Summoning Gate to the Advanced rank shouldn't be a major problem. Well, once I have the blueprint and the necessary resources. I have yet to meet the requirements to upgrade the Intermediate Summoning Gate in the first place.'

He shrugged lightly and discarded most of the listed items.

"Moles or Draconic Earthworms would have been better than Deathworms, but the Prairie Wyvern Egg sounds good," Michael mumbled.

Monsters like Adamantium Clawed Moles would be perfect for the Excavation site, but he doubted that Zira could procure them. Transporting them to Paradise Valley wouldn't be an issue, but getting hold of them was.

[You can always get an ordinary mole and put Tatjana in Directly support the authors on WebNovel!

charge of its evolution.]

'True that.'

His attention landed on the Legendary Summoning Scrolls and the Grand Weaver Summoning Scrolls, and an idea formed in his head.

"If you cannot provide a steady supply of criminals – Higher Lifeforms, of course – what about Ordinary Summoning Scrolls?" Michael inquired.

"What do you mean?" Zira didn't quite understand where Michael was going with his inquiry.

Michael was about to say something but dismissed them when he thought about it.

"Forget about that for a moment," He said, clearing his throat, "How much would your Clans pay for a 1-Star Soultrait Symbols and two Upgrades if the currency was Ordinary Summoning Scrolls?"

Zira was even more confused than before, but she could tell Micheal was serious.

"That…I don't think I can answer that. The value of Ordinary Summoning Scrolls and Soultraits is just too vast. But if I could use Legendary Summoning Scrolls as a replacement, as greater currency if you want to put it like that, we should be able to pay 10 Legendary Summoning Scrolls for an ordinary 1-

Star Soultrait Symbol…I think? Maybe the Clans would pay more if the Soultrait Symbol is compatible with one of the heads, elders, or their offspring."

Michael nodded thoughtfully, trying to hide his smile, "In that case, I have an idea."

Zira listened up.

"Tell the Clans that we can change the Savannah Contract. They can replace the steady supply of criminals with one of two options. Either they hand over 10 Legendary Summoning Scrolls for every criminal they were supposed to bring or 15,000,000 Ordinary Summoning Scrolls."

Zira paled when she heard the first option and stared at Michael in utter confusion when he pointed out the second option.

"Why would you want so many Ordinary Summoning Scrolls? That's tens of millions of Ordinary Summoning Scrolls every month…"

Zira ruled out the first option immediately. She understood the Clans would never accept replacing the criminals with 10 Legendary Summoning Scrolls. They might not have any criminals anymore, but that didn't mean they couldn't procure more Higher Lifeform criminals through 'different means'. Nonetheless, both criminals and 10 Legendary Summoning Scrolls were several times harder to procure than Ordinary Summoning Scrolls.

"That doesn't matter," Michael dismissed her question, "Just keep in mind that I'm being nice here. I could terminate the Savannah Contract anytime since you've come here to request the official change of clauses. You should also know that replacing criminals doesn't change anything else. The Valyr won't be given any additional Energy Stones or Soultrait Symbols. That's a separate discussion and probably something you cannot sign off on. Given that you came with the treasure list of your Clan rather than a list containing the treasures of the entire race, I presume you don't have the authority to do much."

Michael sighed deeply, annoyance rising to his head, "You should tell the Clans about the choices. If they like them, we can alter the Savannah Contract. As for the Energy Stones and Soultrait Symbols…come back to me when you have the authority to negotiate and trade with me."

He could tell that the minor annoyance transformed into anger. It was not until a few seconds later when he realized that his impression of the Valyr worsened considerably. He considered them as business partners, allies even. But, somehow, Michael ended up thinking of them as potential threats to his people's safety.

It was fine that they desired to change the Savannah Contract, but trying to take advantage of his goodwill didn't sit well with Michael. Zira observed that as well.

"I don't like wasting my time…" He stared intently at her, his voice eerily cold all of a sudden, "So you better come fully prepared next time. This list of you is a joke."

Zira shuddered, but Michael merely smiled.

He briefly considered about something, swallowed his anger, and retrieved a 1-Star Soultrait Symbol called "Dash" with a neutral expression.

"Take this, and tell the Clans to prepare a suitable exchange. If the offer doesn't meet my expectations, I…" Michael's neutral expression transformed into a smile, but Zira could only shudder. She felt like the incarnation of the devil stared down upon her.

"... won't sell anymore Soultrait Symbols to the Valyr anymore."